Member and others:
It was huge at Bondi this morning for the November competition with our new healthy eating sponsor providing the McDonald sausage and egg McMuffins. The waves topped out at 2.75 feet as did many of the competitors. But they looked a treat in the new Club rashies featuring a redback spider. It wasn’t a point score contest but can I just point out two young members came first and second and I didn’t come last.You can see from the photos who else was there.

Byron Bay Surf Festival is BACK

24 – 26 FEBRUARY 2017

“Surf Culture Now”

Wax-up your favourite boards, pack your car, grab your friends and head to Byron Bay this summer! The celebrated and award-winning Byron Bay Surf Festival…is back!!!

The BBSF crew took a slightly cheeky but strategic step and moved the annual Festival event from October to February, and for two very important reasons…to align the festival with surf season, and to celebrate the last days of summer with a bang!

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Founded in 2011, the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival is a non-competitive event focusing on surf culture; highlighting creativity, innovation, environment and sustainability.

The 3-day event is a fusion of ‘Surf Culture Now’, featuring over 25 different free and ticketed events, including: surfing, surfboards, design, art, music, film, yoga, markets, fashion, presentations, education, demo’s, literature, history, food, health. Culminating on the final day, Sunday, with the highly popular freestyle&stoke surf sessions event, incorporating the hunters & collectors surfboard swap sell & demo, along the pristine shores of Wategos beach. Boasting a large international attendance it comes in a colour and diversity reflective of Byron Bay’s creative and unique community.


After winning the Surf Culture Award at the 2015 Australian Surfing Awards, for best contribution to surf culture, the Byron Bay Surf Festival increased it’s reputation as the best surf culture event in Australia and one not to be missed by any surfer, culture vulture, beach-goer, ocean enthusiast, art lover and any local or international visitor. The festival’s mission statement reads, ‘present and maintain the culture of surfing, as an expression, art and lifestyle. Ensure that the festival reflects the values and creative culture of the Byron region and community.’ As world renowned film maker Jack McCoy quoted one year:

“This was an amazing festival spoken from the heart to the community. There was so much Aloha, you guys really did the community a service which was felt all around town.”

Seems the mission of the festival continues being accomplished!









Starting on the Friday afternoon with the Internationally curated artshow at the Lone Goat Gallery, the festival then moves up the road and on to Byron’s main beach foreshore for the sunset cinema which begins with a traditional welcome to country blessing from the local Arakwal and Bundjalung tribes, then on to the feature film, also including a short film, and then rounding off the first evening with live music and cold bevy’s at Byron famous ‘Beachy’ hotel.


The Saturday of the festival on Byron’s main beach foreshore is huge! Lined with the sprawling Surf Art Market and tipi pop-up zone this curation of all things culturally yummy tends to lure the curiosity of surfers, non surfers, the young & old, visitors, families and all sorts of ocean lovers and explorers alike, withpeople from many nations joining in each year. Starting with 7am yoga on the beach this indulgent day includes artshows, films, presentations, demonstrations, workshops, and an entire surf literature lounge schedule of book talks, signings and readings.

An international line-up of both established and eclectic surfboard shapers usually haunt the tipi zone exhibiting their new creations and talking with curious customers, onlookers and design junkies. All these happenings are bedded in amongst a gourmet of local and mostly organic foods, beautiful and innovative surfcrafts, delectable and cool fashion, and all this groovin’ along to the sound of live music acts from Byron Shire and many other parts of Australia.
All events throughout the 3-day festival are free entry, aside from the community centre events, the Sunday evening wrap-up party and the greatly anticipated and high profile ticketed event on the Saturday evening. This sunset event, presented in an amazing natural environment with an intimate stage tucked in the trees along the coast, will include acoustic music, the very popular short film comp finals, an exciting surprise event and 2 amazing final live music acts.


TICKETS for this event will be very limited and will go on Sale with first locals release November 1st (stay tuned!!)


The Sunday is beach day!! Rise and shine early at Wategos beach with the freestyle & stoke surf sessions including the hunters & collectors show, sell and demo of collectable, unique, and modern surfboards which litter the grass and foreshore in a spectacular display of handmade, art-driven and sustainably produced surfcraft. Right at the tip of Australia’s most easterly point BBSF will be hosting a handful of unique surf sessions. Most interesting could be the finless and tandem demonstrations or the newly introduced surfer/shaper session, along with the regular sessions including logs, mermaids, legends and fish categories and the very popular Party Wave Invitational cash dash which lands one very lucky surfer $1000 cash!! Brainchild of event organisers the freestyle & stoke surf sessions do not focus on traditional competitive surfing but rather it’s about the fun and pure stoke of freestyling your own creative way across a wave on the surfcraft of your choice with a peer-voted surfer in each category taking honours.

