Byron Bay Surf Festival is BACK

24 – 26 FEBRUARY 2017

“Surf Culture Now”

Wax-up your favourite boards, pack your car, grab your friends and head to Byron Bay this summer! The celebrated and award-winning Byron Bay Surf Festival…is back!!!

The BBSF crew took a slightly cheeky but strategic step and moved the annual Festival event from October to February, and for two very important reasons…to align the festival with surf season, and to celebrate the last days of summer with a bang!

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Founded in 2011, the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival is a non-competitive event focusing on surf culture; highlighting creativity, innovation, environment and sustainability.

The 3-day event is a fusion of ‘Surf Culture Now’, featuring over 25 different free and ticketed events, including: surfing, surfboards, design, art, music, film, yoga, markets, fashion, presentations, education, demo’s, literature, history, food, health. Culminating on the final day, Sunday, with the highly popular freestyle&stoke surf sessions event, incorporating the hunters & collectors surfboard swap sell & demo, along the pristine shores of Wategos beach. Boasting a large international attendance it comes in a colour and diversity reflective of Byron Bay’s creative and unique community.


After winning the Surf Culture Award at the 2015 Australian Surfing Awards, for best contribution to surf culture, the Byron Bay Surf Festival increased it’s reputation as the best surf culture event in Australia and one not to be missed by any surfer, culture vulture, beach-goer, ocean enthusiast, art lover and any local or international visitor. The festival’s mission statement reads, ‘present and maintain the culture of surfing, as an expression, art and lifestyle. Ensure that the festival reflects the values and creative culture of the Byron region and community.’ As world renowned film maker Jack McCoy quoted one year:

“This was an amazing festival spoken from the heart to the community. There was so much Aloha, you guys really did the community a service which was felt all around town.”

Seems the mission of the festival continues being accomplished!









Starting on the Friday afternoon with the Internationally curated artshow at the Lone Goat Gallery, the festival then moves up the road and on to Byron’s main beach foreshore for the sunset cinema which begins with a traditional welcome to country blessing from the local Arakwal and Bundjalung tribes, then on to the feature film, also including a short film, and then rounding off the first evening with live music and cold bevy’s at Byron famous ‘Beachy’ hotel.


The Saturday of the festival on Byron’s main beach foreshore is huge! Lined with the sprawling Surf Art Market and tipi pop-up zone this curation of all things culturally yummy tends to lure the curiosity of surfers, non surfers, the young & old, visitors, families and all sorts of ocean lovers and explorers alike, withpeople from many nations joining in each year. Starting with 7am yoga on the beach this indulgent day includes artshows, films, presentations, demonstrations, workshops, and an entire surf literature lounge schedule of book talks, signings and readings.

An international line-up of both established and eclectic surfboard shapers usually haunt the tipi zone exhibiting their new creations and talking with curious customers, onlookers and design junkies. All these happenings are bedded in amongst a gourmet of local and mostly organic foods, beautiful and innovative surfcrafts, delectable and cool fashion, and all this groovin’ along to the sound of live music acts from Byron Shire and many other parts of Australia.
All events throughout the 3-day festival are free entry, aside from the community centre events, the Sunday evening wrap-up party and the greatly anticipated and high profile ticketed event on the Saturday evening. This sunset event, presented in an amazing natural environment with an intimate stage tucked in the trees along the coast, will include acoustic music, the very popular short film comp finals, an exciting surprise event and 2 amazing final live music acts.


TICKETS for this event will be very limited and will go on Sale with first locals release November 1st (stay tuned!!)


The Sunday is beach day!! Rise and shine early at Wategos beach with the freestyle & stoke surf sessions including the hunters & collectors show, sell and demo of collectable, unique, and modern surfboards which litter the grass and foreshore in a spectacular display of handmade, art-driven and sustainably produced surfcraft. Right at the tip of Australia’s most easterly point BBSF will be hosting a handful of unique surf sessions. Most interesting could be the finless and tandem demonstrations or the newly introduced surfer/shaper session, along with the regular sessions including logs, mermaids, legends and fish categories and the very popular Party Wave Invitational cash dash which lands one very lucky surfer $1000 cash!! Brainchild of event organisers the freestyle & stoke surf sessions do not focus on traditional competitive surfing but rather it’s about the fun and pure stoke of freestyling your own creative way across a wave on the surfcraft of your choice with a peer-voted surfer in each category taking honours.

