Bondi Longboard Club August Competition Results

No need to feel bad about not seeing the Queen fall out of the sky, the Australians win slightly less medals than Lower Dijbouti or the Australian swimming team put in their worst performance since the obstacle course race in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris where every participant had to crawl over boat in this sport, swim under the boats then finally had to climb up a pole. No forget London it was all happening off Bondi’s third rail where the true spirit of Australian manhood and womanhood and a few other hoods were on display. The sun shone and there was something resembling surf when over 35 athletes took to the water. In the gold medal decider it was Fluffy on the podium (available for autographs at the Dripping Wet megastore and bar on Campbell Parade. Silver went to Wiggles who given his recent run of health should be in the paralongboarding with other fine specimens like Foggy, Foggy’s son Cohen (who cares his hand was only broken in three places) and slamming Steve McCArthy, the man who gave hypochondria a good name. OK the bronze went to Scott, the lead medal to Johnny Dicks (what will your pupils say Deeksy?) and the cardboard to Timmy Pearson. In the seconds Armo the President scored himself first, graciously allowing Gillo to come second with an unbelievable performance (before he got in the water) from the only man with a two tone Ford, the warbler of the waves, the only man ACDC think are louder than them yes the Fogmeister. Dave Fraser had to be satisfied with fourth and Rod…I wouldn’t be boasting old mate…came in last. All the action was in the Thirds with the only representative of the original founders of the Olympic Games Georgie taking top spot. Behind him was Dennis with Billy Norman letting the SJ, Wally team down by coming in third in the Thirds rather than last in the sixths. Keiron bribed the judges to win on a countback from our own swimming coach Paul Singer with Rodger only able to manage last. In the Fourths two of the best sorts in the club did it for the women. Kim Lipping beat her old man easily to take a fantastic victory with Chris Quirk sneaking into third. The Bondi starlet with the French name Frankie took fourth with new member Darcy taking second last. Darcy if you want to stay a member you need to show respect and be back in the Sixths. Steve McCarthy the official legal counsel of the club (he’s offering a special on divorces this month to people who have had at least two divorces…hmmm where’s that JC when you need him) came in stone motherless. In the fifths it was a huge event with Steve Joy showing no respect for his elders and whipping the Walrus followed by new member Donna taking the bronze. Be careful Donna we don’t like new winners here. In the sixths it was an epic battle between two of the club’s greatest legends, John SJ Connolly and Wally stainless steel Benecke. It would take too long to describe all the action particularly since SJ was actually 10,000 miles away but Wally just managed to take gold which I think means in the only comp that counts (the over 25 years) Billy Norman leads from Wally and SJ closing the gap in third. Next comp is on the 15th of September which is a week after SJ’s birthday and gifts are always welcome if you want your name in the results. 6ths 1 – Wally Benecke 2 – John SJ Connolly even though he wasn’t there. 5ths 1 – Steve Joy 2 – Chris Stonefield 3 – Donna (new member) 4ths 1 – Kim (I beat Mick) Lipping 2 – Mick Lipping 3 – Chris Quirk 4 – Frankie 5 – Darcy (new member) 6 – Steve McCarthy 3rds 1 – George 2 – Dennis 3 – Billy Norman 4 – Keiron (on a count back from Paul Singer) 5 – Paul Singer 6 – Rodger 2nds 1 – Armo (Yep, el presidente) 3 – Foghorn 4 – Dave Fraser 5 – Rod 1sts 1 – Fluffy the Fluffmeister 2 – Wiggles 3 – Scott 4 – John Dicks 5 – Timmy Pearson

After a delayed start a big team of Bondi’s finest (of course finest what? is the question) gathered around the third ramp to watch a small group of workers set up. Biggest news of the day was the welcome return of the Dave Byron meals on wheel service with full breakfast but thankfully no music and the very welcome return of Dale Fraser from Vietnam (he’s forgotten the war) for a guest appearance.

BLC’s own Miss Australia Jo East was present to run the admin side of things under the watchful eye of Pres Alfa Romeo Armo. What ever happened to buy Australia?

Anyway there was only one winner today and that was BLC’s own legal counsel, the Perry Mason of the third ramp, the irish surfer in the green wettie, you know who you are Steve MC come on down. Showing the creativity the BLC is famous for Steve paddled out to the left. In fact so far to the left he went past Pitcairn Island. There are reports he did catch a wave but that only came from the rescue helicopter.

