Chloe Byron Memorial 2011

For it is this contest that helps us remember and honour Chloe Byron and all those Bali victims who needlessly perished those nine years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the 9th Chloe Byron Memorial Contest.


Whilst at the end of the day we can only have one winner of the contest, each one of you (remembering and celebrating the life of Chloe Byron) will take home in your hearts your own special victory, as it is upon your shoulders the spirits of the entire Byron family have been lifted by your simple acts of caring, and supporting them.

For this endeavour, on behalf of the Byron family I thank you all.


And so to the contest.

The usual scramble for registrations, problems with the sound system and all manner of unforseen stuffups meant an 8.20 start rather than an 8am planned one. Still, not bad for a contest of this magnitude and diversity.

The dancers jived, the cooks sizzled and Dave the DJ spun a tune or two as the contest was soon in full swing. The early favourites easily made it through to the next round whilst a few unknown quantities went along quietly to stake a claim in the semis.

The girls waited patiently to kick off a couple of hours later and didn’t disappoint in the dancing or surfing department. How come women look so much better dancing in a wetsuit than men do? Oh well, Viva La Difference!


One of the most awe inspiring highlights of the day was an impromptu visit from a large whale about 300metres past the breakers. With a few spectacular breaches and splashdowns, it had the crowd oohing and cheering like delirious school kids. The spirit of Chloe was truly with us this fine day.

The day progressed like clockwork thanks to the head judge John Dicks ably assisted by his sidekicks Foghorn and Chapelle. Whilst Jo tallied and the Prez spruiked, the silent auction, raffles and various competitions were going off the richter scale.

There are too many names to mention here but thank you to all.

The Mayor made an appearance and Andrew Gee was spotted mixing with the crowd along with many local identities and scallywags.

Ahhhhh Bondi….where on earth would you rather be?

Dave and his bitches delighted our palates as hungry onlookers drooled for another sampling of jambalaya. The lolly jar was keenly fought over and became a popular item when finally guessed correctly. Lizard kept the numbers up in the silent auction and the “sposors” surfboard became a great talking point as everyone played spot the error.

Everyone was so enthralled with the day we hardly remembered there was a contest on this day.

Lunch time saw a change from the customary paddle out to a simple semi circle of love on the golden sands of Bondi. The air was charged with emotion, sadness and a bond of community spirit that was as strong as any steel cable. As Dave, Tia and Jarrod entered the water a hush fell on the crowd that simply signified respect and understanding for the pain that had to be endured each time this year.


The rest of the day was a blur as semis and finals were keenly contested with the inclusion of a SUP section. Specialist  judge Big Kahuna Dave was responsible for making sense of this new competition and he revelled in the task.

The major results of the day were courageously contested but in the end Claire Norman was outclassed by Jessi Miley-Dyer with Harries turning the tables on Kevin Holt from 2010.

Other great results were George Haskas taking home a new McTavish Fireball in the raffle, the Rock Troll scoring a new board from his main tormentor Dave  and the magic figure of $7000 being raised for the Homicide Victims Support Group.


Finally, most people teared up a little as Anthony “Harries” Carroll made his acceptance speech, but I think the sentiments he expressed were felt by every person lucky enough to be associated with this inspiring event.


May peace and happiness find you all


Branson, The Prez, Henry Brycki………


Full results from the day are as follows:

Mens Open
1.Anthony Carroll
2.Kevin Holt
3.Tony Boyd
4.Wayne Dive
5.Craig Davies
6.Greg Nelson

Womens Open
1.Jessi Miley-Dyer
2.Claire Norman
3.Milo Hyde
4.Kim McMahon
5.Brenda Miley
6.Phoebe Miley-Dyer

Junior Boys

Junior Girls

1.Robyn Stonefield
2.Chris Stonefield
3.Craig Davies
4.Tony Boyd
5.Andrew Reid
6.Stan Peters

September 2011 Report

As I dressed in simply boardies and T-shirt I knew it was only round the corner and the throngs of beachgoers greeting me as I pulled into the carpark only confirmed this.


Huey was being kind again and I nice 2-3 foot left hander accompanied the delightful day. Most of the work had been done before I arrived so the first heat hit the water at 8.20 on the button.


The struggle for end of year points was palpable and no prisoners was the order of the day. Backpackers and kooks had better watch out, there was a mighty contest a brewin.


The first heat saw the ever consistent Fluffy riding the wrong board but still managing to out point Armo who claimed second ahead of Rod (I’m 50 now ) Clarke and Peter Chapman.


Heat 2 found another newbie to the 50 club Wayne Dive score easily over Scott with George Haskas clearly out of sorts with his magic wave selection seemingly over. The minors went to Dicksy, Martin Greer and (how the mighty have fallen) Dave Fraser fresh from a masters victory up the coast. Hmmpphh….its a bit harder at Bondi eh Dave!!!


