July Contest Report

As I raced down Campbell Parade after a nice lie in, “The good, the bad and the ugly” startled me from my daydream and the mellow tone of Al Brown’s voice hummed in my ear. “Where the f**k are you he politely inquired in his most dulcet tone.

Ahhhhh……………I could feel another fine day upon me at the Bondi Longboard Club, where mates are mates and the caring and sharing never ends.


And so to the comp. The day was deluxe and the surf, well, Bondi wasn’t at its best but what the hell, there were trophies to be had and burgers to be eaten. And what about the trophies! For some inexplicable reason all 6 trophies miraculously appeared and were ready to be presented to our eager frothers. And didn’t surfers re-emerge  from everywhere. Soon all six heats were filled up thanks to a stack of newbies and youngsters who were keen to prove their new equipment and fresh moves could bamboozle the old timers and send them back to Dripping Wet to find an equaliser.


The early heats had the best of the hapless surf and old warriors as well as first-timers mixed it up to provide the judges with many 3 and 4 point uninspired rides. A few brisk nose rides by Dave Norman and Paul Scholtan saw them emerge as early favorites. Other heat wins saw Mick Lipping, Richard T, The Wiggle and John Radcliffe book their places in the 1sts final;.

The Walrus was seen dancing a jig as he won a moral victory by outscoring The Prez in the mostly uninspiring conditions. Did I mention the conditions weren’t very good?

In another cheery story, Becky sealed a 3rd place in her heat to clearly have her best result of the season. On ya Beck!

Anyway, the finals were soon upon us and with slightly improved conditions the battles raged on.


The 6ths saw Kim Lipping get a “walkover” with the other finalists too scared to take her on.

The 5ths was as strong as any final with Steve Czintos (fresh from a practice session in Telos Island) getting the judges nod.

The ever cunning Prez secured the 4ths trophy and now only needs the 2nds and 5ths to have a complete set. Can anyone challenge this master of manipulation. Stay tuned for the outcome.

The 3rds saw Peter C sneak home ahead of some stiff competition in the crumbling conditions. Hey does everyone know how poor the surf was this fine day?


The 2nds proved the surprise of the day with Dale Fraser a shock victor over the newcomer Po who did his best to upset the Bondi stalwart.

On ya Dale, keep the old boys flag flying a little longer.

And so to the 1sts. With Mick, Wiggle, Rich and John giving away decades in age (as well as brain cells) it was left to Dave Norman to defend the trophy from the fleet footed newcomer. Alas he fell short (on count-back) this day and Paul Scholtan held the trophy high on his first outing with the BLC.


In other news, the 8 footers saw The Wiggle maintain his strangle hold on his pet event though some shell tampering on his beloved trophy would certainly have repercussions in the future.

Kudos of the day must go to the Lippings as they took  home the 6ths trophy as well as placing 3rd in the 1sts final. What a rocking time they would have at home that night reliving their day of glory. Now, is it me or has anyone noticed that Mik spelt backwards is Kim and Kim spelt backwards is Mik. Hmmmmm………..what does it mean?


On a personal note, thanks to Walrus and Wally who unselfishly stayed behind to help me clean up our storage area and bomb the hell out of those Bondi cockroaches who have taken up quarters their.

Finally a record that may stand the test of time. I passed Jimac trophies at 10.15am on Tuesday morning, saw he was open (wow), popped in, he inscribed my trophy on the spot and I was out at 10.18am.

Believe it or not but it really happened, and, it could happen to you. Yeah right!

See ya all in August you wax headed paddlers.



1.Paul Scholtan
2.Dave Norman
3.Mick Lipping
4.Grant Wignall
5.Richard Townsend
6.John Radcliffe

1.Dale Fraser
3.Clare Norman
5.Glen Gilligan
6.Chris Stonefield

1.Peter C
2.Scott Robinson
3.Steve Joy
4.Tim Pearson

1.Henry Brycki
2.John Dicks
3.Matt B
4.Wally Beneke
5.Paul Singer

1.Steve Czintos
2.Bill Norman
3.Tim kirby

1.Kim Lipping

8 footers
1.Grant Wignall
2.Richard Townsend
3.Al Brown
4.Scott Robinson
5.Tim Pearson
6.Glen Gilligan