Wrapping up this amazing weekend it’s only good manners that we throw a little party on Sunday eve! This event will include live music, food and after a hot summer’s day, probably plenty of bevy’s. Again, tickets will be very limited for this event and will go on sale with second release December 1st.

Applications are now open for the popular Saturday surf art markets and tipi pop-up zone: Market-stalls, Surfboard shapers, Tipis and Foodies. For market inquiries ONLY please email

For media inquiries please email

AUGUST 2012 Results: It was the Norman invasion.

It’s not enough that Claire was in the semis of the Australian Longboard Titles at Diamond Head (no in NSW) and that she took second or third in the August comp, but her brother won the whole August comp until Pres Armstrong (no relation to Lance that we know of) gave him the flick for not paying his dues (there’s a warning for you) and her father got a place in something only because SJ had to leave before the finals. I hope there are no other Normans out there.

Well there is at least one and if anyone gives that dog a board we are in serious trouble.

Anyway the other big story of the day was Gillo’s face.  Gillo withdrew for the thirds half way through with  blood streaming from his forehead. He still managed third. He was heard to mutter something about ‘serves me right for being in a comp with McCarthy. I

n other news Macca sliced and diced for the Dave Byron Hot Dog feast (eating not a riding style), the Greek representatives of our multi cultural club were out in full force but only one, Georgie, was man enough to compete. Our oldest Hellenic member, Stan, was in Bangkok which prompted very nasty comments from people who are supposedly his friends. I won’t repeat them here but they seemed to question the sex of the entertainers at the cultural centres Stan was visiting as part of his study tour of the Thai capital.

The sun was out, the surf wasn’t,Fluffy was selling souvenirs from the longboard titles (he got 4th in the over 35s mens division) out the back of the Dripping Wet truck which was parked in Dave Byron’s usual spot, Kimmy Mac who lost out during her heats in the Aussie titles forgot the comp was on and one of the BLCs founders, Barry McGuigan got a 4th placing in the over 65s (he’s 83!) despite being on chemo. Makes Gillo look like a bit of a wuz for pulling out for a simple bloodbin caused by the angry legal counsel of our club.

OK in the fifths it was Steve Joy from Tahu with new member Oliver Small (Oliver just remember you’re new and we don’t like smart alecs trying to show us up) then Donna and another new member Jennifer taking fifth. Sorry Jennifer that’s really dead last but we like your style.

In the Fourths everyone’s favourite school principal gave Keiran and Rodger a lesson (sorry) while the French bombshell Frankie who was handicapped by a severe case of night beforeits took last.

Steve McCarthy beat up Gilo to take first in the thirds (who was judging this?) with Wayne taking silver, and Gilo bronze but a gold medal for manning up. Wayne and Dennis shared the pitiful placings. I

n the seconds Georgie narrowly beat another new member, Myall, (Myall we don’t want to see too much of this..the Greeks can be very nasty), top pensioner Billy Norman came next with big Ross Smith stone motherless.

You know the story of the firsts, Rob Norman, Fluffy, Claire, a great performance from Timmy Pearson with the most beloved president in the history of the BLC f(or the last three days) Armo taking up the back of the pack.

In very poor decsions by the judiciary SJ aka the stud muffin let Claire win his heat and then had to go to look after starving children in Africa and so was given no points or credit, Foggy who stood in for the megaphone during the contest was not in the placings, nor was Dave Byron or Macca who worked wonders with the frankfurts.

Next contest is the 16th September . Feel free to bring birthday presents for SJ if you ever want to see your name in here again.
5ths 1 – Steve Joy 2 – Taku 3 – Oliver Small (new member) 4 – Donna Draper 5 – Jennifer (new member)

4ths 1 – John Dicks 2 – Keiran Lewis 3 – Rodger Jamieson 4 – Frankie Lewis

3rds 1 – Stephen McCarthy 2 – Wayne Dive 3 – Glen Gilligan (Who withdrew halfway through his final with a gash to the head and blood pouring down) 4 – Wayne Yates 5 – Dennis Sherriff