OK fresh from his near victory at Port Macquarie is was Fluffy taking the winners spot despite a great battle from Wiggles who has just got out of his hospital bed. Dave Fraser narrowly snuck in over the Golden Greek Georgie Haskas with Wayne Dive taking fifth…ok lets call it how it was …Sorry wayne you were last.

Heat two saw Tricky Dicky take gold from Steve (no Joy in second), Gilligan taking the lead…sorry the bronze then came Tim Pearson and the Jolly Rodger himself.

Onto the thirds and you cant believe that Steve Mcarthy managed to get himself into this heat. Well maybe the judges gave him points for surfing in another planet. Anyway it didnt help because he came a poor second to Clarkey with Paul Singer and Keiran Lewis pulling up the rear.

Now talking of very sick people, Foggy got over his crook knee and 3 packs a day of Camels (the only cigarettes with a photo of the factory on the front) to take an incredible numero uno spot. He really is the Black Caviar of the BLC. Behind him was Chris Quirk then Wally Seniors card) Beneke and the Angelina Jolie of the BLC, Frankie Lewis

Finally we got to the most important final of the day. What a trio of superstars. Billy Norman, Wayne Yates and SJ himself in a mano on mano epic battle of surfing skills that made Nay Young cry in jealously. Despite every competitior knowing they wer on for a podium place the three paddled out prepared to give no quarter. SJ whose eyesight isnt great at the best of times was at a distinct disadvantage because the other two didnt tell him the heat had started. Getting the shits over this poor display of sportsmanship SJ took the Steve Mc option and paddled left where they hadnt seen a wave since the trams last ran along Campbell Parade.

Anway Wayne put in a blinder with his two waves even standing up on one and Billy Norman did paddle for one wave and wiped his brow in exhaustion.

But biggest congratuations of the day have to go to Billy’s granddaughter Claire who placed 3rd in the Open women, NSW Longboard Championships in Port Macquarie

Our very own Kim McMahon, placed 3rd in the Over 35 (must be a typo..over 19) Women, NSW Longboard Championships in Port Macquarie

June results



1 – Craig Davies

2 – Grant Wignall

3 – Dave Fraser

4 – George Haskas

5 – Wayne Dive




1 –Richard Townsend

2 – Steve Joy

3 – Glenn Gilligan

4 – Tim Pearson

5 – Rodger Jamieson



1 – Rod Clarke

2 – Steve McCarthy

3 – Paul Singer

4 – Kieran Lewis



1 – Greg Nelson

2 – Chris Stonefield

3 – Wally Beneke

4 – Frankie Lewis



1 – Wayne Yates

2 – Bill Norman

3 – John Connolly


A win for the sport and loss for the wusses that stayed in bed

May 2012 Competition Round
Sunday the 21st started out ok with a brisk off-shore breeze and a nice swell hitting the banks that we have right now. The clouds creeping around the point from MacKenzies warned us that Hui was close by and he could change his mind at any time, as we all know.

There was a nice right-hander and an occasional, but not as good, left-hander, but we were happy and it set the scene for the May competition.

The cooling wintery weather convinced quite a number of the usual members to stay in bed, but the (fool)hardy ones decided any competition is a good competition. So, we erected the two tents side by side in the carpark to show Hui we could handle with anything he intended to throw at us. Little did we know how little we knew about Hui….

The heats in round one were the best opportunity we had and the guys took to it and put up some very good performances. Winners of round one were  Sammy T, Georgie Haskas, The Fluffmeister and Armo, your highly revered and benevolent President.

But those guys were only made to look good by the guys and girl who pushed them to the limits. Folks like Peter Chapman, Wayne Dive (who reminds this author of a Paul Gallen look alike – a Blues omen perhaps?), and fearless Frankie and Rodger Jamieson who took anything sizeable and just attacked.

Gillo soul-arched his way into the hearts of the judges and a single, feeezing Japanese tourist shooting through his Minolta on the water’s edge. Even Mick Lipping coaxed the Walrus to swap places and give him his heat position so the Walrus could go to Sunady Mass (did I hear that right, Walrus?).

Steve Mac, Steve Joy, Wally, Keiran, Scott, even Foggy all managed to string together some quality rides before Hui had his chance to hit us. And hit us, he did! Right at the end of round one, fortunately. Hui sent down a fierce Sou’Easter and a pelting of horizontal rain for good measure.