Heat 3 was again a ripper with the early favourites out trumped by the ever chillin Steve Joy who was as surprised as anyone with his win. Newcomer Kleber was not disgraced whilst Bart Adams was perplexed by his third placing. Only Tim Kirby was left to split the placings of our two faithful girls Kim Lipping and Bec Salsbury.


The 4th heat was full of controversy when the Prez seeming to have a winning lead was called on a sketchy drop in to Tim Pearson and tumbled into third. ( he never made the same mistake in the final by not catching any waves and successfully prevented the judges from calling another drop in on him…..oh the humanity!!) This left the door open to Clemmo who snatched the victory from his mate Gillo who may never bring him down again. Finally Tim Pearso and Keiron rounded out the field.


Behind the scenes food still had to be prepared and dished out and as usual the man for the job was a smiling and freshly tanned (yes we’re sick of you skiting about your Hawaii trip) Dave Byron strongly assisted by number one kitchen bitch Walrus.


A whirl-wind visit was given us by Sam Tehan sporting his new Justin Beiber haircut. Hmmmm……stick to hangin 10 young fella.


In other news a panicked Jo figured out that the comp was on and she had missed it after she picked up a couple of scoresheets blown halfway across the world in the southerly that hit about 11.30 am. And what a southerly. Those of you who experienced it know what I’m talkin about. Unfortunately half the contest fees and most of the results are somewhere near Tasmania so we’ll just have to use round one as the final results. On a brighter note I won’t be asking you to replace the contest fees.


And so a near perfect day was duly disrupted by powers a little more authoritative than mine, yet I’m sure you’ll agree much fun was had and the promise of summer can only refresh our desire to keep on loggin.

Aloha and see you at The Chloey



September Results

Heat 1
1. Fluffy
2. Armo
3. Chappo
4. Clarkey

Heat 2
1. Wayne Dive
2. Scott
3.George Haskas
4.Dave Fraser
5. John Dicks
6. Martin Greer

Heat 3
1.Steve Joy
2. Klebber
3. Bart Adams
4. Kim Lipping
5. Tim Kirby
6.Bec Salsbury

Heat 4
1. Clemmo
2. Gillo
3. Prez
4. Tim Pearson
5. Keiron Lewis

July 2011

None the less, the swell was up and a small band of frothers were keen as ever to brave the gloomy conditions.

A quick count was done and three heats of five was the order of the day. Organising judges and surfers was a logistic nightmare but we manged to rotate smoothly with some judges still in their sopping wetties as they judged.

The vivid  new rashies were on display in all their glory with the  fluoro colours leaving no one in the water in any doubt that there was a contest on all around them.

The waves were a healthy 4-6 ft with the occasional bomb causing mayhem amongst the longboarders.

The first heat saw wave selection a critical factor with Armo coming up a little short in numbers. Gillo tried the early sneak on the inside section and was leading the contest till Rodger Jamieson dropped in on a bomb to ride one of the finest waves of the day. Fluffy and Keiran tried desperately hard but this day would belong only to Rodger who added a spectacular wipeout to his repertoire and eventually win out the heat.


The second heat witnessed a slight dropping off of the conditions but that didn’t stop George Haskas from carving up a couple of midsized waves, putting together a tally which would have won him a final in any contest anywhere. Yeeeehaaaaa….

The others tried valiantly but couldn’t jag the waves which seemed to fall into George’s lap every time he turned and paddled.


The final heat had a young brave Bec copping a few on the head as she battled the powerful rip. To her credit this never dampened her spirit and kudos to her. John Dicks was slightly off his game with Kyle and Sam also not quite finishing off a couple of good selections. Wayne Dive had the answers this day and strode into the final full of confidence.

With the weather setting in and the numbers dwindling a management decision was made to combine finals and have six surfers in the water at a time. Drop in rules, judging criteria, coffee, colours as well as who would judge was  discussed at length, but finally common sense prevailed on how this would and could work. Or could it?

With 3 out of the first 6 finalists mixing up their colours , the judges found it nearly impossible to make a decision on the pointscores. In the end we used hair or no hair, and male or female as our criteria. Huh? I don’t know either but we did mange to get a winner.


In another shock horror, all six trophies made an appearance onto the judges table at the same time. No one could remember them being in one location all at the same time and even Jo was left speechless. With no lost rashies and a full set of trophies at hand, many old timers wept as they remembered how the club used to be in its halcyon days. Glory hallelujah!!


And so to the all important results.


The 5ths saw Armo get a walkover with Bec and John deciding to avoid another hammering.

The 4ths presented us with the triple K show, with Keiran, Kyle and Kim all vying for that trophy. In the end only one K could win and Kim Lipping stole the show from the two boys.

