March Contest Report

As 7.30 rolled around, and there were only 4 surfers hugging the rail of knowledge, thoughts of cancelling todays comp flooded my mind. In the famous words of Lara Bingle “where the bloody hell are ya” I thought as I watched another one foot peeler gently wash upon the shores of Lake Bondi.

Suddenly cars, boards, bicycles and frothers arrived on mass and the numbers soon swelled to 30. WTF…….


Comments such as “we’ve surfed worse” and “maybe next week will be smaller” soon convinced me to drag the tents out and get this show on the road. Many old stalwarts were absent with trips up the coast, abroad or just hungover, so it was up to a few newbies to help get us started.


A management decision was made to run the contest purely in the carpark and as I watched Stephen McCarthy carefully hang up the rashies he had lovingly laundered for us I knew not everyone was on the same page. Ah, over here Steve, we’re not using the shed today.


Without Dave Byron and the kitchen bitches to feed us I knew there would be some cranky starters today but the Red Bull girls showed up in the nick of time to give the boys a shot of caffeine and sugar. Once pumped full of chemicals, the boys are a lot more manageable.


Aloha to Dave who recently underwent prostrate sugery and is doing well after some extra time in hospital and I know each and every one of you sends him their love and hopes he has a speedy recovery. Shit we’ll starve if he doesn’t…………… On a brighter note is was nice to see Dave’s face at the contest just chillin with the boys and getting back on track.


Another absentee returning was the lovely Jo, fresh from her trip to Hawaii. And wasn’t she keen to show off her photos and tan. It was lovely to see her so animated and fresh and I guess part of all of us was on that trip with her. Good on you Jo…….. now get back to work and add those scores.


No music forced us to go back to old school values and have conversations with each other and the massive sledging I was privvy to hear, give and receive soon made me realise why we really have music.


Squashy turned up late in his last night’s clothes and was pleased to find that they were not soiled, vomited on or creased in any way. I figure he must have slept standing up. Not to be left out of the day’s proceedings he quickly organised a meeting with Al and a few others at the Rathouse in case he sobered up before lunchtime.


In the meantime Paul Armstrong was doing a stellar job keeping the judges nervous and guessing, with his spot quizzes on wave count. Some new members got so scared that they went AWOL quite conveniently when their turn to judge arrived.


“3 Mats” (Al Brown) was in the thick of it taking spectacular shots (on a less than inspiring day) on his Bondi Hire Mat. Everyone loved posing for him as he splashed, kicked and snapped his way around the inside toilet bowl. The surf was small but Al has a way of making it look fabulous. Thanks Al for cranking up the fun on a lacklustre day.


And so to the surfing. Well to tell you the truth I didn’t watch very much as the waves didn’t produce enough grunt to hold my interest. Still, everyone had smiles on their faces and I guess this is just what the Bondi Longboard Club is all about…… smiles and fun with a modicum of serious surfing just to keep the purists happy.


The finals were  fought out with vim and vigour and in the end six worthy sufers held their trophies aloft to signify dominance on this beautiful March Bondi day.


Slippery Sam Tehan again dominated the firsts and I guess we’ll just have to pray for a huge swell next month to find out if he’s just a small wave specialist.


To all the new members, welcome and enjoy the camaraderie that is unique to our club. Surf hard and surf well but don’t be disappointed if you don’t win. It’s all about the journey………

See you all in April



Full Results for March 2010

1.Sam Tehan
3.Nick H
4. Richard T
5.Dale Fraser

1. Wiggle
2.Laurie Miller
3.Peter Chapman
4.Dave Fraser
5.John Dicks

1.Michael T
2.Michael Lipping
3. Stompsy
4. Tim Pearson

1. Glenn Gilligan
2. Kim Lipping
3.George H
4. Steve Mc Carthy

2.Rodger Jamieson
3.Craig Leggit
4.Car Park
5. Prez (DNS)

1.Wayne D
2.Rod C
3.Bec Salsbury
4. Jonty A’Hern
5.Peter D