Round two saw only the “real” hard-core continue on and battle the choppy two-foot slop with the very occasional 4 foot close out slamming on their heads as they paddled out. Just ask Armo how many he copped on the head before he turned around and caught a foamie into the shore and then sneak out via the rip beside the flags up the middle of the beach, only to cop another handfull on the head… lol.

The contestant numbers dwindled even more for round two with both Steve Mac and Foggy pulling out with heartelage problems and retiring to listening to Jimi Hendrix in that old blue kombi that has been left to rust on the promenade. (I lied about the Jimi Hendrix bit, but it did make them sound cool for a little while).

And everyone who either didn’t show because they were too warm in bed or were put off by Hui’s defiant show were totally embarrassed by the hardest of hard-core members, Frankie Lewis, our girl-charger, Paul Singer and Billy Norman, two of our more “experienced” members who all suited up into their cold and soggy wetsuits for round two without a whimper. You guys and gal are legends!

So, with the reduced round two numbers, we had to combine the 2nds and 3rds into one heat and the 4ths and 5ths in the final heat. And boy, did everyone earn their competition points!

Final results were:
1 – Sammy Tehan
2 – Georgie Haskas
3 – Craig Davies
4 – Paul Armstrong

2nds & 3rds
1 – Peter Chapman
2 – Wayne Dive
3 – Glen Gilligan
4 – Rodger Jamieson

4ths & 5ths
1 – Frankie Lewis
2 – Paul Singer
3 – Billy Norman

Another big day at Bondi

Well punters you were well and truly out of the money last Sunday.
First of all the contest went ahead despite there being no surf for the first three quarters of it and then our traditional favourite Grant ‘Wiggles’ Wignall, the Black Caviar of the BLC was done in in the finals by Waxa test pilot (‘Buy a Waxa there’s no looking Baxa’ )Robert Po McReynolds and then Greg ‘Foghorn’ Nelson staged a major upset by winning the Guiness book of world records for the most emails ever sent.
Commenting on his upset win Po said “I want to thank John (SJ) Connolly for his coaching and tips on technique and Stan Peters for his motivational lectures”.
… Retiree Peter Chapman took third with John “the rashie king” Dicks taking an easy fourth.
Scott ‘Waxa’ Robinson came in fifth or as we call it at the BLC, last.

Georgie ‘happy greek easter’ Haskas tirelessly worked with Deeksy to make the whole day a success despite the fact that Pres Armo had run off with nine other blokes from the BLC for a men’s bonding session in the Talo Islands with the trophies. Ten Bondi lads, one island, six trophies, no women,no TV….hmmm doesn’t bear thinking about.
Anyway then we moved to heat 2…or as we call it at the BLC the first heat for the losers.
Sam Tehan knocked that off despite a strong push for second last by Georgie Haskas. In the Thirds Keiron Lewis took the money in the face of very weak efforts by Gilligan and King ‘Seniors Pass’ Wally. Heading way down to the fourths it was Josh from Steve Joy and in the outright losers heat it was of course the Walrus, Alex and legendary swimming instructor Paul Singer. Once again the judges ignored the sterling surfing of SJ and even forgot to put him on the list. The editor of this blog has rectified this omission.
What else can be said about one of the world’s finest surfing comps? Well first of all that sentence is a lie, secondly the BLC’s own Jennifer Hawkins, Jo East ran things like clockwork,Nimbin has a new haircut, there was stern reminder about unfinancial members…no need to guess who…..and since Pres Armo took the rashies to Bangkok for unspeakable acts they don’t fit anymore.


1 – Po McReynolds
2 – Grant Wignall
3 – Peter Chapman
4 – John Dicks
5 – Scott

1 – Sam Tehan
2 – Craig Davies
3 – Wayne Dive
4 – Georgie Haskas
5 – Tim Pearson

1 – Keiron Lewis
2 – Glenn Gilligan
3 – Dennis Sheriff
4 – Wally Beneke
5 – Peter Davison

1 – Josh
2 – Steve Joy
3 – Rodger Jamieson
4 – Paul Altamura
5 – Guy Holden

1 – Chris Stonefield
2 – Alex
3 – Paul Singer
4 – Darren Corner
4= – John Connolly (ignored by the judges but surfed perfectly)

March 2012

The weather was so good that the wind was blowing the hair off bald men. The surf was sensational. Only 78 people drowned in the first hour. But best of all President Armo brought the rashies back from their all expenses paid trip to Thailand. In fact it appears the rashies may have copied themselves in Bangkok. During heat one the judges managed to find four contestants wearing white rashies and three wearing green.