The 3rds was the contest of the rashy colour-impaired with Gillo taking on the two yellow shirts of Richard T and Dicksy. In the end justice was served and Gillo got the judge’s nod.

The 2nds heated up nicely as Peter Chapman gave away a lot of years taking on Fluffy and Slippery Sam. But, there would be no fairytale ending for Peter with Sam  back in form narrowly edging out Craig with a couple of deft noserides.

And so to the 1sts. Both George and Rodger had surfed unbelievably well in their respective heats and impressed the judges no end.

Could they do it again? Would we have a new first time champion?  Would the carbon tax get through? Had they peaked too early?

As fate would have it, yes! Wayne Dive had a little too much left in the tank and gleefully grabbed the trophy with both hands, securing another victory and leaving George and Rodger pondering what might have been.


And so,as winter’s chill continue’s to strangle our resolve and leaves us sitting in front of the heater eating Red Rock chips and watching bad movies, we look forward to the warmer month’s when boardies and bikinis will again replace the dull sensations and mouldy smells of a wetsuit that just hasn’t dried out enough. Or is that just me?

Aloha and good winters surfing to all.



Full Results for July 2011

1.Wayne Dine
2.George Haskas
3.Rodger Jamieson

1.Sam Tehan
2.Craig Davies
3.Peter Chapman

1.Glenn Gilligan
2.Richard Townsend
3.John Dicks

1.Kim Lipping

1.Paul Armstrong
2.John Connolly (DNS)
2.Brc Salsbury (DNS)

June 2011

Winter’s chill was nearly forgotten with one of God’s own days beaming down upon us and reminding us that the winter solstice was finally behind us and that there were only 157 more sleeps till summer. Ahhhhh summer, how truly I miss you.

But as usual I digress….


Whilst the club had been in hibernation mode over the last few months, Reggie the Rat and family had been setting up home in our club tents and helping themselves to the  various condiments readily available in our private lockup.

An emergency call was made to Dave Byron at Coles and soon a fresh tomato sauce was hastily acquired for the day’s gourmet delights.

Reggie was last seen scurrying towards Lush after a nasty reprimand from Paul Armstrong.

Bye bye Reggie………or is it?


Anyways, nothing could spoil this most perfect winters day with the water and outside temperatures both hovering around the 19 degree mark. Parkas and beanies were soon replaced with steamers and our determines surfers soon prepared to match wits and skills in the pounding 1 foot conditions. Only lefts were on offer this fine day and the goofy footers licked their lips in delight knowing this would be their day. Wayne Dive tried his luck on the non existent right-handers and his 3rd place heat finish soon put an end to this natural footers dream of beating his nemesis George Haskas in the finals.


The early heats saw few combinations with a take off,  small walk and turn the order of the day. Still, the water was so smooth it really didn’t matter

Early to impress the judges were Bart Adams, Dave Fraser sporting a new Billy Idol hair colouring, Craig “Fluffy” Davies and the ever competitive and smooth surfing Wiggle.


In heat 2 Foggy tried for double points by dragging Dave Fraser onto his board but the judges simply deemed this as two waves for Foggy and none for Dave. Newbies Keiron Lewis and Kyle Redding accredited themselves well for their first outing at the club but unfortunately Dave Byron was too busy to meet them and so has been unable to nickname them at present. Be careful boys, when he does, it will stick.


Sam Tehan was still nursing a bad back and had to settle for second in his heat whilst a flu ravaged Prez was surprised by another newby Ali G who somehow snuck past him and will prove a threat in the women’s division.


As I looked around I noticed the carpark was full yet there was hardly a soul on the beach. I guess the cafes and shops were really getting a workout this fine winter’s day with all the try hards out being seen, all the while spending their pennies on coffees and bric a brac. Still the upside is all the gorgeous girls walking the promenade only distracting the judges from their sworn duty.


Our intrepid chef produced another feast with baby frankfurts for entree followed by shaslik rolls on soft buns. Mmmmmmmm………soft buns…….


With tummies full and the swell peaking at 1.5 feet we ventured back into the water for the finals and  June bragging rights. In the meantime Jo had arrived and quickly banned any Bob Dylan music whilst she was in earshot. I don’t think she likes Bob Dylan Nimbin, so scratch it off the playlists!!


In the 6th’s Guy Holden and Frankie were courageous with Macca doubling his pointscore for the year. In the end John Dicks was too strong, but, how the mighty have fallen with a 2nd place in the 1st last comp, and a 1st place in the 6th this month. Huh? Go figure.


The 5th’s was a battle of the old and the new with Steve Joy and Tim Pearson bringing up the minor placings whilst Keiron Lewis took out Kyle Redding for first.


