April Contest Report

Ahhhh…… what a corker of a day. Sun, waves and lots of surfers keen to keep summer drifting along endlessly. The “Endless Bummer” was truly behind us and we were determined to make the most of it.


Six competitive heats hit the water not long after 8.30 am and the early heats got the best of the juice. Old campaigners Richard Stomps and Greg Furmage showed they still had something to offer as they ran over their heats like young grommets on new boards.

“New” longboarder Dave “Leif Garrett” Fraser took his short boarding skills to the slappy Bondi waves narrowing missing a place in the firsts final and letting all know he will soon be a contender. Other standouts saw Dale Fraser make another final with Sam Tehan displaying a new board and the same old efficiency in claiming his place in the final.

Laurie Miller was seen styling and arching whilst Kevin Hornhardt was determined to win a trophy on this fine day. So determined was he, that he decided to blow the budget and pay his yearly membership. Whoops, sorry Kev its due again on 1st July.


The music roared, the wind freshened and the smell of  bacon wafted temptingly across the grass, through the carpark and finally to the judges who joked, writhed and laughed their way through another critical set of scoring criteria. How good was it to be down here? The smiles on everyone’s faces told me they would rather be nowhere else (or at least nowhere their wives were anyway)


Great to see Dave Byron back from hospital and ordering the kitchen bitches around with military efficiency. Speaking of which, Dave must be the biggest KOD (kiss of death) in the club. Anyone coming into contact with him seems to end up in surgery, hospital or just ill. Zeeman- “balls in a knot”. Armo – shoulder “rooted”. Prez – “kidneys stones” like peas in a straw, and finally Ginger – blood pressure heading further north that Al Brown on his retirement. Thanks Dave, we’ll send you the bill!


And so back to the waves. Unfortunately the wind picked up, the tide dribbled out and the rip decided to play carnage with our take off spot.

Memorable moments in the final were not necessarily the stylish nose riding of Wayne Diva and Sam Tehan, nor the crisp cutbacks of Chris Quirk and Peter Chapman. No, on this fine day the judges were impressed by the fearless coffin wipeout of Kevin Hornhardt, closely followed by the free falling face plant of Wally Benecke. On ya boys, how much do I love this joint……….


And to the presentations. All going smoothly till the Prez was reprimanded about his well ironed board shorts.

One simple answer. All my stylin doesn’t just come in the water. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa….

See youse all next month



Full Results:

1 Sam Tehan
2 Wayne Diva
3 Richard Stomps
4 Dale Fraser
5 Greg Furmage

1 Dave Fraser
2 Peter Chapman
3 Grant Wignall
4 Richard Townsend
5 Mick Lipping
6 Laurie Miller

1 Henry Brycki
2 Michael Traynor
3 John Dicks
4 Tim Pearson
5 Glenn Gilligan
6 John Campbell

1 Chris Quirk
2 John Radcliffe
3 Kim Lipping
4 Peter Davison
5 Kevin HornHardt

1 Bec Salsbury
2 Imke Fehrmann
3 Wally Benecke
4 Bill Norman
5 Rod Clarke
6 Dave Byron

1 Kevin Hornhardt (BEST WIPEOUT)