May 2011 Report

The sun shone, the wind blew and the waves trickled, thank heavens for a piece of normality

The Prez’s smiling face and dulcit tones were nowhere to be seen, whilst the chef was away in Thailand  causing a grumble or two amongst the faithful (faithful freeloaders that is)

But who could possibly be unhappy on this auspicious and momentous day. The day Stan Peters managed to survive 60 glorious years on this earth.

And no he hasn’t retired yet, nor has he got a million dollars in the bank, but better still, he’s doing what he truly loves every day .

No, not getting another new board from John’s shop you imbeciles, but simply surfing and hanging out with his mates in one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

On behalf of all, I wish you many more years of good health, good waves and the ocassional bargain at Dripping Wet.


And so back to the comp. I was well informed that most thanks must go to Armo and Foghorn who ran a tight ship  and gave all a fun-filled Sunday.

Behind the scenes, Jo was run off her feet, changing flags, keeping time, blowing the hooter whilst all the while avoiding the pitfalls of the notorious concrete car park bollards.

With a no frills day in the car park, the contest was quickly and efficiently run.  I submit for your perusal the May results.

See you all in winter….brrrrrrrrrrr….



Round 1

Heat 1
1st – Paul Armstrong
2nd – Gillo
3rd – Rodger Jamieson
4th – Claire Norman

Heat 2
1st – Wayne Dive
2nd – George Haskas
3rd – Tim Kirby
4th – Rod Clarke

Heat 3
1st – John D
2nd – Richard T
3rd – Peter Chapman
4th – Paul Altamura

Heat 4
1st – Grant W
2nd – Greg Nelson
3rd – Steve Joy
4th – Frankie

Heat 5
1st – Fluffy
2nd – Sam T
3rd – Dale Fraser
4th – Bart Adams
5th – Tim Pearson



1st – Rod Clarke
2nd – Tim Pearson
3rd – Rodger Jamieson
4th – Frankie
5th – Bart Adams

1st – Peter Chapman
2nd – Dale Fraser
3rd – Steve Joy

1st – Sam Tehan
2nd – George Haskas
3rd – Glenn Gilligan
4th – Greg Nelson
5th – Richard Townsend

1st – Craig Davies
2nd – John Dicks
3rd – Paul Armstrong
4th – Wayne Dive
5th – Grant Wignall