The 4th’s saw Tim Kirby and Rodger Jamieson bravely take on Kim Lipping who easily got the nod from the judges after throwing her car keys on the judges table before the final. Hmmmm…I wonder what that was supposed to mean?


The battle heated up in the 3rd’s with Foggy getting some early deep sections to put the others under pressure. Rod Clarke will have to wait another month for a trophy whilst the Prez wimped out with a snotty nose and cold toes. in the end Wayne Dive snuck home with the last wave of the final and the rest is history.


The 2nd’s saw Paul Armstrong trying to defend his points lead but with Sam Tehan and George H in his way this might be a tad difficult. AliG was brave in 4th whilst a surprised George Haskas won on countback from the sadly inflexible Sam Tehan.


The 1sts saw last month’s winner Fluffy take on Wiggle, Dave (Billy Idol) Fraser, whilst Bart Adams was nowhere to be seen.

Dave was easily out hassled by the two paddling specialists and had to settle for third. In a close contests with little less than a sweeping cutback separating them, Wiggle was crowned the June champion.


And so another month comes to a close with the usual suspects staying back to help me with the clean up. Thanks to all who helped make it a great day and see you all the next glorious Bondi Beach day in July.




Full results as follows:

1. Grant Wignall
2. Craig Davies
3. Dave Fraser
4. Bart Adams (DNS)

1.George Haskas
2. Sam Tehan
3.Paul Armstrong
4. Alll G.

1.Wayne Dive
2. Greg Nelson
3. Rod Clarke
4. The Prez (DNS)

1. Kim lipping
2. Tim Kirby
3. Rodger Jamieson
4. Steve Czintos (DNS)

1.Keiron Lewis
2.Kyle Redding
3. Steve Joy
4. Tim Pearson

1.John Dicks
2. Frankie
3.Paul Macafee
4.Guy Holden

May 2011 Report

The sun shone, the wind blew and the waves trickled, thank heavens for a piece of normality

The Prez’s smiling face and dulcit tones were nowhere to be seen, whilst the chef was away in Thailand  causing a grumble or two amongst the faithful (faithful freeloaders that is)

But who could possibly be unhappy on this auspicious and momentous day. The day Stan Peters managed to survive 60 glorious years on this earth.

And no he hasn’t retired yet, nor has he got a million dollars in the bank, but better still, he’s doing what he truly loves every day .

No, not getting another new board from John’s shop you imbeciles, but simply surfing and hanging out with his mates in one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

On behalf of all, I wish you many more years of good health, good waves and the ocassional bargain at Dripping Wet.


And so back to the comp. I was well informed that most thanks must go to Armo and Foghorn who ran a tight ship  and gave all a fun-filled Sunday.

Behind the scenes, Jo was run off her feet, changing flags, keeping time, blowing the hooter whilst all the while avoiding the pitfalls of the notorious concrete car park bollards.

With a no frills day in the car park, the contest was quickly and efficiently run.  I submit for your perusal the May results.

See you all in winter….brrrrrrrrrrr….



Round 1

Heat 1
1st – Paul Armstrong
2nd – Gillo
3rd – Rodger Jamieson
4th – Claire Norman

Heat 2
1st – Wayne Dive
2nd – George Haskas
3rd – Tim Kirby
4th – Rod Clarke

Heat 3
1st – John D
2nd – Richard T
3rd – Peter Chapman
4th – Paul Altamura

Heat 4
1st – Grant W
2nd – Greg Nelson
3rd – Steve Joy
4th – Frankie

Heat 5
1st – Fluffy
2nd – Sam T
3rd – Dale Fraser
4th – Bart Adams
5th – Tim Pearson



1st – Rod Clarke
2nd – Tim Pearson
3rd – Rodger Jamieson
4th – Frankie
5th – Bart Adams

1st – Peter Chapman
2nd – Dale Fraser
3rd – Steve Joy

1st – Sam Tehan
2nd – George Haskas
3rd – Glenn Gilligan
4th – Greg Nelson
5th – Richard Townsend

1st – Craig Davies
2nd – John Dicks
3rd – Paul Armstrong
4th – Wayne Dive
5th – Grant Wignall

February 2011 Report

The day was utterly brilliant and Bondi was in full bloom with the car park near capacity by 7.30am.

With some skillfull bin placements we soon had all the choice car parking spots reserved as we carefully erected the judging tents and staked our claim on this precious piece of paradise.


Huey appeared a little lazy this morning but we forgave him as we looked forward to simply dipping our toes in the tropical 24 degree water. Wetties were a distant memory and the vivid colour of boardies that were on show proved that old guys still have a little fashion sense (and I mean little)

With our beloved chef AWOL it would be a ravenous pack that contested todays comp. With heats drawn and rashies distributed we soon got underway with 5 closely contested heats.

