August Contest Report

With the promise of 28 degrees and the endless perving possibilities that would ensue, I hurried down to  3rd ramp. Once again I was bitterly disappointed as all the “setting up” had already been done. Oh well, Stan has taught me well and my timing is still impeccable. That being said, my heart swelled enormously as I felt the good vibes abounding in this most hallowed surfing ground.


The surf again was a little lacklustre but with lots of frothers scurrying around waxing their boards, taking their anti inflammatories and sipping their lattes I knew we had another “cracker” on its way.

The only missing item was music and I soon discovered that a vital lead was missing. The “brains trust” promised me they had scoured the beach from top to bottom. The police had been called in, and a Royal Commission was to start on Monday to ascertain  what had really happened. As I casually  glanced around the connections I noticed one unaccounted lead dangling freely from a socket. I plugged it in and presto we had music. It’s good to be the Prez!


Having solved another world crisis I turned my attention to the heat draw. The usual whingeing and whining followed by those who didn’t want to compete against Kelly Slater, Mark Richards or Tom Carroll in their first round. Others had to be in heat 3 as they had to deliver bread to loved ones, breast feed or simply have 3 coffees before they could face the rigours of a 20 minute heat.  But, we were soon underway, and under the ever watchful and stern eye of Paul Armstrong the first heat paddled out around 8.30am.


With the rip running at about 20 knots and our best paddlers only managing 10, the comp was soon swept halfway down south with the occasional right-hander showing a little promise for those who could out-fox the current.


The “passing parade” kept the judges amused between sets, and proved to be a most pleasant eyeful. As the temperature rose  the “puppies” came out to play and a glorious day just got better and better.

Hmmmmmmm…….puppies………. and back to the surf comp.


New members mixed it with visitors who in turn mixed it with old timers to provide some great entertainment in the moderate conditions. In the end, two gorgeous girls made it to the final with our four (not so lovely) old timers also keen to grab the trophy.


Other highlights of the day included 2 contestants wearing the same coloured rashie and thus quickly running up the six wave count. The cappuccino kid  Keith Goss rode 6 waves with a total “stand up” time of 6 seconds flat. Surely a club record that will stand for many years to come. Then,  from the sublime to the ridiculous. Tim Pearson must have set a world record by getting his maximum six waves finished in a time of 8 minutes and 15 seconds.

Somebody tell him its not a speed contest.


In the food tent it looked as though Dave had covered himself in Crisco oil as his new Hawaii tan glistened in the sunshine. He’s becoming quite the Bondi “Fabio” with his long locks and constant tan. The other usual suspects Walrus and Yoda could only dream of such a tan and hoped that some of it would rub off on to them as they carried out Dave’s orders with vigour and enthusiasm.


Foggie chucked a footy with his son whilst Deano gave a skateboard lesson to his on the grass. Yes the Bondi long boarders were in full swing with the next generation just waiting to take their places on this sacred soil. Zeeman talked fins, Billy Norman played with his dog, John Dicks carefully waxed his board and looked “Thimply Thtunning” in his new olive wetsuit whilst Josh and Matt simply soaked up all the atmosphere. John Connolly looked fetching in yet another pair of designer sluggos and his fashion crimes constantly amaze one and all. Trista told bad jokes as Dale enjoyed the freedom of no family commitments on this fine day. Wiggle brushed his hair whilst Squiggle could only dream of those flowing locks and the 8 foot trophy which was firmly entrenched inside the red corolla.

Singo and Steve Joy and Richard T showed us some soulful moves  while Tim Kirby and Gary talked 15 types of philosophy and bullshit. And the girls, well the girls just added colour to an almost perfect day.


I ask you all, does it really get any better than this?


The raffle came and went with Foggie not scoring a brass razoo. Hmmmmm… me thinks the world is off its axis or there was high jinks afoot.


And so to the results. As Deano John, Greg and The Prez did the walk of shame (in the 1sts Final) it was left to the lovely Justine and Kim to battle out the big money. In the end the highly graceful newcomer Justine took first place with Kim getting the Club trophy for August. On ya Kimmy, can’t wait to see the look on hubby’s face when you shove  that one on the dinner table.


With little fuss we packed up and reflected on another marvelous day in Bondi Longboard history. Fun had by all and lasting memories of a day spend with friends, loved ones and fellow frothers will keep us glowing inside for yet another month


Winter is nearly over, so let the crowds, sunshine and sparkling swells overwhelm us and drag us kicking and screaming into spring .


Good surfing and good health to you all.



Full Results for August

5.John R
6.Greg N

2.Richard T
3.Chris F
5.Paul S

3.Steve Z
4.John D

1.Steve J
2.Tim K
3.John C

2. Chris S
3.Tim P

8 footers
3.Paul A
4. Dave B