Another big day at Bondi

Well punters you were well and truly out of the money last Sunday.
First of all the contest went ahead despite there being no surf for the first three quarters of it and then our traditional favourite Grant ‘Wiggles’ Wignall, the Black Caviar of the BLC was done in in the finals by Waxa test pilot (‘Buy a Waxa there’s no looking Baxa’ )Robert Po McReynolds and then Greg ‘Foghorn’ Nelson staged a major upset by winning the Guiness book of world records for the most emails ever sent.
Commenting on his upset win Po said “I want to thank John (SJ) Connolly for his coaching and tips on technique and Stan Peters for his motivational lectures”.
… Retiree Peter Chapman took third with John “the rashie king” Dicks taking an easy fourth.
Scott ‘Waxa’ Robinson came in fifth or as we call it at the BLC, last.

Georgie ‘happy greek easter’ Haskas tirelessly worked with Deeksy to make the whole day a success despite the fact that Pres Armo had run off with nine other blokes from the BLC for a men’s bonding session in the Talo Islands with the trophies. Ten Bondi lads, one island, six trophies, no women,no TV….hmmm doesn’t bear thinking about.
Anyway then we moved to heat 2…or as we call it at the BLC the first heat for the losers.
Sam Tehan knocked that off despite a strong push for second last by Georgie Haskas. In the Thirds Keiron Lewis took the money in the face of very weak efforts by Gilligan and King ‘Seniors Pass’ Wally. Heading way down to the fourths it was Josh from Steve Joy and in the outright losers heat it was of course the Walrus, Alex and legendary swimming instructor Paul Singer. Once again the judges ignored the sterling surfing of SJ and even forgot to put him on the list. The editor of this blog has rectified this omission.
What else can be said about one of the world’s finest surfing comps? Well first of all that sentence is a lie, secondly the BLC’s own Jennifer Hawkins, Jo East ran things like clockwork,Nimbin has a new haircut, there was stern reminder about unfinancial members…no need to guess who…..and since Pres Armo took the rashies to Bangkok for unspeakable acts they don’t fit anymore.


1 – Po McReynolds
2 – Grant Wignall
3 – Peter Chapman
4 – John Dicks
5 – Scott

1 – Sam Tehan
2 – Craig Davies
3 – Wayne Dive
4 – Georgie Haskas
5 – Tim Pearson

1 – Keiron Lewis
2 – Glenn Gilligan
3 – Dennis Sheriff
4 – Wally Beneke
5 – Peter Davison

1 – Josh
2 – Steve Joy
3 – Rodger Jamieson
4 – Paul Altamura
5 – Guy Holden

1 – Chris Stonefield
2 – Alex
3 – Paul Singer
4 – Darren Corner
4= – John Connolly (ignored by the judges but surfed perfectly)

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