I stress the word close as 2 score sheets come to mind. Glenn Gilligan was at his unbiased best, scoring 6 different waves for 3 competitors at 3.0 meaning all 3 came first on 6 points. The count-backs were also scored at 3.0 meaning that………..well I guess you know where I’m going with this.

This seemed quite flukey till Tim Kirby had all his 4 finalists score 4.0 and 4.5, meaning all 4 came first with 8.5points. Hmmmmm…….who the hell wants to be a judge with such close surfing?


Heat 1 saw the return to our shores of Claire Norman who managed to finish third in last years Australasian female longboard qualifying school. On ya Claire and hopefully the No1 spot awaits you this year.

She managed to hold off a fast finishing Armo and Fluffy to secure a spot in the 1sts final.

Heat 2 saw John Dicks risking the shore dump for a few extra half points but it was the youngster Sam Tehan working the nose to get the nod ahead of Dicksy and Stephen Joy.

Heat 3 was a Fraserathon with both Dale and Dave donning rashies here. Wayne Dive split them but the younger Fraser (Dave) snuck home in the tame conditions.

Heat 4 saw Foghorn vow to take out The Prez’s new board whether in or out of the water. The only casualty was George H’s big toe as he couldn’t handle the dangerous conditions and gashed himself on the paddle out. The Prez had the last laugh as his new log sailed into the final and straight past Foghorns Munoz.

Last minute texts from Trista and the Lipping clan got them a start in Heat 5 with the colourful Darren Corner and softly spoken Frankie Lewis making up the numbers. Mick got the nod over his Mrs and that family feud just keeps on going.


With deteriorating conditions and a swell that seemed to go on vacation we raced to finish the finals in time for the afternoon southerly.


A few dropouts made the 5ths a lottery till Tim Pearson stamped his authority (and age) on the event and grabbed the trophy gleefully with both hands.


The 4ths was a colourful affair with Glenn and Loz flashing off some kaleidoscopic boardies. Glenn won that contest and also the 4ths trophy.


The 3rds saw a lot of sand finishes with every half point vital, but in the end George was the hungriest and snatched another trophy for his brag room.


The disappointment of not making the 1sts final soon disappeared as the 2nds fought out a close contest with vital end of year points dangling temptingly above their heads. With Greg, Armo and Dicksy all in the same age group, Wayne D (at 49) felt like a spring chicken. In the end the chicken was plucked and Greg dragged his 11foot board across the finish line.


Finally the 1sts. Dave Fraser decide to give us all a twelve minute head start by paddling in halfway through the heat whilst Mick Lipping thought 20 minutes would be a little fairer and failed to trouble the judges.

In the end Claire, Sam and the Prez fought out a meagre and waveless final to eventually see the Prez sneak over the line by a simple 0.2 margin.


And so, another longboard comp wraps up. Thanks to all who find it important enough to come early and stay late to make sure the event is a success each and very month. Thank you to Steph McCarthy who saved my life with a coffee at 9am. Thank you to Dave Fraser for saving my life again at 10 am with a salad roll. And thanks to judge No 4 who finally helped me get a victory over Slippery Sam Tehan. Oh, and thanks especially to John at Dripping Wet who sold me my new board last week and sent it straight to the victory dais.

Aloha and see you all in March

Branson, The Prez, Henry Brycki….whoever you want me to be……..


Full results to follow

1.Henry Brycki
2.Sam Tehan
3.Claire Nrman
4.Dave Fraser
5.Mick Lipping [DNS]

1.Greg Nelson
2.Wayne Dive
3.John Dicks
4.Paul Armstrong
5.Trista Vallentine [DNS]

1.George Haskas
2.Craig Davies
3.Darren Corner
4.Stephen Joy
5.Dale Fraser [DNS]

1.Glenn Gilligan
2.Rod Clarke
3.Tim Kirby
4.Kim Lipping
5.Laurie Miller

1.Tim Pearson
2.Frankie Lewis
3.Peter Davison
4.Chris Quirk [DNS]
4.Bec Salsbury [DNS]
4.Bill Norman [DNS]

January 2011 Report

As I gingerly made my way down to the familiar waters of Bondi nursing an early January hangover  I wondered what new changes would greet me in this most sacred and holy place. I was soon disappointed to find that everything had stayed the same and we had all just grown a year older, greyer, wrinklier and unfortunately no wiser. But what a wonderful place to let the sands of time wash over you and enjoy a few Christmas and New Year yarns with good mates and fellow loggers.


The weather was a little vague and the promised ground swell was just a wind swell in disguise. Still, it was summer and by hook or by crook we were going to hold a full bore comp with smiles and smiles everywhere you looked.


