January Contest Report

Surprisingly the answer was yes. Small clean peelers in the 1-2 foot range but none the less, waves…….


I was greeted by Dave Byron and John Connolly who as usual were way ahead of the mob and had nearly half the gear out already. Two  great clubmen who deserve recognition for their efforts.


Other sleepy heads soon arrived, some opting for a quick surf whilst others decided to lend  hand. Some sported hangovers after a night celebrating Paul Armstrong’s birthday the night before. I’m sure this isn’t the first time he’s turned 53, but what the hell, Happy Birthday Paul and many more surfs to come.


As all neared readiness the generator decided to chuck a hissy fit and not kick over. After approximately 10 of us lost the use in our right arms after trying to “pull” start it, it was suggested that maybe a clutch start might be in order. {As I pictured Matt And Jarrod running along with the generator above their heads and me ceremoniously sitting on top whilst trying to start it, I was interrupted by Zeeman telling us that the spark plug probably needing cleaning as it was flooded with petrol and probably rusted}. Oh well, back to reality and the knowledge this comp would have no music or even my melodious voice yelling out orders over the PA system.


The barbie sizzled as Dave poured copious amounts of cream into his famous scrambled eggs whilst telling us about his sunburnt eyes. Ouch, but you did get a great surf in whilst I was workin’ the day before, so no sympathy from this club member.


The usual suspects signed up for the heats and Claire Norman (after complaining how crook she was) couldn’t wait to hit the water and mix it up with the blokes again. Boyfriend Tom was on hand for some love and sympathy but had I put them in the same heat I think this may have quickly dried up.


Steve Zee carefully lined up his quiver and expounded the beauty of his selection to any poor soul who ventured into his direction. Nice to see you back defending the over 55’s Steve.


Wiggle as usual turned up with seconds to spare before his heat and entered the water like a man who was invincible.


The first two heats were blessed with small rideable waves and most competitors easily caught their maximum 6 waves before the 20 minutes was up.

And then mother natured reared her ugly head and spat out a southerly with blatant disregard for the day we had planned. Heats 3 and 4 bore the brunt and little to no fun was had scrambling for a wave in the trying conditions. Even so Steven McCarthy tried very hard to out-psych The Prez with some choice comments and sneaky interference. Alas to no avail, The Prez sneaked home with a couple of cheater 5’s whilst Steven had to be content with 2nd.

The controversy continued when Heat ? was thrown into disarray with the judges sheets and rashies not correlating. Foghorn got a sixth and gave the judges a blast that could have halted The Queen Mary. On closer examination he was in the wrong rashie and jumped back to 1st so that peace was restored to our tranquil shores.


There were no real highlights and the day ended early due to lack of swell. Only one competitive round was surfed but the smiles were all still there as the 15th Year of The Bondi Longboard Club had commenced, albeit with similar poor conditions as  experienced  throughout 2009.


Still, we must be thankful for what we get and hopefully Huey will come off vacation and bless us with swell in February and beyond.


Nice to see most of you again helping to support the club, and if I didn’t mention your name, then its not because I don’t like you, its probably that you didn’t annoy or drop in on me during the day.


See youse all next month



January Results:

Heat 1
1.Tom Bunting
2.Grant Wignall
3.Glenn Gilligan
4.Wally Beneke
5.Kevin Hornhardt
6.Laurie Miller

Heat 2
1.Greg Nelson
2.Chris Quirk
3.Claire Norman
4.Steve Czintos
5.Tim Kirby
6.Darren Ryan

Heat 3
1.Dale Fraser
2.Rodger Jamieson
3.Richard Stomps
4.Matthew Bradley
5.Jared Twaddell
6.Tim Pearson

Heat 4
1.Henry Brycki
2.Stephen Mc Carthy
3.Peter Chapman
4.John Dicks
5.John connolly
6.John Wolfe