Bondi Longboard Club Presentation Night 2013


Watch out academy awards. Move over the Emmys. Nothing can compare with the new and improved BLC Presentation night.

The three thousand members who turned up ate food organised by John the Headmaster Dicks and three people including Frankie (twice) danced to the beat of The Lurlines. With the backset of Bondi Beach from sunset onwards, even Angelina Jolie said it was one of the best nights of her life.

Special mention to the winner of the Sam Tehan custom made surfboard,Chris Quirk.  The board was made by Sam Tehan which is why it’s called Sam Tehan custom made surfboard. The winner of the lucky door prize – History of Australian Surfing – was Chris The Walrus Stonefield. The Walrus features in the 1920s section.

Chris told the BLC website: “I couldn’t have done it without the Lord above/God/ my faith in Jesus because I’m just one man/one player/one component in a team game/concept.” 

No award to Dave Byron who said his loss was due to The injury factor.

The fatigue factor.

The clock factor.

The time factor.

The wind factor.

The humidity factor.

The altitude factor.

The experience factor.

The psychological factor.

The X-factor.

The motivation factor.

The revenge factor.

The mental factor.


This team has raised the bar.

Perpetual trophy winners were:

President’s Trophy – Sam Tehan who makes Sam Tehan surfboards

Jack Mayes Plaque – Wayne Dive

Andy Chochran Plate – Peter Chapo Chapman


The final placings for the 2013 BLC competition year were:


1st Frankie Lewis

2nd Donna Draper

3rd Claire Norman



1st Tim Pearson

2nd Dennis Sheriff

3rd Wayne Yates

4th Bill Norman

5th with a special mention to John Connolly



1st Peter Chapman

2nd Rodger Jamieson

3rd Paul Singer



1st Paul Armstrong

2nd Steve Joy

3rd Chris Stonefield

4th Michael Lipping



1st George the golden greek Haskas

2nd Wayne Dive

3rd John Dicks

4th Glen Gilligan

5th Greg Very Foggy Nelson



1st Richard Townsend

2nd Dean Nicholson



1st Sam Tehan



1st Scott Robinson

2nd Myall Stevens

3rd John Connolly


A huge thank you to Joanne East who makes sure this club keeps breathing and working, the BLC executive committee who helps with the running of every club round and to Big Dave Byron and his kitchen helpers when the food is on!


A special thank you to our major sponsors, Dripping Wet Surf Shop and especially The Surf Travel Company, who donated our new judges tent this year.



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