Chloe Byron Memorial 2011

For it is this contest that helps us remember and honour Chloe Byron and all those Bali victims who needlessly perished those nine years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you the 9th Chloe Byron Memorial Contest.


Whilst at the end of the day we can only have one winner of the contest, each one of you (remembering and celebrating the life of Chloe Byron) will take home in your hearts your own special victory, as it is upon your shoulders the spirits of the entire Byron family have been lifted by your simple acts of caring, and supporting them.

For this endeavour, on behalf of the Byron family I thank you all.


And so to the contest.

The usual scramble for registrations, problems with the sound system and all manner of unforseen stuffups meant an 8.20 start rather than an 8am planned one. Still, not bad for a contest of this magnitude and diversity.

The dancers jived, the cooks sizzled and Dave the DJ spun a tune or two as the contest was soon in full swing. The early favourites easily made it through to the next round whilst a few unknown quantities went along quietly to stake a claim in the semis.

The girls waited patiently to kick off a couple of hours later and didn’t disappoint in the dancing or surfing department. How come women look so much better dancing in a wetsuit than men do? Oh well, Viva La Difference!


One of the most awe inspiring highlights of the day was an impromptu visit from a large whale about 300metres past the breakers. With a few spectacular breaches and splashdowns, it had the crowd oohing and cheering like delirious school kids. The spirit of Chloe was truly with us this fine day.

The day progressed like clockwork thanks to the head judge John Dicks ably assisted by his sidekicks Foghorn and Chapelle. Whilst Jo tallied and the Prez spruiked, the silent auction, raffles and various competitions were going off the richter scale.

There are too many names to mention here but thank you to all.

The Mayor made an appearance and Andrew Gee was spotted mixing with the crowd along with many local identities and scallywags.

Ahhhhh Bondi….where on earth would you rather be?

Dave and his bitches delighted our palates as hungry onlookers drooled for another sampling of jambalaya. The lolly jar was keenly fought over and became a popular item when finally guessed correctly. Lizard kept the numbers up in the silent auction and the “sposors” surfboard became a great talking point as everyone played spot the error.

Everyone was so enthralled with the day we hardly remembered there was a contest on this day.

Lunch time saw a change from the customary paddle out to a simple semi circle of love on the golden sands of Bondi. The air was charged with emotion, sadness and a bond of community spirit that was as strong as any steel cable. As Dave, Tia and Jarrod entered the water a hush fell on the crowd that simply signified respect and understanding for the pain that had to be endured each time this year.


The rest of the day was a blur as semis and finals were keenly contested with the inclusion of a SUP section. Specialist  judge Big Kahuna Dave was responsible for making sense of this new competition and he revelled in the task.

The major results of the day were courageously contested but in the end Claire Norman was outclassed by Jessi Miley-Dyer with Harries turning the tables on Kevin Holt from 2010.

Other great results were George Haskas taking home a new McTavish Fireball in the raffle, the Rock Troll scoring a new board from his main tormentor Dave  and the magic figure of $7000 being raised for the Homicide Victims Support Group.


Finally, most people teared up a little as Anthony “Harries” Carroll made his acceptance speech, but I think the sentiments he expressed were felt by every person lucky enough to be associated with this inspiring event.


May peace and happiness find you all


Branson, The Prez, Henry Brycki………


Full results from the day are as follows:

Mens Open
1.Anthony Carroll
2.Kevin Holt
3.Tony Boyd
4.Wayne Dive
5.Craig Davies
6.Greg Nelson

Womens Open
1.Jessi Miley-Dyer
2.Claire Norman
3.Milo Hyde
4.Kim McMahon
5.Brenda Miley
6.Phoebe Miley-Dyer

Junior Boys

Junior Girls

1.Robyn Stonefield
2.Chris Stonefield
3.Craig Davies
4.Tony Boyd
5.Andrew Reid
6.Stan Peters

September 2011 Report

As I dressed in simply boardies and T-shirt I knew it was only round the corner and the throngs of beachgoers greeting me as I pulled into the carpark only confirmed this.


Huey was being kind again and I nice 2-3 foot left hander accompanied the delightful day. Most of the work had been done before I arrived so the first heat hit the water at 8.20 on the button.


The struggle for end of year points was palpable and no prisoners was the order of the day. Backpackers and kooks had better watch out, there was a mighty contest a brewin.


The first heat saw the ever consistent Fluffy riding the wrong board but still managing to out point Armo who claimed second ahead of Rod (I’m 50 now ) Clarke and Peter Chapman.


Heat 2 found another newbie to the 50 club Wayne Dive score easily over Scott with George Haskas clearly out of sorts with his magic wave selection seemingly over. The minors went to Dicksy, Martin Greer and (how the mighty have fallen) Dave Fraser fresh from a masters victory up the coast. Hmmpphh….its a bit harder at Bondi eh Dave!!!


Heat 3 was again a ripper with the early favourites out trumped by the ever chillin Steve Joy who was as surprised as anyone with his win. Newcomer Kleber was not disgraced whilst Bart Adams was perplexed by his third placing. Only Tim Kirby was left to split the placings of our two faithful girls Kim Lipping and Bec Salsbury.


The 4th heat was full of controversy when the Prez seeming to have a winning lead was called on a sketchy drop in to Tim Pearson and tumbled into third. ( he never made the same mistake in the final by not catching any waves and successfully prevented the judges from calling another drop in on him…..oh the humanity!!) This left the door open to Clemmo who snatched the victory from his mate Gillo who may never bring him down again. Finally Tim Pearso and Keiron rounded out the field.


Behind the scenes food still had to be prepared and dished out and as usual the man for the job was a smiling and freshly tanned (yes we’re sick of you skiting about your Hawaii trip) Dave Byron strongly assisted by number one kitchen bitch Walrus.


A whirl-wind visit was given us by Sam Tehan sporting his new Justin Beiber haircut. Hmmmm……stick to hangin 10 young fella.


In other news a panicked Jo figured out that the comp was on and she had missed it after she picked up a couple of scoresheets blown halfway across the world in the southerly that hit about 11.30 am. And what a southerly. Those of you who experienced it know what I’m talkin about. Unfortunately half the contest fees and most of the results are somewhere near Tasmania so we’ll just have to use round one as the final results. On a brighter note I won’t be asking you to replace the contest fees.


And so a near perfect day was duly disrupted by powers a little more authoritative than mine, yet I’m sure you’ll agree much fun was had and the promise of summer can only refresh our desire to keep on loggin.

Aloha and see you at The Chloey



September Results

Heat 1
1. Fluffy
2. Armo
3. Chappo
4. Clarkey

Heat 2
1. Wayne Dive
2. Scott
3.George Haskas
4.Dave Fraser
5. John Dicks
6. Martin Greer

Heat 3
1.Steve Joy
2. Klebber
3. Bart Adams
4. Kim Lipping
5. Tim Kirby
6.Bec Salsbury

Heat 4
1. Clemmo
2. Gillo
3. Prez
4. Tim Pearson
5. Keiron Lewis