September 2009 Report

As the sun shone brightly and the ocean glistened invitingly, I could only marvel at the great gifts we had all been blessed with on this glorious Spring day. The conditions were almost too good to be true and I had to pinch myself repeatedly  to believe that Bondi was delivering its finest for a Longboard comp. We have had much foul weather and many miserable, unrideable days of small waves but today…………..  well today was what it was it was all about. You know what I’m talking about.


Most could not wait to get amongst it, and truth be known I snuck out for a free surf myself before my heat only to cop a gobful from Claire for taking things too seriously. Sorry Claire.


A small band of happy surfers soon had all in readiness and the heats began with a flurry.

The Wiggle was up to his usual tricks winning the first heat whilst Steve (the boxer) Czintos snatched his heat with some carefully thought out manoeuvres. Greg Nelson on his 11ft boat was too strong, whilst light-footed Claire Norman was a standout in her’s. Late arrival John Radcliffe muscled his way to a victory in the 5th heat after complaining to everyone (that would listen) that his board was a shocker. Nice try one John.


The vibe in the water was great all day and most were happy to spend some quality time (and waves) with their mates. Most of us know what the Aloha spirit is whilst others just don’t get it. The friendly banter, sledging and general high jinx in the water is a testament to the great nature of the people in this club. Tall, short, fat , thin, male, female, rich, poor, hot surfer,  total kook……..It doesn’t really matter. As A wise man once stated,”the best surfer is always the one having the most fun”  and I’m sure we’’ll all agree that much fun was had on this beautiful September day.


The swell kept on a comin’ and the day just kept us roasting, whilst Dave and the bitches* kept our tummies full with magnificent chicken schnitzel wraps.

The judges worked overtime with a few minor discretions noted but all in all most surfers kept the code.

The few brave girls who joined our merry band on this inspiring day certainly added colour and highlight and were rewarded with some good placings. Claire encountered a cranky shortboarder whilst I encountered an absolute lunatic. Still, the sun was shining, the tunes were blaring and life was generally good.


Parking spots were a premium as usual and the familiar song of

“you goin mate” soon filled our ears and reminded us summer was just a breath away.


The 8 footers and finals soon came and went and the lucky ones would hang on to these precious trophies right through till January as this was the last point scoring comp for the year.


Jo busily did the calculations whilst we raffled off another bounty generously donated by John Radcliffe and Dripping Wet – on ya John!


Needless to say Foghorn’s ticket was the first called out and if raffles were an Olympic sport he surely would be our first Gold Medallist.


And so to the results.

Wiggle kept his stranglehold on the 8 footers though that early drop in will probably sour his celebrations somewhat.

In the 5th’s the evergreen (but mostly red) Wally grabbed another trophy whilst the winsome Kim added another trophy to her cache by winning the 4th’s. John Dicks surprised even himself by taking out the 3rd’s and is definitely the best improver this year as he comes to grips with being called a long-boarder. The 2nd’s saw Dale score his hat-trick and I wonder why he just doesn’t try to snag the 1st’s?

And so to the 1st’s. This years best and most consistent surfer again shined in the ideal conditions, once again proving he is a man for all seasons. On ya Wiggy, another month of sleeping with two trophys can’t be all that bad.


The final point scoring results are all in and I have had a sneak peek at the final standings for the year. All placings are close and one lucky surfer rocketed from 4th to 2nd in the standings by performing well in the last contest. Who’ll get the money (SDS vouchers) this year? Well ,you’ll just have to come to the Christmas Party this year to find out. Don’t forget Saturday November 28th at The Icebergs. Stick it in your calendar and I’ll see you all there.


Thanks one and all for another fun season “competing” against you all and making me a proud old Prez. A pleasure to be acquainted with each and every one of you.



Full Results for September to follow:

8 Footers
1 Grant Wignall
2 Henry Brycki
3 Glen Gilligan
4 Richard Townsend
5 Steve Joy
6 Guy Holden

1 Grant Wignall
2 John Radcliffe
3 Claire Norman
4 Greg Nelson
5 Steve Czintos

1 Dale Fraser
2 Glenn Gilligan
3 Richard Townsend
4 Tony Ebeyer
5 Henry Brycki

1 John Dicks
2 Chris Stonefield
3 Steve Joy
4 Chris Quick
5 Dave Byron

1 Kim Lipping
2 Bill Norman
3 Trista Vallentine
4 Simon Jeffrey
5 Guy Holden

1 Wally Beneke
2 John Connolly
3 Paul Singer
4 Bec Salsbury
5 Imke Fehrmann