Wrapping up this amazing weekend it’s only good manners that we throw a little party on Sunday eve! This event will include live music, food and after a hot summer’s day, probably plenty of bevy’s. Again, tickets will be very limited for this event and will go on sale with second release December 1st.

Applications are now open for the popular Saturday surf art markets and tipi pop-up zone: Market-stalls, Surfboard shapers, Tipis and Foodies. For market inquiries ONLY please email

For media inquiries please email

The Bucket List presents Jack McCoy

The Bucket List (Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi, Sydney NSW 2026) will be screening films by legendary surf cinematographer for the next four Thursdays along with Q&A sessions with the man behind the camera himself. This is a can’t-miss series for all surf lovers and film buffs.

Bondi Longboard Club Presentation Night 2013


Watch out academy awards. Move over the Emmys. Nothing can compare with the new and improved BLC Presentation night.

The three thousand members who turned up ate food organised by John the Headmaster Dicks and three people including Frankie (twice) danced to the beat of The Lurlines. With the backset of Bondi Beach from sunset onwards, even Angelina Jolie said it was one of the best nights of her life.

Special mention to the winner of the Sam Tehan custom made surfboard,Chris Quirk.  The board was made by Sam Tehan which is why it’s called Sam Tehan custom made surfboard. The winner of the lucky door prize – History of Australian Surfing – was Chris The Walrus Stonefield. The Walrus features in the 1920s section.

Chris told the BLC website: “I couldn’t have done it without the Lord above/God/ my faith in Jesus because I’m just one man/one player/one component in a team game/concept.” 

No award to Dave Byron who said his loss was due to The injury factor.

The fatigue factor.

The clock factor.

The time factor.

The wind factor.

The humidity factor.

The altitude factor.

The experience factor.

The psychological factor.

The X-factor.

The motivation factor.

The revenge factor.

The mental factor.


This team has raised the bar.

Perpetual trophy winners were:

President’s Trophy – Sam Tehan who makes Sam Tehan surfboards

Jack Mayes Plaque – Wayne Dive

Andy Chochran Plate – Peter Chapo Chapman


The final placings for the 2013 BLC competition year were:


1st Frankie Lewis

2nd Donna Draper

3rd Claire Norman



1st Tim Pearson

2nd Dennis Sheriff

3rd Wayne Yates

4th Bill Norman

5th with a special mention to John Connolly



1st Peter Chapman

2nd Rodger Jamieson

3rd Paul Singer



1st Paul Armstrong

2nd Steve Joy

3rd Chris Stonefield

4th Michael Lipping



1st George the golden greek Haskas

2nd Wayne Dive

3rd John Dicks

4th Glen Gilligan

5th Greg Very Foggy Nelson



1st Richard Townsend

2nd Dean Nicholson



1st Sam Tehan



1st Scott Robinson

2nd Myall Stevens

3rd John Connolly


A huge thank you to Joanne East who makes sure this club keeps breathing and working, the BLC executive committee who helps with the running of every club round and to Big Dave Byron and his kitchen helpers when the food is on!


A special thank you to our major sponsors, Dripping Wet Surf Shop and especially The Surf Travel Company, who donated our new judges tent this year.



Magoo Results 2013

Magoo Results 2013

A huge result in difficult conditions from the BLC team of competitors and voyeurs. BLC Club Patron, Barry McGuigan, was in the thick of it as you would expect for a more mature firey. The results below only give you part of the story. Also competing were

Dave Hollywood Byron
Kim Ms World  Lipping
Paul The Prez Armstrong
Mike Mr World Lipping
Wayne Yates
And they surfed better because of those rugged BLC members in the cheer squad:
Tia Child Bride Byron
Jo-anne the woman who makes the club work East
Bill cricket bat Kriketos
Steve the slient man McCarthy
Chris the walrus and bus consultant Stonefield
Anthony ‘Otis’ Prineas
In the men in the prime of their life section (over 60) Peter Chapman took third only because John SJ Connolly wasn’t there with Dennis The Sheriff taking 5th. John Dicks took the prized 6th spot in the over 55s, Wayne Dive WON the over 50s.
The women’s final saw the mistress of the Malibu, the sensation of the surf, the woman who put the l in long board our very own Claire Norman win easily apart from Donna Draper in 4th giving her a real scare. In the very esoteric Macintype design Open 8’s it was Wayne Dive who showed the locals how to surf with a well deserved 5th.