The megaphone went missing, the generator wouldn’t fire up, the rain drizzled down and the drinks didn’t arrive. Aaaagh Bondi Longboard Club, the nicest bunch of blokes I have ever had the privelege to be associated with, but with the organisational skills of The Three Stooges. Still all was soon done and ready for an 8.45  kick off. The heats were tough, the surf was crap but no one seemed to care: here we were again, doing what we loved best and sharing it with those who understood every emotion we felt.

There were dads, divorcees, desperadoes, drunks and drop in specialists all keen to make their marks early in the competition season.

Paul Armstrong was finally back after shoulder surgery in 2010 and he wasn’t going to let the 50 somethings leave him behind without a trophy this year. Dale Fraser changed age groups but not his competitive spirit. John Dicks was keen to claim a trophy and Glenn Gilligan was his flashy best with pink boardies and matching shiny boards.

Highlights of the day included consecutive nose dives from Tim ‘Turtle’ Pearson and Dave Fraser finally hitting the water in the 1sts final after everyone else had already snuck a couple of waves (damn those kids!).

Richard ‘30 watt’ Townsend couldn’t jag a winning wave, whilst it was nice to see Martin Greer and Macca making rock star appearances and honouring us with their personage. Tim Kirby sported a deluxe cut off wakeboard wettie and George H grabbed anyone who would listen and told them about his “hot” night down at The Sheaf.


What about the surf, the re-os, the floaters, the nose rides I hear you asking? Well, let’s say there was water, waves and guys trying to ride them, then we’ll just leave it at that.


The 5th’s final was a “bluff off” with no one wanting to get their hair wet again so Chris , Zeeman, Deano, Martin G, Foghorn and Macca split the points and remained on dry land.

No one was really disgraced, but as usual the cream rose to the top and in the end the trophy would be settled on a count back. After Jo spent ages counting and adding up some imbecilic scores

(2.567, 1.111, 0.5 etc) the January trophy winners were announced and coming through (though carrying a nasty lurgie) was The Wiggle who casually pipped Slippery Sam Tehan to lead the 2011 points race. On ya Wiggle I knew good Karma would follow you after you got the generator fired up for me with some clever initiative and ABC know how..


On a unrelated  note, it was a little disappointing as not one female member turned up in January (though I heard someone comment there were quite a few girls wearing wetties today?). Come on ladies, make your presence felt in February and don’t let me be the only one at the comps with good legs next month.


And so another year beckons with the promise of waves, waves (good perving) and more waves. Yeehaaaah…bring it on, and let the best man (or woman) win.

The Prez


Full Results for January:

1.Grant Wignall
2.Sam Tehan
3.John Dicks
4.Dave Fraser

1.Waye Dive
2.Peter Chapman
3.Paul Armstrong
4.Richard Townsend

1.Craig Davies
2.Tim Pearson
3.Steve Joy
4.Glenn Gilligan

1.Dale Fraser
2.George Haskas
3.Stephen McCarthy
4.Tim Kirby

(Equal First and Last)
Chris Quirk
Dean Lloyd
Greg Nelson
Martin Greer
Steve Czintos
Paul Macafee

2010 Chloe Byron Memorial Contest

As I drowsily drove down to Bondi Beach a magnificent orange ball, like a giant kiss from God himself, greeted me. I already knew this would be a great day.


Other sleepy but cheery faces soon met me, and we quickly got underway raising tents, setting up barbeques, firing up generators and preparing for a solemn, yet heart warming day. By 7am the place was cranking and abuzz with dozens of frothers keen to strut their stuff in the crystal waters of Bondi. But today was not just about surfing. Indeed we were all here to celebrate life and the tragic shortening of one particular one.


The weather was superb but Huey would test us this fine day with a swell and wind direction, which would cause many an old logger to draw a deep and nervous breath before venturing out into its treacherous waters. Such was the anger of the ocean this day that before its end four Mals would be neatly snapped showing us that we really had no chance of taming the forces of nature no matter how far and advanced our civilization (and board design) had come.


The first heat scrambled into the water at 8.30am and by 9am the carnage had begun with Sam Tehan being the first to destroy his board. Several would follow and the judges were treated to a procession of inglorious wipeouts followed by mad scrambling through the next lineup. The surf was unforgiving, but on this day no one seemed to care.

The heats came and went and the semis were soon ready to be fought out. But, the final 18 surfers would have to wait just a little longer as the real purpose of this contest was about to begin.


Dave Byron and family made a difficult decision and called off the customary “paddle out” which we use to honour Chloe’s memory. Instead, a simple half circle was formed on the warm golden sands, with the ocean completing the other half. Thus our two worlds were joined in one perfect, continuous harmony. The joy and love flowed seamlessly from sand to water, and as our flowers gently landed in the lapping waters we all felt the spirit that embodies ‘Aloha’. Gone but never forgotten, thanks to all those who helped lift the spirits of the Byron’s by simply showing they cared.