Competition director John Dicks aided by Athens surfing star George said this was no problem because the weather was so bad that no one could see the contestants anyway.


Missing in action was Hollywood master chef Dave Byron although his star kitchen bitch Chris Stonefield turned up after swimming. Chris is in training for the 2016 Olympics and I have to say he looks a lot fitter than Thorpey. Holding it all together was the Elle McPherson of Bondi, Jo, who kept everything and everyone on the straight and narrow.


OK getting down to the heats. Of course the waves were so frightening that no one would go out again for the finals….well either that or they wanted to go to Lush for coffee.

While Richard Townsend took the money in heat one it was Rodger Jamieson who starred with a record breaking six waves. Those secret work outs at City Gym are obviously helping Rodger. Russell, who wants to be a new member, came in fifth but hasn’t paid his membership yet so we will ignore his results till he does.

Heat two saw Glen, whose last name is a secret, on the podium with Frankie Lewis doing it for the girls in third and oldest club member Billy Norman in fifth.


George Haskas took out the money in Heat three with recent retiree Peter Chapman next, followed by surfing legend Claire Norman, then came non financial Scott with King Wally being duded by the judges, John Connolly was the only judge to give Wally scores for three great waves despite the fact that he was actually standing beside Mr T at the rail of knowledge.


Of course every great sporting event has a moment of great drama and tragedy and that was the story of Heat 4. Slamming Sam Tehan was an easy winner from Clemo who is both new and not financial. At the back of the field it was a titanic struggle between Chris (The Walrus) Stonefield and John (Mr T/SJ) Connolly. John naturally gave everyone a start by not getting into the water until ten minutes after start time, taking another ten minutes to paddle out to give the others more of a chance, then relying on one wave to nail it. Chris demonstrated his superior swimming skills by paddling around in the drop zone and pretending he couldn’t get out. In a repeat of the last contest the judges discriminated against both Chris and John.

In the final heat Wiggles was absolutely on fire demonstrating the benefits of skiing and drinking. Second place went to Tim who is new but not financial (see the pattern here) with Darren Corner and Kevin Hornhardt coming behind.


There were no finals so we have no idea who won but of course the real winner on Sunday was Lush.


Heat 1 :
1st    Richard Townsend
2nd    Paul Armstrong
3rd    Rodger Jamieson
4th    Russell
5th    Steve Joy

Heat 2 :
1st    Glen
2nd    Tim Pearson
3rd    Frankie Lewis
4th    Paul Altamura
5th    Bill Norman
6th    Chris Quirk

Heat 3 :
1st    George Haskas
2nd    Peter Chapman
3rd    Claire Norman
4th    Scott
5th    Wally Beneke

Heat 4 :
1st    Sam Tehan
2nd    Clemo
3rd    Chris Stonefield
4th    John Connolly (duded again by the judges)

Heat 5 :
1st    Grant Wignall
2nd    Tim M
3rd    Darren Corner
4th    Kevin Hornhardt

February 2012

Despite club president Paul Armstrong taking the rashies and the megaphone to Bangkok for his amusement (let’s not go there) it was the best organised and most enjoyable contest in the history of the club. John Dicks prevailed on his supermodel partner to make a mercy dash with our old rashies. Most contestants enjoyed the punk look of the historic vests. Naturally who needs a megaphone when you have foghorn?


After receiving the vests John Dicks who, for many years, has pretended to be a high school principal, spent one hour working out how the vest colours worked. Contest supervisor George helped him during this long and involved period. It would be fair to say that last Sunday wasn’t the biggest surf that Bondi has ever produced but there were what appeared to be waves. 200 of Australia’s best surfers contested the heats with a number of international champions such as Po from Hawaii and Zac from Boston benefiting from the coaching of the more mature members of the club. Po thought so highly of the standard of competition and the well oiled machine that organised it not to mention the two had catering from Dave Hollywood Byron and his kitchen bitch Chris Walrus Stonefield that he has joined the club. Blair McDonald took one look at the beautiful women who are members and decided that he had to join up as well stop


The club’s chief operating officer, Joanne East, has said that a few existing members have not paid their dues and she will be sending Nimbin around to their houses because”she knows where you live”.