More contests!!!

1)        Curly Logjam                        Curl Curl        April 27 to 28      
2)        Magoo                                Soldiers        May 4 to 5      
3)        Crescent Head                        Crescent        May 23 – 25      
4)        Snowy McAlister                Manly                June 8 – 10      
5)        NSW State Titles                Port Macq        June 18 – 22      
6)        Laybacks                        Belambi        July 6 – 7      
7)        Mollymook Charity                Mollymook        August 10 – 11      
8)        Southside Spring Classic        Cronulla        September 14 -17
9)        Tradies                                Cronulla        November 16 – 17

Chloe Byron 10th Annual Memorial Ohana Contest - Sunday 14th October 2012

Chloe Byron 10th Annual Memorial Ohana Contest – Sunday 14th October 2012

The day started before day-break as we tried to beat another charity function also on Bondi Beach at getting the majority of the car spaces. And, by 7am, the car spaces had all but disappeared as spectators and surfers flocked to the third ramp in anticipation of a big day.

And, no-one was disappointed!

The Bondi Longboard Club members set about retrieving the competition gear from our store-room, while the Executive Members discussed the major decision of where to have the competition area and decided to hold it, traditionally, on the left and right banks in front of the third ramp. As usual, the members colluded to raise the judges’ tent and, after a record 10 minutes, figured out that the tiny pins that held up two of the tent’s legs up had disappeared. Well, despite the minor hysteria it caused, we found that we have some very resourceful members who fixed the situation with engineering brilliance by jamming a couple of steel pins into the vacant holes – a collective sigh of relief!

Joanne East and Kim Lipping took registrations, which numbered 78 competitors in total – 54 open & stand up, 12 women, 6 junior boys and 6 junior girls. People were coming out of the woodwork, from behind the bushes, even calling by car phone from the major queue that had grown at the front gates of the car-park. Friends of friends of friends called on favours to get a start, but numbers had to be limited, if we were to finish before Monday!

Wayne Dive, Henry Brycki and John Dicks drew up the heats for all of the grades and ensured a good spread of talent was applied to all first round heats.

The heats started at 8:20am and, with the Head Judge John Dicks and his able spotter Greg Nelson running the judges’ area like a well-waxed Takayama (one of two dozen logs John owns himself). The competitors soaked up and shared the Aloha Spirit with each other, while producing some magnificent performances in the knock-out heats. All competitors danced before their heats, the woman dancing like the angels they all were, while the men danced like the heathens they were – what a contrast!

Our Club Patron, Barry ‘Magoo’ McGuigan and his lovely wife Debbie arrived and slipped straight into the special car space we had earlier arranged for them by covering three car spaces with two cars – a locals trick! We set up special seating for them both so our 83 year old patron could see all the action. Barry still surfs competitively and holds his own Charity Competition each year up on the Central Coast.

The talent across the heats and even the sexes generated high scores, but the majority of the heats spawned a clear winner, making the up-coming semi-finals an even more interesting surfing competition. And all that just took us to the 1pm lunch-time break.

And while all the action was going on in the water, there was breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches being conjured up by Dave Byron and his kitchen bitches who had been serving him for a decade, Chris Stonefield, John Campbell, Stan Peters and Steve Leslie. Then the crew quickly turned the kitchen into a lunch of Jambalaya, an exotic mix of meat, celery, pasta, peppers, onions, smoked sausage, seafood, assorted vegetables and tomatoes masterfully brought together by head chef Big Dave Byron, himself.

Wally Beneke delivered a ute-full of soft drinks, energy drinks, water and ice which outlasted the crowd’s collective thirst and gave the competitors the performance enhancement to lift the level of competitive surfing on the day.

