June Report

As winter’s icy grip strangled my chest mercilessly, I wondered what waves awaited us this clear and frosty  Sunday morning.

Not to be disappointed I found waist high rollers gently pushing themselves northward on the sparkling Bondi shores.

Ahhhhhh…. after the misery that was May we finally had a contest to inspire us again.


As happens during the winter months, only a select and hardy band of souls steeled themselves for the first winter comp with vital points and rankings still fresh on their minds. If only the Socceroos were as determined as the wrinkled faces I saw this morning, all would be well in The World Cup. But I digress…….


The news even got better for some as the sight of a hunched over, miserably coughing Slippery Sam Tehan meant there would be a new name on the trophy this month. After 3 months of Tehan domination who could blame us for feeling a little relief.. Sorry Sam, I really am (yeah right….yipeeeeee).


Wiggle was heard vocalising that the trophy was really up for grabs this month and many an old sea dog had a glint in their eye hoping upon hope that Huey would smile on him this fine day and bless him with bragging rights; even if only for a solitary month whilst Sam was indisposed.


Tents erected and heats drawn we raced into the water to find the waves willing and the Lifeguard Lefts much to our pleasure. The early heats got the best of the conditions (as usual ) with Richard T cruising his way to a heat win after an early morning practice session at 6.30am. Hmmmmm…. looks like secret training does pays off.

Dave Fraser thought this might be his day after weeks out with a gammy hammy but would have to wait another month.John Dicks and Tim Kirby tried their hardest but found it hard to match the goofy footer Townsend and had to settle for the minors. Big hello to newby Dean Lloyd who realised there is a huge difference between comp surfing and hanging out the back on a sunny day.

Heat two was another hot contest with the ever competive Wiggle not  giving an inch and successfully making another final. He must have the record for the most finals surfed by any club member (EVER!!!!). Stompsy and Zeeman were certainly not discraced but just came up a little short as did wave machine The Turtle who had his wave count up in the blink of an eye. Another newby Marko Schmidt unfortunately drew a hot heat and had to dream of another day.

Without the young blokes pushing us around, the old farts showed their skills and heat three saw the ever stylish Gillo get the nod over Peter Chapman who unknowingly cost himself a place in the first final by dropping in on a fellow competitor. Paul Armstrong and the judges were harsher than an Italian referee on an Australian striker and deemed interfence, causing Chappo to lose half the score of his second wave.

Bart Adams couldn’t find his groove, Ross Smith hasn’t had enough water time and John Campbell….well John just has a ball every time he enters the water; win lose or draw.

The conditions started to deteriorate just in time for my heat to enter the water and we struggled to catch our quota of waves. Roger Jamieson couldn’t get into the juice whilst Phil Carbins tried hard but was on the wrong break. George H caught a heap of waves but nothing really stood out to the judges whilst the Prez snuck him with wave selection rather than wave ability.

Heat five Had Dale Fraser written all over it and he didn’t disappoint. Here’s another man making a heap of finals this year and seems to have a stranglehold on the over 40’s trophy in his last year in this division. Wally laughed and danced his way into second with Rod Clarke and the travelling Macca bringing up the minors. Nice to see you back in the blue stuff after your holiday Macca.


As usual Dave and “The bitches” filled our tummies and the sounds of Jackson Brown, The Eagles and Jack Johnson filled our ears.

Without Jo on hand it was up to the Prez to quickly do the maths and set up the finals. Hmmmm…..he might be hard to beat if he is doing the maths today (much like his golf scoring). Still, trust is a wonderful thing.


An “anonymously” owned 8 foot 2 inch whalefish arrived and many tried to wrap their arms around it to feel its wide belly. It was deemed by Dave Byron that he who could hold this prize under his arm (with no assistance) would be privileged to ride it first. Up stepped I – Garbo and was soon waxing up this beauty ready for its maiden voyage. As Dave pondered the foolishness of his idea the finals got under way.


