January 2011 Report

As I gingerly made my way down to the familiar waters of Bondi nursing an early January hangover  I wondered what new changes would greet me in this most sacred and holy place. I was soon disappointed to find that everything had stayed the same and we had all just grown a year older, greyer, wrinklier and unfortunately no wiser. But what a wonderful place to let the sands of time wash over you and enjoy a few Christmas and New Year yarns with good mates and fellow loggers.


The weather was a little vague and the promised ground swell was just a wind swell in disguise. Still, it was summer and by hook or by crook we were going to hold a full bore comp with smiles and smiles everywhere you looked.


The megaphone went missing, the generator wouldn’t fire up, the rain drizzled down and the drinks didn’t arrive. Aaaagh Bondi Longboard Club, the nicest bunch of blokes I have ever had the privelege to be associated with, but with the organisational skills of The Three Stooges. Still all was soon done and ready for an 8.45  kick off. The heats were tough, the surf was crap but no one seemed to care: here we were again, doing what we loved best and sharing it with those who understood every emotion we felt.

There were dads, divorcees, desperadoes, drunks and drop in specialists all keen to make their marks early in the competition season.

Paul Armstrong was finally back after shoulder surgery in 2010 and he wasn’t going to let the 50 somethings leave him behind without a trophy this year. Dale Fraser changed age groups but not his competitive spirit. John Dicks was keen to claim a trophy and Glenn Gilligan was his flashy best with pink boardies and matching shiny boards.

Highlights of the day included consecutive nose dives from Tim ‘Turtle’ Pearson and Dave Fraser finally hitting the water in the 1sts final after everyone else had already snuck a couple of waves (damn those kids!).

Richard ‘30 watt’ Townsend couldn’t jag a winning wave, whilst it was nice to see Martin Greer and Macca making rock star appearances and honouring us with their personage. Tim Kirby sported a deluxe cut off wakeboard wettie and George H grabbed anyone who would listen and told them about his “hot” night down at The Sheaf.


What about the surf, the re-os, the floaters, the nose rides I hear you asking? Well, let’s say there was water, waves and guys trying to ride them, then we’ll just leave it at that.


The 5th’s final was a “bluff off” with no one wanting to get their hair wet again so Chris , Zeeman, Deano, Martin G, Foghorn and Macca split the points and remained on dry land.

No one was really disgraced, but as usual the cream rose to the top and in the end the trophy would be settled on a count back. After Jo spent ages counting and adding up some imbecilic scores

(2.567, 1.111, 0.5 etc) the January trophy winners were announced and coming through (though carrying a nasty lurgie) was The Wiggle who casually pipped Slippery Sam Tehan to lead the 2011 points race. On ya Wiggle I knew good Karma would follow you after you got the generator fired up for me with some clever initiative and ABC know how..


On a unrelated  note, it was a little disappointing as not one female member turned up in January (though I heard someone comment there were quite a few girls wearing wetties today?). Come on ladies, make your presence felt in February and don’t let me be the only one at the comps with good legs next month.


And so another year beckons with the promise of waves, waves (good perving) and more waves. Yeehaaaah…bring it on, and let the best man (or woman) win.

The Prez


Full Results for January:

1.Grant Wignall
2.Sam Tehan
3.John Dicks
4.Dave Fraser

1.Waye Dive
2.Peter Chapman
3.Paul Armstrong
4.Richard Townsend

1.Craig Davies
2.Tim Pearson
3.Steve Joy
4.Glenn Gilligan

1.Dale Fraser
2.George Haskas
3.Stephen McCarthy
4.Tim Kirby

(Equal First and Last)
Chris Quirk
Dean Lloyd
Greg Nelson
Martin Greer
Steve Czintos
Paul Macafee