Tia Byron ran the live and silent raffles with the non-stop help of Jane Grevis, Lydia Stonefield, Robyn Stonefield, Junia Kerr, Margaret Jones, Sue & Callie Lewis, Lisa Cram, Janice Leslie, Amy Heatrick, Kim Lipping, Kerry Beneke and Faye Hatsotouris. Kitchen scrubbers Suzie Szebanski and Christine Guderjahn washed up the dishes, pans and cutlery after each meal serving but improved the softness of their hands at the same time by using Palmolive dishwashing liquid, luckily.

Face painting for the kids, and some grown-up kids, was donated by Prue & Sienna Provone. The charming sight of the rugged kitchen bitches with frangipanis painted on their cheeks only added to the beautiful atmosphere of the day.

Brenda Miley, from Bondi’s Let’s Go Surfing and Bondi Girls Surfboard Riders Club, donated the sensational trophies, as she does each year. But this year was the best ever, a Perspex wave with a colourful collage of images surrounding the photograph of Chloe from the pavilion wall.

Spectators were also invited to view the Chloe Byron display that the Waverley Council supported in the Bondi Pavilion – a magical journey of Chloe’s life supported by stories, pictures and memorabilia from her family and friends, displayed around the inner atrium.

BLC resident DJ Noah Fraser, ably assisted by his dad Dave who owns all the P.A. gear and music, pumped out classic song after classic song and the crowd jammed along with all the dancers from the heats, hooting and hollering encouragement, some of it for them to stay on the dance floor and some of it to get off!

The chequered dance floor was supplied by Tony Spanos and our brothers from the Bondi Board Riders, Tony being one of the good guys from Bondi told me personally that he enjoyed the fun and love of the day, massively.

The 150 t-shirts were designed, with the technical help of Dale Fraser, by Dave and Tia and were emblazoned with a floral 10 on the front and a medley of Chloe images on the back in the shape of her favourite flower, the frangipani. They sold like hotcakes and were proudly worn by their buyers, including me!

All throughout the day, we held live raffles and gave away a plethora of prizes from all our very generous sponsors, listed below. Most of the crowd walked away with some memento of the day but we really didn’t care if we did, we were just happy to support Dave and Tia’s chosen charity, the Homicide Victims Support Group.

The day was recorded by photo and video by Grant Wignall, Billy Kriketos & Al Barron. Each of them will be producing various forms of media to present on the forums of Facebook, YouTube and the Bondi Longboard Club web page very soon, so stay tuned…

Around 1pm, after the 200-odd crowd enjoyed the heats and the food, they wandered down to the edge of the surf for a very moving statement about love, family and what the day meant from Dave Bryon, via the Lifeguard’s quad-bike mounted megaphone. And then we all tossed our floral tributes into the surf that Chloe loved so much and watched with a collective tear in our eye as Dave took his tribute out to deeper water, knowing he was saying a silent prayer to his beautiful daughter.

Returning back to the grass hill, the emotionally stirred crowd sat down to enjoy the men’s semi-final, followed by all of the finals. And while they were going on, Dave gave away some of the more treasured prizes to the people he thought were showing the Aloha Spirit during the day. And little Noah Fraser was just blown away when Dave presented him with his very first surfboard, a Sam Tehan thruster. And I watched with a smile as Noah waxed it up around near his DJ station and then place it in the board cover and then pull it out about 100 times, trying to convince himself he had won it. A beautiful moment!

The semi-finals were hotly contested with some sensational performances from the competitors and it just set the quality for the final.

At the presentation after the finals, Dave and Tia spoke of their love for their family and the hundreds of friends around them who supported them during this inspirational day, all in memory of their daughter Chloe. He spoke of the happiness he got from the looks on the faces of the young ones who will continue Chloe’s legacy in the surf. All of them will have another father out in the water at Bondi when they surf, believe me. Dave’s like that.

Each placegetter in each final received a show bag of goodies along with their magnificent trophy. Kevin Holt, the winner of the Men’s Open, presented his trophy back to the Byron Family, as he has done on previous occasions, as a sign of his respect he has for the day and the family.