The contest continued and I can safely say that the cream kept rising to the top till finally six worthy gladiators were left with the task of securing the trophy. Amongst these, three had already tasted victory in this contest and they knew how special another win would be.


I can honestly say that I was treated to one of the most enjoyable finals ever witnessed. The conditions improved enormously and gave these boys the ammunition to fire up their logs. Well let me tell you, there we no logs out there today, as they slashed, floated, carved and ripped the waves to shreds. Huey had claimed four boards but the last laugh was on our finalists who taught him a lesson he will not soon forget.

Dan Rowlands and Peter Chapman worked the waves well and styled their way to some high scoring rides. “Slippery” Sam Tehan (28) and Col “Lizard” Sutherland (55) showed the spectrum of ages had nothing to do with surfing as they both put on moves that made the spectators gasp and yell for more. Finally to the 2008 and 2009 winners: Anthony “Harries” Carroll whipped his board around like a grommet riding a 6 foot twinnie with more changes of direction than Pacman on heat. On the other hand, Kevin Holt rode with power and control crashing through sections and cruising to the nose at every opportunity. Who would the judges favour? Well in the end it was unanimous, and Kevin made it two years in a row with Harries having to settle for second. On ya boys!


In their own right the girls put up a mighty showing and the fact that they simply ventured out and survived showed us how determined and “ballsy” they really are. Full results to follow this report.


And so to the day’s other highlights… on a day like this there are many, many memorable moments and they invariably leave you with that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. What were they? Steve Czintos won the Aloha Award for his selflessness in chasing sponsors with enthusiasm, dedication and an unwavering devotion to the task. It was uplifting to see him brought to tears as he accepted his trophy and choked down his words.

Jennifer Reynolds was amazed to get a new board care of the Byron’s in the tradition of acknowledging the “gutsiest” surfer on the day. She took a lickin’ but she kept on tickin’.

The kids danced, cavorted and raced around endlessly reminding us all of how great it is to have endless energy and enthusiasm for life. Wish I was six again but then again I would have to accumulate a lifetime of knowledge all over again and that just seems too hard. Give me arthritis, grey hair and wrinkles any day, I’ll leave the youthful things to the kids and wallow in my wisdom. The bottom line is, I think everyone, old, young, sagacious, naive, took home something special this 3rd Sunday in October that they will remember for years to come.


Chloe Byron never experienced Facebook, but I can guarantee you she had more friends there today than any facebook could ever begin to offer.

Aloha my friends



Full Results:

1st Nicole Atherton
2nd Brenda Miley
3rd Frankie Lewis
4th Jennifer Reynolds
5th Sally Charles
6th Cyna Charles

1st Kevin Holt
2nd Anthony Carrol
3rd Sam Tehan
4th Col Sutherland
5th Dan Rowlands
6th Peter Chapaman

September 2010 Report

And so spring has sprung.  We survived this long and particularly cold winter to finally be greeted by the promise of long days, endless sunshine and the sight of gorgeous girls cavorting on the promenade.


Ahhhhhh Bondi…. eye candy one day, then eye candy the next. We love it.

Bet you don’t get much of that up Bonny Hills way eh Al Brown!


But I digress. There was an important contest held today as it would consequently determine bragging rights for the next twelve months. The old, the young, the feral, the stylish, all came together to once more ply their trade in the waves of Bondi and hope upon hope that the judges would favourably smile upon them and send a trophy their way.


Well Paul Armstrong left for Bali last week with Stef McCarthy  in tow so hopefully they will have bountiful stories to share with us on their return. New head judge Greg “Foghorn” Nelson capably ran the show and made sure the judges knew the difference between a white and yellow rashie, whilst their maths left much to be desired.


The Rolling Stones blared, the bacon sizzled, and my warm water wax refused to stick. The usual whingers asked to be placed in a early heat, or a late heat, or a heat without Kelly Slater or Mick Fanning in it as they had to blow dry their hair, wax their backs, visit a dog in the pound, bake a cake or some other ridiculous excuse which prevented them from joining in the general spirit of this beautiful day. Could they be in red rather than blue because it clashed with their board shorts and hair colour!  Well I certainly have a few names for the next “VB” ad but I think even Neil Diamond might be too embarrassed to be associated with them.

But as usual I digress again. There were many highlights and lowlights this fine day and I will give you just a few snippets. Bec Salsbury got smashed many times but still came back smiling and happy to lend a hand in the kitchen after her heat. Laurie Miller turned back the clock to stomp all over Glenn Gilligan and the Prez in his heat and prove that old dog still has a few tricks up his wrinkled sleeves. Mick Lipping charged a few closeouts to safely negotiate a win in his heat, whilst Wayne Dive went from the penthouse to the cellar by finishing fourth in his heat after bragging he didn’t have to bring the firsts trophy back as he will probably win it again.

