February Contest Report

Ahhhhh February. If the humidity and flies don’t get you the bluebottles surely will.

What happened to January and all the promises we made about getting serious about life?. Shit we’re surfers, and surfers don’t get serious about nuthin, they just get browner and wrinklier in February.


And so another contest rolls around with more glorious weather, warm sands and tiny rollers to help us on our way. Why the hell would you be anywhere else or hang out with any other people?


The sun drilled holes in our skulls as we lovingly prepared the scene for another battle in the breakers. Lots of new faces appeared out of nowhere and were welcomed into the fold by many more smiling faces. The new generator made a grand entrance and will now be affectionately known as “ The Doug” after Doug Haynes kindly donated it to the club. On ya Dougy and many thanks. He then lovingly gave it new life by pouring its first mix of petrol followed by a gentle pull. No, the generator not himself.

It coughed, it spluttered and finally roared to life like a victor lawnmower on steroids.  RIP old generator and good  f*#*en riddance to you. Viva The Doug!


So, back to the contest. With the microphone safely back where it belongs, (in my palm) I put it to good use by naming and shaming those members that had conveniently forgotten their subscriptions (for the last 7 months!). Amazingly money came out of nowhere and I can happily announce the club is flush with money again. On top of this, 4 new members added their names to our ranks and I am sure you will get to know them all a little better over the coming months. A big Aloha to Peter Davison, Sam Tehan, Jonty Ahern and Dave Fraser.

My new scribe Kim Lipping delicately wrote the heat names on the board and I was soon voted out of ever writing on that board again. Thanks Kim!


With waves lacking a litle punch, and the tide due to take even more sting out of them later on, we got rolling just after 8.30 am with five well credentialed heats.

Short rides were the order of the day but with 23 degree water temperature and 30 degree air temperature, no one really cared. The finals positions were soon decided and we happily scoffed down breakfast and chugged on  few red bulls whilst the judges took a rest from their lofty positions.

And what about the judging? I duly noted a score of 0.5 given to one competitor who probably hadn’t even paddled for the wave to get this, whilst another scored a perfect set of 3.5’s for all 5 waves he rode. Me thinks a little judging instruction might be in order.


Nonetheless all went smoothly and the finals were soon being fought out in the deteriorating conditions. Most tried their damnedest to inscribe their names on a trophy for another month, but in the end youthful exuberance (let alone precise noseriding) won the day. Newcomer “Slippery” Sam Tehan (Thanks Dave for not letting us wait too long for his nickname) winning the day. I guess it must help to ride your own branded board. Other noteables were Peter Chapman who had his best result to date with a 3rd in the 1sts final. Also “DJ” Dave Fraser managed a creditable 2nd in the 4ths final in only his first contest.


The raffle came and went with Foghorn having to settle for his girl winning a prize rather than him. Imke got a new leggie and who knows what fun and games her and her man plan for this new nylon toy. Glenn Gilligan got a size 38 pair of boardies and I can’t wait to see him fill those out with his skinny little legs.


Special thanks to Wally Beneke and Paul Singer who did a “Dave” whilst he was away and cooked us a hearty breakfast. Also thanks to John at Drippin Wet for making the raffle happen again as well as our new product sponsor Red Bull for keeping us old blokes jumping.


Well the friendly banter and sledging of this club always gives me a warm feeling inside but could we direct it at someone else next month fellas I’m getting a little fragile.

Giddyup you Bondi Longboarders, see ya next month.


Full Results February 2010

1.Sam Tehan
2. Grant Wignall
3. Peter Chapman
4. Glenn Gilligan
5. Steve Czintos

1.Mick Lipping
2. Richard Stomps
3. Dale Fraser
4. Greg Nelson
5. Roger Jamieson

1. Henry Brycki
2. John Dicks
3. Laurie Miler
4. Tim Pearson
5. Craig Legget (DNS)

1.Milan Debelak
2. Dave Fraser
3.Kim Lipping
4.Jonty Ahern
5. Kevin Hornhardt

1.Steven McCarthy
2. Tim Kirby
3. Guy Holden
4. Imke Fehrmann
5. Wally Beneke (DNS)
5. Paul Singer (DNS)