June 2011

Winter’s chill was nearly forgotten with one of God’s own days beaming down upon us and reminding us that the winter solstice was finally behind us and that there were only 157 more sleeps till summer. Ahhhhh summer, how truly I miss you.

But as usual I digress….


Whilst the club had been in hibernation mode over the last few months, Reggie the Rat and family had been setting up home in our club tents and helping themselves to the  various condiments readily available in our private lockup.

An emergency call was made to Dave Byron at Coles and soon a fresh tomato sauce was hastily acquired for the day’s gourmet delights.

Reggie was last seen scurrying towards Lush after a nasty reprimand from Paul Armstrong.

Bye bye Reggie………or is it?


Anyways, nothing could spoil this most perfect winters day with the water and outside temperatures both hovering around the 19 degree mark. Parkas and beanies were soon replaced with steamers and our determines surfers soon prepared to match wits and skills in the pounding 1 foot conditions. Only lefts were on offer this fine day and the goofy footers licked their lips in delight knowing this would be their day. Wayne Dive tried his luck on the non existent right-handers and his 3rd place heat finish soon put an end to this natural footers dream of beating his nemesis George Haskas in the finals.


The early heats saw few combinations with a take off,  small walk and turn the order of the day. Still, the water was so smooth it really didn’t matter

Early to impress the judges were Bart Adams, Dave Fraser sporting a new Billy Idol hair colouring, Craig “Fluffy” Davies and the ever competitive and smooth surfing Wiggle.


In heat 2 Foggy tried for double points by dragging Dave Fraser onto his board but the judges simply deemed this as two waves for Foggy and none for Dave. Newbies Keiron Lewis and Kyle Redding accredited themselves well for their first outing at the club but unfortunately Dave Byron was too busy to meet them and so has been unable to nickname them at present. Be careful boys, when he does, it will stick.


Sam Tehan was still nursing a bad back and had to settle for second in his heat whilst a flu ravaged Prez was surprised by another newby Ali G who somehow snuck past him and will prove a threat in the women’s division.


As I looked around I noticed the carpark was full yet there was hardly a soul on the beach. I guess the cafes and shops were really getting a workout this fine winter’s day with all the try hards out being seen, all the while spending their pennies on coffees and bric a brac. Still the upside is all the gorgeous girls walking the promenade only distracting the judges from their sworn duty.


Our intrepid chef produced another feast with baby frankfurts for entree followed by shaslik rolls on soft buns. Mmmmmmmm………soft buns…….


With tummies full and the swell peaking at 1.5 feet we ventured back into the water for the finals and  June bragging rights. In the meantime Jo had arrived and quickly banned any Bob Dylan music whilst she was in earshot. I don’t think she likes Bob Dylan Nimbin, so scratch it off the playlists!!


In the 6th’s Guy Holden and Frankie were courageous with Macca doubling his pointscore for the year. In the end John Dicks was too strong, but, how the mighty have fallen with a 2nd place in the 1st last comp, and a 1st place in the 6th this month. Huh? Go figure.


The 5th’s was a battle of the old and the new with Steve Joy and Tim Pearson bringing up the minor placings whilst Keiron Lewis took out Kyle Redding for first.


The 4th’s saw Tim Kirby and Rodger Jamieson bravely take on Kim Lipping who easily got the nod from the judges after throwing her car keys on the judges table before the final. Hmmmm…I wonder what that was supposed to mean?


The battle heated up in the 3rd’s with Foggy getting some early deep sections to put the others under pressure. Rod Clarke will have to wait another month for a trophy whilst the Prez wimped out with a snotty nose and cold toes. in the end Wayne Dive snuck home with the last wave of the final and the rest is history.


The 2nd’s saw Paul Armstrong trying to defend his points lead but with Sam Tehan and George H in his way this might be a tad difficult. AliG was brave in 4th whilst a surprised George Haskas won on countback from the sadly inflexible Sam Tehan.


The 1sts saw last month’s winner Fluffy take on Wiggle, Dave (Billy Idol) Fraser, whilst Bart Adams was nowhere to be seen.

Dave was easily out hassled by the two paddling specialists and had to settle for third. In a close contests with little less than a sweeping cutback separating them, Wiggle was crowned the June champion.


And so another month comes to a close with the usual suspects staying back to help me with the clean up. Thanks to all who helped make it a great day and see you all the next glorious Bondi Beach day in July.




Full results as follows:

1. Grant Wignall
2. Craig Davies
3. Dave Fraser
4. Bart Adams (DNS)

1.George Haskas
2. Sam Tehan
3.Paul Armstrong
4. Alll G.

1.Wayne Dive
2. Greg Nelson
3. Rod Clarke
4. The Prez (DNS)

1. Kim lipping
2. Tim Kirby
3. Rodger Jamieson
4. Steve Czintos (DNS)

1.Keiron Lewis
2.Kyle Redding
3. Steve Joy
4. Tim Pearson

1.John Dicks
2. Frankie
3.Paul Macafee
4.Guy Holden