Back to more important issues: for the first time ever Dave set up his two hat kitchen next to the judging tent which made for a very intimate experience. The food was up to Dave’s usual low standard and worth every dollar we didn’t pay for it. I won’t go into detail on the results simply to say that the more mature members of the club were discriminated against by the judges. Sam Tehan won with Craig Davies and Blair McDonald close behind. Little buddy Glenn Gilligan took fourth spot, then came Scott with a very gutsy sixth by club professional Claire Norman.


In the first of the losers section, the seconds, Po thanked club elders John Connolly Billy Norman and Wally for the coaching that saw him take out first place. Wiggles had just got off a plane from the powder snow in Vail Colorado and cruised to an easy second beating Greg Nelson who got bonus points for actually going left on a wave for the first time in his life, rash vest colour sorter John Dicks was next followed by Richard Townsend and Dave Fraser. In the thirds Walrus, the man mountain, came second to Peter Chapman. In the fourths Irish superstar George Haskas knocked off Steve Joy and Kim Lipping, while in the fifths Dave Byron won by threatening the judges with no food if he didn’t. Frankie Lewis just beat Zac into second place which is not as big a rap as you think given this was the first time Zac had ever been on a longboard in his life.

Billy Norman who is the only club member older than John Connolly took out the sixths from Paul Singer and John Wolfe. If Paul Armstrong stays away there will probably be a contest next month.

February 2012 results

1STS :
1st           Sam Tehan
2nd          Craig Davies
3rd           Blair McDonald
4th           Glenn Gilligan
5th           Scott
6th           Claire Norman

1st           Po McReynolds
2nd          Grant Wignall
3rd           Greg Nelson
4th           John Dicks
5th           Richard Townsend
6th           Dave Fraser

1st           Peter Chapman
2nd          Chris Stonefield
3rd           Kevin Hornhardt
4th           Wayne Dive
5th           Paul Altamura
6th           Michael Lipping

1st           George Haskas
2nd          Steve Joy
3rd           Kim Lipping
4th           Keiran Lewis

1st           Dave Byron
2nd          Frankie Lewis
3rd           Zac
4th           Rodger Jamieson
5th           Chris Quirk
6th           John Connolly ( the result of very poor judging!)

1st           Bill Norman
2nd          Paul Singer
3rd           John Wolfe

Chloe Byron Memorial 2011

For it is this contest that helps us remember and honour Chloe Byron and all those Bali victims who needlessly perished those nine years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the 9th Chloe Byron Memorial Contest.


Whilst at the end of the day we can only have one winner of the contest, each one of you (remembering and celebrating the life of Chloe Byron) will take home in your hearts your own special victory, as it is upon your shoulders the spirits of the entire Byron family have been lifted by your simple acts of caring, and supporting them.

For this endeavour, on behalf of the Byron family I thank you all.


And so to the contest.

The usual scramble for registrations, problems with the sound system and all manner of unforseen stuffups meant an 8.20 start rather than an 8am planned one. Still, not bad for a contest of this magnitude and diversity.

The dancers jived, the cooks sizzled and Dave the DJ spun a tune or two as the contest was soon in full swing. The early favourites easily made it through to the next round whilst a few unknown quantities went along quietly to stake a claim in the semis.

The girls waited patiently to kick off a couple of hours later and didn’t disappoint in the dancing or surfing department. How come women look so much better dancing in a wetsuit than men do? Oh well, Viva La Difference!


One of the most awe inspiring highlights of the day was an impromptu visit from a large whale about 300metres past the breakers. With a few spectacular breaches and splashdowns, it had the crowd oohing and cheering like delirious school kids. The spirit of Chloe was truly with us this fine day.

The day progressed like clockwork thanks to the head judge John Dicks ably assisted by his sidekicks Foghorn and Chapelle. Whilst Jo tallied and the Prez spruiked, the silent auction, raffles and various competitions were going off the richter scale.

There are too many names to mention here but thank you to all.

The Mayor made an appearance and Andrew Gee was spotted mixing with the crowd along with many local identities and scallywags.

Ahhhhh Bondi….where on earth would you rather be?

Dave and his bitches delighted our palates as hungry onlookers drooled for another sampling of jambalaya. The lolly jar was keenly fought over and became a popular item when finally guessed correctly. Lizard kept the numbers up in the silent auction and the “sposors” surfboard became a great talking point as everyone played spot the error.

Everyone was so enthralled with the day we hardly remembered there was a contest on this day.

