Chloe Byron Memorial Ohana Trophy

Sunday 14 October 2012 will mark the tenth and final annual Chloe Byron Memorial Longboard Championship.

‘The Chloe’ remembers the over 400 people killed or injured in the 2002 Bali Bombing, including Bondi’s Chloe Byron, who was 15 when she died in the explosions.

“My family have decided that the tenth anniversary of Bali is a fitting time to end the annual contest and put the events of the tragic day behind us” Dave Byron said.

“We will continue to remember Chloe with a new Trust Fund which will work together with other clubs to support people in need in Bondi, plus our chosen charity – The Homicide Victims Support Group.

“So we aim to make this last contest the biggest ever.  The day will be a celebration of the Aloha spirit.  This was the real lesson from Bali.  If we can learn to live with the Aloha spirit, this sort of tragedy will stop.

“We ask that everyone participate in the day by either surfing, watching or giving something to the auctions and raffles.”

More than 200 of Australia’s top men and women Longboarders will compete next October.  Normally over 100 surfers paddle out to beyond the break at Bondi to form a circle to remember Chloe.  This year we will form a semi- circle on the beach were the ocean meets the sand.  That way everyone can participate, say a prayer and throw flowers into the ocean as a sign of remembrance peace and hope!

The Bondi Longboard Club is a non-profit, locally-based sports club.







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