After a delayed start a big team of Bondi’s finest (of course finest what? is the question) gathered around the third ramp to watch a small group of workers set up. Biggest news of the day was the welcome return of the Dave Byron meals on wheel service with full breakfast but thankfully no music and the very welcome return of Dale Fraser from Vietnam (he’s forgotten the war) for a guest appearance.

BLC’s own Miss Australia Jo East was present to run the admin side of things under the watchful eye of Pres Alfa Romeo Armo. What ever happened to buy Australia?

Anyway there was only one winner today and that was BLC’s own legal counsel, the Perry Mason of the third ramp, the irish surfer in the green wettie, you know who you are Steve MC come on down. Showing the creativity the BLC is famous for Steve paddled out to the left. In fact so far to the left he went past Pitcairn Island. There are reports he did catch a wave but that only came from the rescue helicopter.

OK fresh from his near victory at Port Macquarie is was Fluffy taking the winners spot despite a great battle from Wiggles who has just got out of his hospital bed. Dave Fraser narrowly snuck in over the Golden Greek Georgie Haskas with Wayne Dive taking fifth…ok lets call it how it was …Sorry wayne you were last.

Heat two saw Tricky Dicky take gold from Steve (no Joy in second), Gilligan taking the lead…sorry the bronze then came Tim Pearson and the Jolly Rodger himself.

Onto the thirds and you cant believe that Steve Mcarthy managed to get himself into this heat. Well maybe the judges gave him points for surfing in another planet. Anyway it didnt help because he came a poor second to Clarkey with Paul Singer and Keiran Lewis pulling up the rear.

Now talking of very sick people, Foggy got over his crook knee and 3 packs a day of Camels (the only cigarettes with a photo of the factory on the front) to take an incredible numero uno spot. He really is the Black Caviar of the BLC. Behind him was Chris Quirk then Wally Seniors card) Beneke and the Angelina Jolie of the BLC, Frankie Lewis

Finally we got to the most important final of the day. What a trio of superstars. Billy Norman, Wayne Yates and SJ himself in a mano on mano epic battle of surfing skills that made Nay Young cry in jealously. Despite every competitior knowing they wer on for a podium place the three paddled out prepared to give no quarter. SJ whose eyesight isnt great at the best of times was at a distinct disadvantage because the other two didnt tell him the heat had started. Getting the shits over this poor display of sportsmanship SJ took the Steve Mc option and paddled left where they hadnt seen a wave since the trams last ran along Campbell Parade.

Anway Wayne put in a blinder with his two waves even standing up on one and Billy Norman did paddle for one wave and wiped his brow in exhaustion.

But biggest congratuations of the day have to go to Billy’s granddaughter Claire who placed 3rd in the Open women, NSW Longboard Championships in Port Macquarie

Our very own Kim McMahon, placed 3rd in the Over 35 (must be a typo..over 19) Women, NSW Longboard Championships in Port Macquarie

June results



1 – Craig Davies

2 – Grant Wignall

3 – Dave Fraser

4 – George Haskas

5 – Wayne Dive




1 –Richard Townsend

2 – Steve Joy

3 – Glenn Gilligan

4 – Tim Pearson

5 – Rodger Jamieson



1 – Rod Clarke

2 – Steve McCarthy

3 – Paul Singer

4 – Kieran Lewis



1 – Greg Nelson

2 – Chris Stonefield

3 – Wally Beneke

4 – Frankie Lewis



1 – Wayne Yates

2 – Bill Norman

3 – John Connolly


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