July 2011

None the less, the swell was up and a small band of frothers were keen as ever to brave the gloomy conditions.

A quick count was done and three heats of five was the order of the day. Organising judges and surfers was a logistic nightmare but we manged to rotate smoothly with some judges still in their sopping wetties as they judged.

The vivid  new rashies were on display in all their glory with the  fluoro colours leaving no one in the water in any doubt that there was a contest on all around them.

The waves were a healthy 4-6 ft with the occasional bomb causing mayhem amongst the longboarders.

The first heat saw wave selection a critical factor with Armo coming up a little short in numbers. Gillo tried the early sneak on the inside section and was leading the contest till Rodger Jamieson dropped in on a bomb to ride one of the finest waves of the day. Fluffy and Keiran tried desperately hard but this day would belong only to Rodger who added a spectacular wipeout to his repertoire and eventually win out the heat.


The second heat witnessed a slight dropping off of the conditions but that didn’t stop George Haskas from carving up a couple of midsized waves, putting together a tally which would have won him a final in any contest anywhere. Yeeeehaaaaa….

The others tried valiantly but couldn’t jag the waves which seemed to fall into George’s lap every time he turned and paddled.


The final heat had a young brave Bec copping a few on the head as she battled the powerful rip. To her credit this never dampened her spirit and kudos to her. John Dicks was slightly off his game with Kyle and Sam also not quite finishing off a couple of good selections. Wayne Dive had the answers this day and strode into the final full of confidence.

With the weather setting in and the numbers dwindling a management decision was made to combine finals and have six surfers in the water at a time. Drop in rules, judging criteria, coffee, colours as well as who would judge was  discussed at length, but finally common sense prevailed on how this would and could work. Or could it?

With 3 out of the first 6 finalists mixing up their colours , the judges found it nearly impossible to make a decision on the pointscores. In the end we used hair or no hair, and male or female as our criteria. Huh? I don’t know either but we did mange to get a winner.


In another shock horror, all six trophies made an appearance onto the judges table at the same time. No one could remember them being in one location all at the same time and even Jo was left speechless. With no lost rashies and a full set of trophies at hand, many old timers wept as they remembered how the club used to be in its halcyon days. Glory hallelujah!!


And so to the all important results.


The 5ths saw Armo get a walkover with Bec and John deciding to avoid another hammering.

The 4ths presented us with the triple K show, with Keiran, Kyle and Kim all vying for that trophy. In the end only one K could win and Kim Lipping stole the show from the two boys.

The 3rds was the contest of the rashy colour-impaired with Gillo taking on the two yellow shirts of Richard T and Dicksy. In the end justice was served and Gillo got the judge’s nod.

The 2nds heated up nicely as Peter Chapman gave away a lot of years taking on Fluffy and Slippery Sam. But, there would be no fairytale ending for Peter with Sam  back in form narrowly edging out Craig with a couple of deft noserides.

And so to the 1sts. Both George and Rodger had surfed unbelievably well in their respective heats and impressed the judges no end.

Could they do it again? Would we have a new first time champion?  Would the carbon tax get through? Had they peaked too early?

As fate would have it, yes! Wayne Dive had a little too much left in the tank and gleefully grabbed the trophy with both hands, securing another victory and leaving George and Rodger pondering what might have been.


And so,as winter’s chill continue’s to strangle our resolve and leaves us sitting in front of the heater eating Red Rock chips and watching bad movies, we look forward to the warmer month’s when boardies and bikinis will again replace the dull sensations and mouldy smells of a wetsuit that just hasn’t dried out enough. Or is that just me?

Aloha and good winters surfing to all.



Full Results for July 2011

1.Wayne Dine
2.George Haskas
3.Rodger Jamieson

1.Sam Tehan
2.Craig Davies
3.Peter Chapman

1.Glenn Gilligan
2.Richard Townsend
3.John Dicks

1.Kim Lipping

1.Paul Armstrong
2.John Connolly (DNS)
2.Brc Salsbury (DNS)