July Contest Report

July is not known for its great turn up on comp day, but this day was to prove an exception to the rule. The sun shone, the ocean sparkled and Bondi was to be adored in all its glory. Where on earth can you find a car park you would rather drive into on a Sunday morning than here?

I was greeted by so many smiling faces that the hairs on the small of my back tingled with the delight of a small child in a lolly factory. I knew we were in for a memorable day.


With the Bavarian Polka playing in the background  and iceskaters mindlessly moving in progressively smaller circles, a promising contest got under way and I was soon blown away by the strength of competition and determination of competitors. Nose rides, slashbacks, head dips and floaters were the order of the day and this was just on the grass above the carpark.

People chatted, exchanged gossip and generally found delight in each others company whilst still keeping one eye on the contest format.


Nick Hall (to the shagrin of Jo) was scoring down to the nearest thousandth of a point which tested Jo’s mathematical skills to the point of insanity. Hey Nick, 4.125 isn’t a score its an interest rate rise, get out of the bank and onto the beach buddy.


Armo kep his usual tight rein on the judges and I cannot thank this man enough for the sterling job he does month in and month out to organise, control and mentor the judges in our contests. He is both fair and stern and not once has he shirked his responsibility to our club.

Keep up the good work Armo.


Wally was heard spouting the fact that he felt fabulous today (almost unbeatable), like he was on “Roids” or something. Yeah Wal, unfortunately your “roids” are mostly the haemmoroidal kind!


Claire tried to disupt the Prez by getting Col Williamson to run interference for her during their heat but the 20 or so local grommets on hand destroyed any chance she had of getting one over on him.


The Lipping’s tried hard to add to their trophy collection, whilst it was fabulous to see a menagerie of old timers returning to the fray, including Laurie Miller, Martin Greer and Kevin Hornhardt who have become part-timers over the years.

Foghorn was exceptionally subdued whilst Dave Fraser’s daughter followed him around like Michael Jackson and Bubbles.



Now if your BLAT’s tasted fabulous on Sunday, don’t thank kitchen bitches Claire or Becky, don’t even think of commending Masterchef Dave Byron, but applause must go to Richard T who selflessly took it upon himself to singlehandedly scour and clean the BBQ mid week, for your chewing pleasure. On ya Rich and a big thanks from all BLC members who dined like they’ve never dined before. Not to be outdone, the everpresent Macca chipped in to clean up the dreggs at the end of the feast with another display of selfless enthusiasm. Macca, a great clubman in all respects.



The team photo finally came to pass due to the constant cajoling of John Connolly and big thanks to Wiggle for making us all look half decent with the framing of an excelent shot. Hmmmmmm….who was that handsome man positioned near Dave on the ground?


I could go on and tell you all about the great surfing feats (in the 1sts final) by Slippery, Fluffy and Stompsy, or the hard fought wins of Becky and Rachel (in the lower divisions) but I guess you were all there to experience the BLC in all its glory on this magical winters day. There were pretty girls, good mates, great surfing and above all a sense of family and spirit. All this seems to transcend  the dramas, stresses and difficulties we experience in our day to day lives, and leaves us beaming with joy and an intense love of all things surfing. So instead I say to you all,

”Viva the Bondi Long-boarders….. long may you reign over this precious piece of paradise”


Full Results:

1 Sam T
2 Fluffy
3 Tichard T
4 Stompsy
5 Bart Adams
6 Dave Fraser

1 Nick Hall
2 Glenn illigan
3 Prez
4 Mick Lipping
5 John Dicks
6 Claire Norman

1 Wiggle
2 Wayne
3 John Radcliffe
4 George H
5 Steve McCarthy
6 Martin Greer

1 Peter Chapaman
2 Wally Beneke
3 Michael Traynor
4 Kim Lipping
5 Tim Pearson
6 Steve Czintos (DNS)

1 Bec Salsbury
2 Rodger Jamieson
3 Jared Twaddell
4 Schmidty

1 Rachel
2 Dale Fraser
3 Dave Byron
4 Dean Lloyd
5 John Connolly