September 2010 Report

And so spring has sprung.  We survived this long and particularly cold winter to finally be greeted by the promise of long days, endless sunshine and the sight of gorgeous girls cavorting on the promenade.


Ahhhhhh Bondi…. eye candy one day, then eye candy the next. We love it.

Bet you don’t get much of that up Bonny Hills way eh Al Brown!


But I digress. There was an important contest held today as it would consequently determine bragging rights for the next twelve months. The old, the young, the feral, the stylish, all came together to once more ply their trade in the waves of Bondi and hope upon hope that the judges would favourably smile upon them and send a trophy their way.


Well Paul Armstrong left for Bali last week with Stef McCarthy  in tow so hopefully they will have bountiful stories to share with us on their return. New head judge Greg “Foghorn” Nelson capably ran the show and made sure the judges knew the difference between a white and yellow rashie, whilst their maths left much to be desired.


The Rolling Stones blared, the bacon sizzled, and my warm water wax refused to stick. The usual whingers asked to be placed in a early heat, or a late heat, or a heat without Kelly Slater or Mick Fanning in it as they had to blow dry their hair, wax their backs, visit a dog in the pound, bake a cake or some other ridiculous excuse which prevented them from joining in the general spirit of this beautiful day. Could they be in red rather than blue because it clashed with their board shorts and hair colour!  Well I certainly have a few names for the next “VB” ad but I think even Neil Diamond might be too embarrassed to be associated with them.

But as usual I digress again. There were many highlights and lowlights this fine day and I will give you just a few snippets. Bec Salsbury got smashed many times but still came back smiling and happy to lend a hand in the kitchen after her heat. Laurie Miller turned back the clock to stomp all over Glenn Gilligan and the Prez in his heat and prove that old dog still has a few tricks up his wrinkled sleeves. Mick Lipping charged a few closeouts to safely negotiate a win in his heat, whilst Wayne Dive went from the penthouse to the cellar by finishing fourth in his heat after bragging he didn’t have to bring the firsts trophy back as he will probably win it again.

John Dicks (ever smiling) was stoked just to be out with his mates (oh yeah and school holidays certainly helped his mood). Dean Lloyd looked resplendent in his best “rapper” gear though his walk the board needed a little more attention. Dave Fraser was trailed by his daughter all day whilst Chris Quirk had a brief cigarette break to get amongst it in his heat. John Radcliffe and Fluffy tried to claim another trophy to proudly display in Dripping Wet but will have to wait till summer to bullshit the backpackers again with their stories of heroics and subtle floaters.


And so to the results:


After an awe inspiring spring day and the end of the point scoring season, Mick Lipping made a huge recovery after sporting a massive cork in his thigh thanks “a La” The Prez sorting him out last comp. He finally got his name on the firsts trophy but his wife,  Kim, still got in the last word:

“Yeah, but I will always be on top”.

And so another comp fades into the background and good times shared with friends simply becomes a blueprint for our existence. Waves, sun, idle chatter, warm gooey feelings of belonging to a great tribe permeate my very core. Too much? Well, you’ll never really know till you come and spend the third Sunday of any month with us at Bondi.


See you all at the Chloey next month.




Full Results September 2010

1.Mick Lipping
3.Laurie Miller
4.Dave Fraser

2.Dale Fraser
3.John Radcliffe

1.Glenn Gilligan
2.George H
3.Craig Davies
4.John Dicks

1.Bart Adams
2.Wayne Dive
3.Wally B
4.Chris Quirk

1.Richard T
2.Dean Lloyd
3.Kim Lipping
4.Bec Salsbury
5.Guy Holden, Tim Kirby, Steve Joy (DNS)

August 2010 Report

Now August normally brings strong winds, nice crisp swells and deep blue water. Today was no exception with a solid 3 foot swell testing our resolve and paddling prowess. The girls were poorly represented this fine day but the boys knuckled down with few opportunities remaining to assert their dominance in respective age groups.

The early heats got the best of conditions as the tide slowly awoke and rose to a lifeless high around midday. Sam Tehan brought down a plethora of freshly painted boards which had Stan licking his lips like a fat kid in a chocolate shop. He also brought down his brother Jack and assured us we had nothing to fear as he couldn’t surf much. Hmmmmmmm……… we’ll see about that.


Cocktail frankfurts were soon on offer from the Hawaii fresh and well suntanned Dave Byron. Double dipping seemed to be the order of the day as the tomato sauce soon disappeared quicker than a biscuit at a homeless shelter.


Peter Chapman sported new Frankenstein scars as a midweek visit to the skin cancer clinic left him out of the water for a few more weeks. Rodger Jamieson donned his familiar white hat as he headed for the water whilst John Connolly still not feeling the cold looked respelendant in red speedos and matching rashy.


Newly promoted kitchen bitch Imke soon learnt the finer points of preparation as Dave had her moving liked greased lightning round the barbeque tent. We wish her well on her new adventure in Singapore and hope she returns to brighten our lives again. The Schnitzel sandwiches were deluxe and I’m sure there was a little German influence there.


And so to the waves………….

Mick Lipping unfortunately copped an out of control “Pearson Arrow” as the Prez will try anything to win a final these days. Mick apparently got his revenge later that day as he conjured up a gusty westerly to neatly lift and flip the Prez’s Mal into the carpark and destroy his beloved H2 fins. The laughter that echoed around Bondi as Dave retold the story could be heard for hours.

Hope you are ok Mick.

Wipeout of the day went to Wally who still thinks he’s 20 years old. Good on ya Wal and your infectious love of suring and never say die attitude inspires us all. Thanks to our intrepid photographer this day (Peter Chapman) who captured that amazing moment that will immortalise Wal for many years to come.


The finals were again surfed in deteriorating conditions but the 1sts was to present another surprise with everyone there desperate to lift the trophy and end the Tehan stranglehold. In the end Wayne Dive was given the nod and a new champion was declared this wild and woolly day. A day we experienced many seasons but only one emotion. That being the joy we get from just being long-boarders and sharing these magic moments with people who really understand.


Good surfin and good chillin, see you all next month.

The Prez


Full Results August 2010

1 Wayne D
2 John Radcliffe
3 Sam T
4 Bart Adams
5 Craig “Fluffy” Davies
6 Jack T

1 Prez
2 Gillo
3 John D
4 Laurie Miller
5 Mick Lipping (injured)
6 Chris Quirk (DNS)

1 George H
2 Stompsy
3 Stan Peters
4 Kim Lipping (DNS)

1 Richard T
2 Wally B
3  Tim Kirby
4 Rodger Jamieson
5 Dean Lloyd
6 John Connolly (DNS)