The 5ths found the two newbys in the enviable position of fighting out a trophy on their first outing thanks to a bunch of dropouts. In the end Dean Lloyd got the nod from the judges and his joyous grin almost ripped his ears off.

The 4ths was another interesting incident with many wondering if the judges had any idea whatsoever. It was a full 12 minutes into the final before they realised that there were four no shows with Rod Clarke battling himself for the trophy. After early interference (from his legrope and rashy) he managed to come out with a victory. Nice one Rod, thr Steven Bradbury of BLC.

The 3rds also had some no shows and with John Radcliffe being granted a wildcard entry (care of the Prez) This final would certainly be hard to win (how’s my discount looking in the shop John?) Rodger Jamieson didn’t know what hit him as Timmy, John and Deeksy stole nearly every wave from him. In the end, the trophy hungry Radcliffe shut the rest out to proudly sport another trophy in his ever expanding shop.

The competition hotted up even more in the 2nds as every man here could easily have been contesting the firsts. Chappo had to go home and left the door ajar for someone to sneak in. A countback would decide this contest with Dave Fraser and Wally having to settle for the dreggs whilst shortboarder George H out manoeuvred the soulful and stylish Stompsy who finished very strongly with a willing display.


The 1sts was probably the oldest final we’ve ever had thanks to the absence of the young brigade and these whily old veterans were not about to let a golden opportunity slip by. Richard Townsend and Gillo both changed to longer boards for the final as the tide was rising. Wiggle opted for a legrope which showed he really meant business. Dale and the Prez were soon wave starved as Gillo and Richard T took to the inside break and put together a series of small but reasonably scoring waves. The Wiggle couldn’t get his groove on and fell more times in this final than I’ve seen all summer. The time ticked away and it looked like the 6 wave count of Gillo and Richard would see them battle out the trophy. With only one wave under his belt the Prez knew he had to pull out something special and waited and waited till finally the wave of the final came and saw him put on a series of moves that gave him the highest single scoring wave of the final. Would his two waves be enough to challenge The 6 wave count of the others.

I say yes….and the rest is history. After weeks and weeks of kidney stones and coughs The Prez finally had something to sing about. Yeeehaaaaaa…….Beware  the wounded animal……..


And so another contest comes to a close but it would be remiss of me not to mention one of our dearly loved members leaving our shores for the bright lights, bustling community and glamorous lifestyle that is;  Bonny Hills.

Bingo (3 Matts) Brown has been an institution: in the carpark, on the rail of knowledge and in  the Rathouse (with the ocassional trip into the water) for many many years. His keen photographic eye has pleased many an ordinary surfer whom Al has transposed into a full blown shredder with the simple framing of a shot and the click of a magic button. His infectious laugh, silver van and easy going nature will surely be missed around these parts. We will pine his departure greatly and hope he gets bored (perving on nothing decent up the coast) and returns  to visit us, even though it will probably really be just to reacquaint himself with The Rathouse.

See ya Connie, look after him and don’t let him get overweight (whoops, too late).  On behalf of all your mates at BLC I’d just like to say,Luv ya Al, We’ll be up to see you soon, so chill those Coopers and Go you Dragons.

Till next we meet


Full Results for June 2010 are as follows

1. The Prez
2. Gillo
3. Richard T
4. Dale Fraser
5. Wiggle

1. George H
2. Stompsy
3. Dave Fraser
4. Wally
5 Peter Chapman (DNS)

1. John “Dripping” Radcliffe
2. John Dicks
3. Turtle
4. Rodger Jamieson
5.Macca (DNS)
5. Bart Adams (DNS)

1. Rod Clarke
2. Tim Kirby (DNS)
2. Zeeman (DNS)
2.Ross Smith (DNS)
2. Phil Carbins (DNS)

1.Dean Lloyd
2. Marco Schmidt
3. John Campbell (DNS)