A win for the sport and loss for the wusses that stayed in bed

May 2012 Competition Round
Sunday the 21st started out ok with a brisk off-shore breeze and a nice swell hitting the banks that we have right now. The clouds creeping around the point from MacKenzies warned us that Hui was close by and he could change his mind at any time, as we all know.

There was a nice right-hander and an occasional, but not as good, left-hander, but we were happy and it set the scene for the May competition.

The cooling wintery weather convinced quite a number of the usual members to stay in bed, but the (fool)hardy ones decided any competition is a good competition. So, we erected the two tents side by side in the carpark to show Hui we could handle with anything he intended to throw at us. Little did we know how little we knew about Hui….

The heats in round one were the best opportunity we had and the guys took to it and put up some very good performances. Winners of round one were  Sammy T, Georgie Haskas, The Fluffmeister and Armo, your highly revered and benevolent President.

But those guys were only made to look good by the guys and girl who pushed them to the limits. Folks like Peter Chapman, Wayne Dive (who reminds this author of a Paul Gallen look alike – a Blues omen perhaps?), and fearless Frankie and Rodger Jamieson who took anything sizeable and just attacked.

Gillo soul-arched his way into the hearts of the judges and a single, feeezing Japanese tourist shooting through his Minolta on the water’s edge. Even Mick Lipping coaxed the Walrus to swap places and give him his heat position so the Walrus could go to Sunady Mass (did I hear that right, Walrus?).

Steve Mac, Steve Joy, Wally, Keiran, Scott, even Foggy all managed to string together some quality rides before Hui had his chance to hit us. And hit us, he did! Right at the end of round one, fortunately. Hui sent down a fierce Sou’Easter and a pelting of horizontal rain for good measure.

Round two saw only the “real” hard-core continue on and battle the choppy two-foot slop with the very occasional 4 foot close out slamming on their heads as they paddled out. Just ask Armo how many he copped on the head before he turned around and caught a foamie into the shore and then sneak out via the rip beside the flags up the middle of the beach, only to cop another handfull on the head… lol.

The contestant numbers dwindled even more for round two with both Steve Mac and Foggy pulling out with heartelage problems and retiring to listening to Jimi Hendrix in that old blue kombi that has been left to rust on the promenade. (I lied about the Jimi Hendrix bit, but it did make them sound cool for a little while).

And everyone who either didn’t show because they were too warm in bed or were put off by Hui’s defiant show were totally embarrassed by the hardest of hard-core members, Frankie Lewis, our girl-charger, Paul Singer and Billy Norman, two of our more “experienced” members who all suited up into their cold and soggy wetsuits for round two without a whimper. You guys and gal are legends!

So, with the reduced round two numbers, we had to combine the 2nds and 3rds into one heat and the 4ths and 5ths in the final heat. And boy, did everyone earn their competition points!

Final results were:
1 – Sammy Tehan
2 – Georgie Haskas
3 – Craig Davies
4 – Paul Armstrong

2nds & 3rds
1 – Peter Chapman
2 – Wayne Dive
3 – Glen Gilligan
4 – Rodger Jamieson

4ths & 5ths
1 – Frankie Lewis
2 – Paul Singer
3 – Billy Norman

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