John Dicks (ever smiling) was stoked just to be out with his mates (oh yeah and school holidays certainly helped his mood). Dean Lloyd looked resplendent in his best “rapper” gear though his walk the board needed a little more attention. Dave Fraser was trailed by his daughter all day whilst Chris Quirk had a brief cigarette break to get amongst it in his heat. John Radcliffe and Fluffy tried to claim another trophy to proudly display in Dripping Wet but will have to wait till summer to bullshit the backpackers again with their stories of heroics and subtle floaters.


And so to the results:


After an awe inspiring spring day and the end of the point scoring season, Mick Lipping made a huge recovery after sporting a massive cork in his thigh thanks “a La” The Prez sorting him out last comp. He finally got his name on the firsts trophy but his wife,  Kim, still got in the last word:

“Yeah, but I will always be on top”.

And so another comp fades into the background and good times shared with friends simply becomes a blueprint for our existence. Waves, sun, idle chatter, warm gooey feelings of belonging to a great tribe permeate my very core. Too much? Well, you’ll never really know till you come and spend the third Sunday of any month with us at Bondi.


See you all at the Chloey next month.




Full Results September 2010

1.Mick Lipping
3.Laurie Miller
4.Dave Fraser

2.Dale Fraser
3.John Radcliffe

1.Glenn Gilligan
2.George H
3.Craig Davies
4.John Dicks

1.Bart Adams
2.Wayne Dive
3.Wally B
4.Chris Quirk

1.Richard T
2.Dean Lloyd
3.Kim Lipping
4.Bec Salsbury
5.Guy Holden, Tim Kirby, Steve Joy (DNS)

August 2010 Report

Now August normally brings strong winds, nice crisp swells and deep blue water. Today was no exception with a solid 3 foot swell testing our resolve and paddling prowess. The girls were poorly represented this fine day but the boys knuckled down with few opportunities remaining to assert their dominance in respective age groups.

The early heats got the best of conditions as the tide slowly awoke and rose to a lifeless high around midday. Sam Tehan brought down a plethora of freshly painted boards which had Stan licking his lips like a fat kid in a chocolate shop. He also brought down his brother Jack and assured us we had nothing to fear as he couldn’t surf much. Hmmmmmmm……… we’ll see about that.


Cocktail frankfurts were soon on offer from the Hawaii fresh and well suntanned Dave Byron. Double dipping seemed to be the order of the day as the tomato sauce soon disappeared quicker than a biscuit at a homeless shelter.


Peter Chapman sported new Frankenstein scars as a midweek visit to the skin cancer clinic left him out of the water for a few more weeks. Rodger Jamieson donned his familiar white hat as he headed for the water whilst John Connolly still not feeling the cold looked respelendant in red speedos and matching rashy.


Newly promoted kitchen bitch Imke soon learnt the finer points of preparation as Dave had her moving liked greased lightning round the barbeque tent. We wish her well on her new adventure in Singapore and hope she returns to brighten our lives again. The Schnitzel sandwiches were deluxe and I’m sure there was a little German influence there.


And so to the waves………….

Mick Lipping unfortunately copped an out of control “Pearson Arrow” as the Prez will try anything to win a final these days. Mick apparently got his revenge later that day as he conjured up a gusty westerly to neatly lift and flip the Prez’s Mal into the carpark and destroy his beloved H2 fins. The laughter that echoed around Bondi as Dave retold the story could be heard for hours.

Hope you are ok Mick.

Wipeout of the day went to Wally who still thinks he’s 20 years old. Good on ya Wal and your infectious love of suring and never say die attitude inspires us all. Thanks to our intrepid photographer this day (Peter Chapman) who captured that amazing moment that will immortalise Wal for many years to come.


The finals were again surfed in deteriorating conditions but the 1sts was to present another surprise with everyone there desperate to lift the trophy and end the Tehan stranglehold. In the end Wayne Dive was given the nod and a new champion was declared this wild and woolly day. A day we experienced many seasons but only one emotion. That being the joy we get from just being long-boarders and sharing these magic moments with people who really understand.


Good surfin and good chillin, see you all next month.

The Prez


Full Results August 2010

1 Wayne D
2 John Radcliffe
3 Sam T
4 Bart Adams
5 Craig “Fluffy” Davies
6 Jack T

1 Prez
2 Gillo
3 John D
4 Laurie Miller
5 Mick Lipping (injured)
6 Chris Quirk (DNS)

1 George H
2 Stompsy
3 Stan Peters
4 Kim Lipping (DNS)

1 Richard T
2 Wally B
3  Tim Kirby
4 Rodger Jamieson
5 Dean Lloyd
6 John Connolly (DNS)