February 2012

Despite club president Paul Armstrong taking the rashies and the megaphone to Bangkok for his amusement (let’s not go there) it was the best organised and most enjoyable contest in the history of the club. John Dicks prevailed on his supermodel partner to make a mercy dash with our old rashies. Most contestants enjoyed the punk look of the historic vests. Naturally who needs a megaphone when you have foghorn?


After receiving the vests John Dicks who, for many years, has pretended to be a high school principal, spent one hour working out how the vest colours worked. Contest supervisor George helped him during this long and involved period. It would be fair to say that last Sunday wasn’t the biggest surf that Bondi has ever produced but there were what appeared to be waves. 200 of Australia’s best surfers contested the heats with a number of international champions such as Po from Hawaii and Zac from Boston benefiting from the coaching of the more mature members of the club. Po thought so highly of the standard of competition and the well oiled machine that organised it not to mention the two had catering from Dave Hollywood Byron and his kitchen bitch Chris Walrus Stonefield that he has joined the club. Blair McDonald took one look at the beautiful women who are members and decided that he had to join up as well stop


The club’s chief operating officer, Joanne East, has said that a few existing members have not paid their dues and she will be sending Nimbin around to their houses because”she knows where you live”.

Back to more important issues: for the first time ever Dave set up his two hat kitchen next to the judging tent which made for a very intimate experience. The food was up to Dave’s usual low standard and worth every dollar we didn’t pay for it. I won’t go into detail on the results simply to say that the more mature members of the club were discriminated against by the judges. Sam Tehan won with Craig Davies and Blair McDonald close behind. Little buddy Glenn Gilligan took fourth spot, then came Scott with a very gutsy sixth by club professional Claire Norman.


In the first of the losers section, the seconds, Po thanked club elders John Connolly Billy Norman and Wally for the coaching that saw him take out first place. Wiggles had just got off a plane from the powder snow in Vail Colorado and cruised to an easy second beating Greg Nelson who got bonus points for actually going left on a wave for the first time in his life, rash vest colour sorter John Dicks was next followed by Richard Townsend and Dave Fraser. In the thirds Walrus, the man mountain, came second to Peter Chapman. In the fourths Irish superstar George Haskas knocked off Steve Joy and Kim Lipping, while in the fifths Dave Byron won by threatening the judges with no food if he didn’t. Frankie Lewis just beat Zac into second place which is not as big a rap as you think given this was the first time Zac had ever been on a longboard in his life.

Billy Norman who is the only club member older than John Connolly took out the sixths from Paul Singer and John Wolfe. If Paul Armstrong stays away there will probably be a contest next month.

February 2012 results

1STS :
1st           Sam Tehan
2nd          Craig Davies
3rd           Blair McDonald
4th           Glenn Gilligan
5th           Scott
6th           Claire Norman

1st           Po McReynolds
2nd          Grant Wignall
3rd           Greg Nelson
4th           John Dicks
5th           Richard Townsend
6th           Dave Fraser

1st           Peter Chapman
2nd          Chris Stonefield
3rd           Kevin Hornhardt
4th           Wayne Dive
5th           Paul Altamura
6th           Michael Lipping

1st           George Haskas
2nd          Steve Joy
3rd           Kim Lipping
4th           Keiran Lewis

1st           Dave Byron
2nd          Frankie Lewis
3rd           Zac
4th           Rodger Jamieson
5th           Chris Quirk
6th           John Connolly ( the result of very poor judging!)

1st           Bill Norman
2nd          Paul Singer
3rd           John Wolfe

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