Lunch time saw a change from the customary paddle out to a simple semi circle of love on the golden sands of Bondi. The air was charged with emotion, sadness and a bond of community spirit that was as strong as any steel cable. As Dave, Tia and Jarrod entered the water a hush fell on the crowd that simply signified respect and understanding for the pain that had to be endured each time this year.


The rest of the day was a blur as semis and finals were keenly contested with the inclusion of a SUP section. Specialist  judge Big Kahuna Dave was responsible for making sense of this new competition and he revelled in the task.

The major results of the day were courageously contested but in the end Claire Norman was outclassed by Jessi Miley-Dyer with Harries turning the tables on Kevin Holt from 2010.

Other great results were George Haskas taking home a new McTavish Fireball in the raffle, the Rock Troll scoring a new board from his main tormentor Dave  and the magic figure of $7000 being raised for the Homicide Victims Support Group.


Finally, most people teared up a little as Anthony “Harries” Carroll made his acceptance speech, but I think the sentiments he expressed were felt by every person lucky enough to be associated with this inspiring event.


May peace and happiness find you all


Branson, The Prez, Henry Brycki………


Full results from the day are as follows:

Mens Open
1.Anthony Carroll
2.Kevin Holt
3.Tony Boyd
4.Wayne Dive
5.Craig Davies
6.Greg Nelson

Womens Open
1.Jessi Miley-Dyer
2.Claire Norman
3.Milo Hyde
4.Kim McMahon
5.Brenda Miley
6.Phoebe Miley-Dyer

Junior Boys

Junior Girls

1.Robyn Stonefield
2.Chris Stonefield
3.Craig Davies
4.Tony Boyd
5.Andrew Reid
6.Stan Peters

September 2011 Report

As I dressed in simply boardies and T-shirt I knew it was only round the corner and the throngs of beachgoers greeting me as I pulled into the carpark only confirmed this.


Huey was being kind again and I nice 2-3 foot left hander accompanied the delightful day. Most of the work had been done before I arrived so the first heat hit the water at 8.20 on the button.


The struggle for end of year points was palpable and no prisoners was the order of the day. Backpackers and kooks had better watch out, there was a mighty contest a brewin.


The first heat saw the ever consistent Fluffy riding the wrong board but still managing to out point Armo who claimed second ahead of Rod (I’m 50 now ) Clarke and Peter Chapman.


Heat 2 found another newbie to the 50 club Wayne Dive score easily over Scott with George Haskas clearly out of sorts with his magic wave selection seemingly over. The minors went to Dicksy, Martin Greer and (how the mighty have fallen) Dave Fraser fresh from a masters victory up the coast. Hmmpphh….its a bit harder at Bondi eh Dave!!!


Heat 3 was again a ripper with the early favourites out trumped by the ever chillin Steve Joy who was as surprised as anyone with his win. Newcomer Kleber was not disgraced whilst Bart Adams was perplexed by his third placing. Only Tim Kirby was left to split the placings of our two faithful girls Kim Lipping and Bec Salsbury.


The 4th heat was full of controversy when the Prez seeming to have a winning lead was called on a sketchy drop in to Tim Pearson and tumbled into third. ( he never made the same mistake in the final by not catching any waves and successfully prevented the judges from calling another drop in on him…..oh the humanity!!) This left the door open to Clemmo who snatched the victory from his mate Gillo who may never bring him down again. Finally Tim Pearso and Keiron rounded out the field.


Behind the scenes food still had to be prepared and dished out and as usual the man for the job was a smiling and freshly tanned (yes we’re sick of you skiting about your Hawaii trip) Dave Byron strongly assisted by number one kitchen bitch Walrus.


A whirl-wind visit was given us by Sam Tehan sporting his new Justin Beiber haircut. Hmmmm……stick to hangin 10 young fella.


In other news a panicked Jo figured out that the comp was on and she had missed it after she picked up a couple of scoresheets blown halfway across the world in the southerly that hit about 11.30 am. And what a southerly. Those of you who experienced it know what I’m talkin about. Unfortunately half the contest fees and most of the results are somewhere near Tasmania so we’ll just have to use round one as the final results. On a brighter note I won’t be asking you to replace the contest fees.


And so a near perfect day was duly disrupted by powers a little more authoritative than mine, yet I’m sure you’ll agree much fun was had and the promise of summer can only refresh our desire to keep on loggin.