Again, during the presentations, Dave took the opportunity to hand out even more surfboards for glowing displays of Aloha Spirit throughout the day to BLC member Donna Draper (an epoxy GST surfboard), Christie Bennett (a Sammy Tehan longboard), Maggie Cheung (an 8 footer from Dripping Wet), Miley Fraser (a Sammy Tehan shortboard) and Jemma Corner (a SoftTop surfboard).

The finale of the presentation ceremony was the moment Dave gave his beautiful wife Tia the cherished Aloha Spirit Award for the unending love and support she has given Dave during their lives together. A truly touching moment and well-deserved, Tia!

Then, Homicide Victims Support Group Executive Director, Martha Jabour, accompanied by Robert Taylor, described to us that the victims the charity supports were, quite often, children and that the funds raised on the day would be going to provide these kids a major gift at the charity’s yearly Christmas Party. And that gift is usually the only gift that some of these kids get for Christmas. A memory I will be recalling on December 25th, I’m sure.

The day wound up around 6pm after just on 12 hours of activity with everyone involved completely exhausted but feeling that feeling of Aloha that Dave and Tia spoke of and demonstrated throughout the day.

I would like to thank everyone who attended, Dave and Tia and the Byron Family, the McGuigan’s and all of the Bondi Longboard Club members, too many to mention individually without missing one or two, who gave up their time and energy to make the day run as smoothly as it did – you are all my brothers and sisters.

Paul Armstrong
Bondi Longboard Club 2012



It was probably the biggest event the world has ever seen at Bondi near the third ramp. Yes it was the tenth annual Chloe Byron Memorial comp with 1,200 of the universe’s best long boarders lining you for a competition that Kelly Slater said he was too scared to enter. (I think that was because he would have been in the same heat as Foggy) Anyway all the usual suspects were there and some out on day release as well. There was dancing before surfing, Dave’s big breakfast, raffles, auctions (which lucky woman won me?) and a bit of surfing.
In the junior girls there was some serious competition with Rochelle Llanos (why are the Greeks so good at surfing..there are no waves in Athens?) taking it out from Polly Power (any relation to Tyre, Polly?) and Miley Fraser. Eliza took out the middle prize with Jemma certainly in the wrong corner (sorry Jemma a really lame joke but thats why the call me SJ…ask your parents….) and Camille..well Camille you did your best and it wasn’t good enough but you still would have beaten most of the BLC committee if you had been up against them.
In junior boys there was obviously bad judging because Coen so of Foggy came stone motherless..Coen blame your father..we all do… of Rochelle took the gold ( did you learn from Rochelle?) with Ollie Sherb taking silver and Corey brother of Jemma doing better than his star to take lead..sorry Bronze. Jemma this can’t happen again. Noah brother of Miley did a lot worse that his sister so setting back the cause of men 100 years with Darcy pipping out Coen.
A new category this year the Stan Up..sorry got confused talking abut Greeks..the Stand Up…with young Walrus..Robyn Stonefield blitzing and all star field.No need to thank me Robyn for all the coaching I have helped you with. Ralph was a poor second to Robyn and how anyone could be game enough to beat Big Matty I don’t know. Robyn and Ralph, matey knows where you live! Ok the person with the greatest name in Bondi Alex Kiss (is that short for something Alex) came second last with the Brigiite Bardot (for younger members a French actress who was called the sex offence Frankie or young children who shouldn’t be reading this) coming last.
No in the women’s long board world championship for 2012 our own Angelina Jolie Kim Lipping took the top prize ahead of Phoebe and Jacqueline. Brenda Miley the owner of the world’s greatest surf school let the other three beat her with Frankie doing slightly better than she did in the SUP with Sofia..spelt in the proper Greek way coming at the tail of the died. But you have a lovely name Sofia.
OK then it was time for the Academy Awards of long boarding the men. Now it has to be said they all were relieved to know that I wouldn’t be there on Sunday so that meant there was a chance one of the 300 competitors could win.
Lets start from the bottom. JJ beat out Wally and Foggy to come last. The Craid Davies came second last with Shane Grub coming third last. Dick Cram came fourth last with tony Boyd coming fifth last. And..drum roll….the winner was none other than Kevin Holt.
Kevin you will go down in the history books and the people at the third ramp will talk about your exploits until the next ice age. Hmmmm the people at the third ramp talk about everyone so maybe that not such a big rap.