2nds 1 – George Haskas 2 – Myall (new member) 3 – Bill Norman 4 – Ross Smith

1sts 1 – Rob Norman (as a visitor, cannot take the trophy, so Fluffy wins it for 2nd month in a row) 2 – Fluffy 3 – Claire Norman 4 – Tim Pearson 5 – Paul Armstrong

Bondi Longboard Club August Competition Results

No need to feel bad about not seeing the Queen fall out of the sky, the Australians win slightly less medals than Lower Dijbouti or the Australian swimming team put in their worst performance since the obstacle course race in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris where every participant had to crawl over boat in this sport, swim under the boats then finally had to climb up a pole. No forget London it was all happening off Bondi’s third rail where the true spirit of Australian manhood and womanhood and a few other hoods were on display. The sun shone and there was something resembling surf when over 35 athletes took to the water. In the gold medal decider it was Fluffy on the podium (available for autographs at the Dripping Wet megastore and bar on Campbell Parade. Silver went to Wiggles who given his recent run of health should be in the paralongboarding with other fine specimens like Foggy, Foggy’s son Cohen (who cares his hand was only broken in three places) and slamming Steve McCArthy, the man who gave hypochondria a good name. OK the bronze went to Scott, the lead medal to Johnny Dicks (what will your pupils say Deeksy?) and the cardboard to Timmy Pearson. In the seconds Armo the President scored himself first, graciously allowing Gillo to come second with an unbelievable performance (before he got in the water) from the only man with a two tone Ford, the warbler of the waves, the only man ACDC think are louder than them yes the Fogmeister. Dave Fraser had to be satisfied with fourth and Rod…I wouldn’t be boasting old mate…came in last. All the action was in the Thirds with the only representative of the original founders of the Olympic Games Georgie taking top spot. Behind him was Dennis with Billy Norman letting the SJ, Wally team down by coming in third in the Thirds rather than last in the sixths. Keiron bribed the judges to win on a countback from our own swimming coach Paul Singer with Rodger only able to manage last. In the Fourths two of the best sorts in the club did it for the women. Kim Lipping beat her old man easily to take a fantastic victory with Chris Quirk sneaking into third. The Bondi starlet with the French name Frankie took fourth with new member Darcy taking second last. Darcy if you want to stay a member you need to show respect and be back in the Sixths. Steve McCarthy the official legal counsel of the club (he’s offering a special on divorces this month to people who have had at least two divorces…hmmm where’s that JC when you need him) came in stone motherless. In the fifths it was a huge event with Steve Joy showing no respect for his elders and whipping the Walrus followed by new member Donna taking the bronze. Be careful Donna we don’t like new winners here. In the sixths it was an epic battle between two of the club’s greatest legends, John SJ Connolly and Wally stainless steel Benecke. It would take too long to describe all the action particularly since SJ was actually 10,000 miles away but Wally just managed to take gold which I think means in the only comp that counts (the over 25 years) Billy Norman leads from Wally and SJ closing the gap in third. Next comp is on the 15th of September which is a week after SJ’s birthday and gifts are always welcome if you want your name in the results. 6ths 1 – Wally Benecke 2 – John SJ Connolly even though he wasn’t there. 5ths 1 – Steve Joy 2 – Chris Stonefield 3 – Donna (new member) 4ths 1 – Kim (I beat Mick) Lipping 2 – Mick Lipping 3 – Chris Quirk 4 – Frankie 5 – Darcy (new member) 6 – Steve McCarthy 3rds 1 – George 2 – Dennis 3 – Billy Norman 4 – Keiron (on a count back from Paul Singer) 5 – Paul Singer 6 – Rodger 2nds 1 – Armo (Yep, el presidente) 3 – Foghorn 4 – Dave Fraser 5 – Rod 1sts 1 – Fluffy the Fluffmeister 2 – Wiggles 3 – Scott 4 – John Dicks 5 – Timmy Pearson

After a delayed start a big team of Bondi’s finest (of course finest what? is the question) gathered around the third ramp to watch a small group of workers set up. Biggest news of the day was the welcome return of the Dave Byron meals on wheel service with full breakfast but thankfully no music and the very welcome return of Dale Fraser from Vietnam (he’s forgotten the war) for a guest appearance.

BLC’s own Miss Australia Jo East was present to run the admin side of things under the watchful eye of Pres Alfa Romeo Armo. What ever happened to buy Australia?