Aloha and see you at The Chloey



September Results

Heat 1
1. Fluffy
2. Armo
3. Chappo
4. Clarkey

Heat 2
1. Wayne Dive
2. Scott
3.George Haskas
4.Dave Fraser
5. John Dicks
6. Martin Greer

Heat 3
1.Steve Joy
2. Klebber
3. Bart Adams
4. Kim Lipping
5. Tim Kirby
6.Bec Salsbury

Heat 4
1. Clemmo
2. Gillo
3. Prez
4. Tim Pearson
5. Keiron Lewis

July 2011

None the less, the swell was up and a small band of frothers were keen as ever to brave the gloomy conditions.

A quick count was done and three heats of five was the order of the day. Organising judges and surfers was a logistic nightmare but we manged to rotate smoothly with some judges still in their sopping wetties as they judged.

The vivid  new rashies were on display in all their glory with the  fluoro colours leaving no one in the water in any doubt that there was a contest on all around them.

The waves were a healthy 4-6 ft with the occasional bomb causing mayhem amongst the longboarders.

The first heat saw wave selection a critical factor with Armo coming up a little short in numbers. Gillo tried the early sneak on the inside section and was leading the contest till Rodger Jamieson dropped in on a bomb to ride one of the finest waves of the day. Fluffy and Keiran tried desperately hard but this day would belong only to Rodger who added a spectacular wipeout to his repertoire and eventually win out the heat.


The second heat witnessed a slight dropping off of the conditions but that didn’t stop George Haskas from carving up a couple of midsized waves, putting together a tally which would have won him a final in any contest anywhere. Yeeeehaaaaa….

The others tried valiantly but couldn’t jag the waves which seemed to fall into George’s lap every time he turned and paddled.


The final heat had a young brave Bec copping a few on the head as she battled the powerful rip. To her credit this never dampened her spirit and kudos to her. John Dicks was slightly off his game with Kyle and Sam also not quite finishing off a couple of good selections. Wayne Dive had the answers this day and strode into the final full of confidence.

With the weather setting in and the numbers dwindling a management decision was made to combine finals and have six surfers in the water at a time. Drop in rules, judging criteria, coffee, colours as well as who would judge was  discussed at length, but finally common sense prevailed on how this would and could work. Or could it?

With 3 out of the first 6 finalists mixing up their colours , the judges found it nearly impossible to make a decision on the pointscores. In the end we used hair or no hair, and male or female as our criteria. Huh? I don’t know either but we did mange to get a winner.


In another shock horror, all six trophies made an appearance onto the judges table at the same time. No one could remember them being in one location all at the same time and even Jo was left speechless. With no lost rashies and a full set of trophies at hand, many old timers wept as they remembered how the club used to be in its halcyon days. Glory hallelujah!!


And so to the all important results.


The 5ths saw Armo get a walkover with Bec and John deciding to avoid another hammering.

The 4ths presented us with the triple K show, with Keiran, Kyle and Kim all vying for that trophy. In the end only one K could win and Kim Lipping stole the show from the two boys.

The 3rds was the contest of the rashy colour-impaired with Gillo taking on the two yellow shirts of Richard T and Dicksy. In the end justice was served and Gillo got the judge’s nod.

The 2nds heated up nicely as Peter Chapman gave away a lot of years taking on Fluffy and Slippery Sam. But, there would be no fairytale ending for Peter with Sam  back in form narrowly edging out Craig with a couple of deft noserides.

And so to the 1sts. Both George and Rodger had surfed unbelievably well in their respective heats and impressed the judges no end.

Could they do it again? Would we have a new first time champion?  Would the carbon tax get through? Had they peaked too early?

As fate would have it, yes! Wayne Dive had a little too much left in the tank and gleefully grabbed the trophy with both hands, securing another victory and leaving George and Rodger pondering what might have been.


And so,as winter’s chill continue’s to strangle our resolve and leaves us sitting in front of the heater eating Red Rock chips and watching bad movies, we look forward to the warmer month’s when boardies and bikinis will again replace the dull sensations and mouldy smells of a wetsuit that just hasn’t dried out enough. Or is that just me?

Aloha and good winters surfing to all.



Full Results for July 2011

1.Wayne Dine
2.George Haskas
3.Rodger Jamieson

1.Sam Tehan
2.Craig Davies
3.Peter Chapman

1.Glenn Gilligan
2.Richard Townsend
3.John Dicks

1.Kim Lipping

1.Paul Armstrong
2.John Connolly (DNS)
2.Brc Salsbury (DNS)