Junior Girls:
1st Rochelle Llanos
2nd Polly Power
3rd Miley Fraser
4th Eliza Wachholz
5th Jemma Corner
6th Camille Chupin

Junior Boys:
1st Jaydon llanos
2nd Ollie Sherb
3rd Corey Corner
4th Noah Fraser
5th Darcy Voumard
6th Coen Nelson

Stand Up
1st Robyn Stonefield
2nd Ralph Guderjahn
3rd Matt Tietjenan (Big Matty)
4th Alex Kiss
5th Frankie Lewis

1st Kim Lipping
2nd Phoebe Miley-Dyer
3rd Jacqueline Llanos
4th Frankie Lewis
5th Brenda Miley
6th Sofia Bartlett

Open Men
1st Kevin Holt
2nd Tony Boyd
3rd Richard Cram
4th Shane Grub
5th Craig Davies
6th JJ Botella

March 2012

The weather was so good that the wind was blowing the hair off bald men. The surf was sensational. Only 78 people drowned in the first hour. But best of all President Armo brought the rashies back from their all expenses paid trip to Thailand. In fact it appears the rashies may have copied themselves in Bangkok. During heat one the judges managed to find four contestants wearing white rashies and three wearing green.

Competition director John Dicks aided by Athens surfing star George said this was no problem because the weather was so bad that no one could see the contestants anyway.


Missing in action was Hollywood master chef Dave Byron although his star kitchen bitch Chris Stonefield turned up after swimming. Chris is in training for the 2016 Olympics and I have to say he looks a lot fitter than Thorpey. Holding it all together was the Elle McPherson of Bondi, Jo, who kept everything and everyone on the straight and narrow.


OK getting down to the heats. Of course the waves were so frightening that no one would go out again for the finals….well either that or they wanted to go to Lush for coffee.

While Richard Townsend took the money in heat one it was Rodger Jamieson who starred with a record breaking six waves. Those secret work outs at City Gym are obviously helping Rodger. Russell, who wants to be a new member, came in fifth but hasn’t paid his membership yet so we will ignore his results till he does.

Heat two saw Glen, whose last name is a secret, on the podium with Frankie Lewis doing it for the girls in third and oldest club member Billy Norman in fifth.


George Haskas took out the money in Heat three with recent retiree Peter Chapman next, followed by surfing legend Claire Norman, then came non financial Scott with King Wally being duded by the judges, John Connolly was the only judge to give Wally scores for three great waves despite the fact that he was actually standing beside Mr T at the rail of knowledge.


Of course every great sporting event has a moment of great drama and tragedy and that was the story of Heat 4. Slamming Sam Tehan was an easy winner from Clemo who is both new and not financial. At the back of the field it was a titanic struggle between Chris (The Walrus) Stonefield and John (Mr T/SJ) Connolly. John naturally gave everyone a start by not getting into the water until ten minutes after start time, taking another ten minutes to paddle out to give the others more of a chance, then relying on one wave to nail it. Chris demonstrated his superior swimming skills by paddling around in the drop zone and pretending he couldn’t get out. In a repeat of the last contest the judges discriminated against both Chris and John.

In the final heat Wiggles was absolutely on fire demonstrating the benefits of skiing and drinking. Second place went to Tim who is new but not financial (see the pattern here) with Darren Corner and Kevin Hornhardt coming behind.


There were no finals so we have no idea who won but of course the real winner on Sunday was Lush.


Heat 1 :
1st    Richard Townsend
2nd    Paul Armstrong
3rd    Rodger Jamieson
4th    Russell
5th    Steve Joy

Heat 2 :
1st    Glen
2nd    Tim Pearson
3rd    Frankie Lewis
4th    Paul Altamura
5th    Bill Norman
6th    Chris Quirk

Heat 3 :
1st    George Haskas
2nd    Peter Chapman
3rd    Claire Norman
4th    Scott
5th    Wally Beneke

Heat 4 :
1st    Sam Tehan
2nd    Clemo
3rd    Chris Stonefield
4th    John Connolly (duded again by the judges)

Heat 5 :
1st    Grant Wignall
2nd    Tim M
3rd    Darren Corner
4th    Kevin Hornhardt