Anyway there was only one winner today and that was BLC’s own legal counsel, the Perry Mason of the third ramp, the irish surfer in the green wettie, you know who you are Steve MC come on down. Showing the creativity the BLC is famous for Steve paddled out to the left. In fact so far to the left he went past Pitcairn Island. There are reports he did catch a wave but that only came from the rescue helicopter.

OK fresh from his near victory at Port Macquarie is was Fluffy taking the winners spot despite a great battle from Wiggles who has just got out of his hospital bed. Dave Fraser narrowly snuck in over the Golden Greek Georgie Haskas with Wayne Dive taking fifth…ok lets call it how it was …Sorry wayne you were last.

Heat two saw Tricky Dicky take gold from Steve (no Joy in second), Gilligan taking the lead…sorry the bronze then came Tim Pearson and the Jolly Rodger himself.

Onto the thirds and you cant believe that Steve Mcarthy managed to get himself into this heat. Well maybe the judges gave him points for surfing in another planet. Anyway it didnt help because he came a poor second to Clarkey with Paul Singer and Keiran Lewis pulling up the rear.

Now talking of very sick people, Foggy got over his crook knee and 3 packs a day of Camels (the only cigarettes with a photo of the factory on the front) to take an incredible numero uno spot. He really is the Black Caviar of the BLC. Behind him was Chris Quirk then Wally Seniors card) Beneke and the Angelina Jolie of the BLC, Frankie Lewis

Finally we got to the most important final of the day. What a trio of superstars. Billy Norman, Wayne Yates and SJ himself in a mano on mano epic battle of surfing skills that made Nay Young cry in jealously. Despite every competitior knowing they wer on for a podium place the three paddled out prepared to give no quarter. SJ whose eyesight isnt great at the best of times was at a distinct disadvantage because the other two didnt tell him the heat had started. Getting the shits over this poor display of sportsmanship SJ took the Steve Mc option and paddled left where they hadnt seen a wave since the trams last ran along Campbell Parade.

Anway Wayne put in a blinder with his two waves even standing up on one and Billy Norman did paddle for one wave and wiped his brow in exhaustion.

But biggest congratuations of the day have to go to Billy’s granddaughter Claire who placed 3rd in the Open women, NSW Longboard Championships in Port Macquarie

Our very own Kim McMahon, placed 3rd in the Over 35 (must be a typo..over 19) Women, NSW Longboard Championships in Port Macquarie

June results



1 – Craig Davies

2 – Grant Wignall

3 – Dave Fraser

4 – George Haskas

5 – Wayne Dive




1 –Richard Townsend

2 – Steve Joy

3 – Glenn Gilligan

4 – Tim Pearson

5 – Rodger Jamieson



1 – Rod Clarke

2 – Steve McCarthy

3 – Paul Singer

4 – Kieran Lewis



1 – Greg Nelson

2 – Chris Stonefield

3 – Wally Beneke

4 – Frankie Lewis



1 – Wayne Yates

2 – Bill Norman

3 – John Connolly


A win for the sport and loss for the wusses that stayed in bed

May 2012 Competition Round
Sunday the 21st started out ok with a brisk off-shore breeze and a nice swell hitting the banks that we have right now. The clouds creeping around the point from MacKenzies warned us that Hui was close by and he could change his mind at any time, as we all know.

There was a nice right-hander and an occasional, but not as good, left-hander, but we were happy and it set the scene for the May competition.

The cooling wintery weather convinced quite a number of the usual members to stay in bed, but the (fool)hardy ones decided any competition is a good competition. So, we erected the two tents side by side in the carpark to show Hui we could handle with anything he intended to throw at us. Little did we know how little we knew about Hui….

The heats in round one were the best opportunity we had and the guys took to it and put up some very good performances. Winners of round one were  Sammy T, Georgie Haskas, The Fluffmeister and Armo, your highly revered and benevolent President.

But those guys were only made to look good by the guys and girl who pushed them to the limits. Folks like Peter Chapman, Wayne Dive (who reminds this author of a Paul Gallen look alike – a Blues omen perhaps?), and fearless Frankie and Rodger Jamieson who took anything sizeable and just attacked.

Gillo soul-arched his way into the hearts of the judges and a single, feeezing Japanese tourist shooting through his Minolta on the water’s edge. Even Mick Lipping coaxed the Walrus to swap places and give him his heat position so the Walrus could go to Sunady Mass (did I hear that right, Walrus?).

Steve Mac, Steve Joy, Wally, Keiran, Scott, even Foggy all managed to string together some quality rides before Hui had his chance to hit us. And hit us, he did! Right at the end of round one, fortunately. Hui sent down a fierce Sou’Easter and a pelting of horizontal rain for good measure.

Round two saw only the “real” hard-core continue on and battle the choppy two-foot slop with the very occasional 4 foot close out slamming on their heads as they paddled out. Just ask Armo how many he copped on the head before he turned around and caught a foamie into the shore and then sneak out via the rip beside the flags up the middle of the beach, only to cop another handfull on the head… lol.

The contestant numbers dwindled even more for round two with both Steve Mac and Foggy pulling out with heartelage problems and retiring to listening to Jimi Hendrix in that old blue kombi that has been left to rust on the promenade. (I lied about the Jimi Hendrix bit, but it did make them sound cool for a little while).

And everyone who either didn’t show because they were too warm in bed or were put off by Hui’s defiant show were totally embarrassed by the hardest of hard-core members, Frankie Lewis, our girl-charger, Paul Singer and Billy Norman, two of our more “experienced” members who all suited up into their cold and soggy wetsuits for round two without a whimper. You guys and gal are legends!

So, with the reduced round two numbers, we had to combine the 2nds and 3rds into one heat and the 4ths and 5ths in the final heat. And boy, did everyone earn their competition points!

Final results were:
1 – Sammy Tehan
2 – Georgie Haskas
3 – Craig Davies
4 – Paul Armstrong

2nds & 3rds
1 – Peter Chapman
2 – Wayne Dive
3 – Glen Gilligan
4 – Rodger Jamieson

4ths & 5ths
1 – Frankie Lewis
2 – Paul Singer
3 – Billy Norman

Another big day at Bondi

Well punters you were well and truly out of the money last Sunday.
First of all the contest went ahead despite there being no surf for the first three quarters of it and then our traditional favourite Grant ‘Wiggles’ Wignall, the Black Caviar of the BLC was done in in the finals by Waxa test pilot (‘Buy a Waxa there’s no looking Baxa’ )Robert Po McReynolds and then Greg ‘Foghorn’ Nelson staged a major upset by winning the Guiness book of world records for the most emails ever sent.
Commenting on his upset win Po said “I want to thank John (SJ) Connolly for his coaching and tips on technique and Stan Peters for his motivational lectures”.
… Retiree Peter Chapman took third with John “the rashie king” Dicks taking an easy fourth.
Scott ‘Waxa’ Robinson came in fifth or as we call it at the BLC, last.

Georgie ‘happy greek easter’ Haskas tirelessly worked with Deeksy to make the whole day a success despite the fact that Pres Armo had run off with nine other blokes from the BLC for a men’s bonding session in the Talo Islands with the trophies. Ten Bondi lads, one island, six trophies, no women,no TV….hmmm doesn’t bear thinking about.
Anyway then we moved to heat 2…or as we call it at the BLC the first heat for the losers.
Sam Tehan knocked that off despite a strong push for second last by Georgie Haskas. In the Thirds Keiron Lewis took the money in the face of very weak efforts by Gilligan and King ‘Seniors Pass’ Wally. Heading way down to the fourths it was Josh from Steve Joy and in the outright losers heat it was of course the Walrus, Alex and legendary swimming instructor Paul Singer. Once again the judges ignored the sterling surfing of SJ and even forgot to put him on the list. The editor of this blog has rectified this omission.
What else can be said about one of the world’s finest surfing comps? Well first of all that sentence is a lie, secondly the BLC’s own Jennifer Hawkins, Jo East ran things like clockwork,Nimbin has a new haircut, there was stern reminder about unfinancial members…no need to guess who…..and since Pres Armo took the rashies to Bangkok for unspeakable acts they don’t fit anymore.


1 – Po McReynolds
2 – Grant Wignall
3 – Peter Chapman
4 – John Dicks
5 – Scott

1 – Sam Tehan
2 – Craig Davies
3 – Wayne Dive
4 – Georgie Haskas
5 – Tim Pearson

1 – Keiron Lewis
2 – Glenn Gilligan
3 – Dennis Sheriff
4 – Wally Beneke
5 – Peter Davison

1 – Josh
2 – Steve Joy
3 – Rodger Jamieson
4 – Paul Altamura
5 – Guy Holden

1 – Chris Stonefield
2 – Alex
3 – Paul Singer
4 – Darren Corner
4= – John Connolly (ignored by the judges but surfed perfectly)