March 2009 Contest

The helpers were out early, erecting tents, waxing boards and preparing for the ensuing battle. The unfavorable tide saw a short delay in proceedings but when we finally got underway many a broad grin was seen on those entering the water. How lucky are we to be able to have our contest on the best beach in the world. Yeeehaaaaa!


The heats were a little laboured as the number of waves divided by the number of surfers did not correlate. Still, we’ve surfed worse.

A few shore break re’os and hang five sand stomps were the order of the day, and soon the pecking order had been established for the finals.

One of our own, Stephen McCarthy took a nasty one in the scone (of his own volition), and had a few anxious moments of pins and needles.  I can gladly say that he has been given the all clear by his doctor.


The i pod blared, the bacon sizzled, the judges scribbled frantically and Paul Armstrong kept a close watch on the stopwatch.


Several new members signed up and competed on the day and were astonished at how friendly everyone was towards them. Wait till Dave gives you your official nickname before you pass judgement on this club (it could get ugly).


Bacon and eggs a la Dave was as good as ever and helped many go straight to the final of the 8 footers. As hard as we try we just can’t knock Wiggle off the top of the hill and he claimed that prize for the third month in a row (some sort of record I’m sure). Come on you 8 footers, have a crack and end his reign of glory as I for one am sick of reliving his victory stories month after month after month after day after hour after……………


The 6th’s saw Dave too lazy to bring the trophy back so he just won it again to save him the trouble.

The 5th’s saw Paul  “Singo” Singer under a lot of pressure having to outclass the girls to save pride but still managing to put in a few soulful moves.

The 4th’s was again hotly contested with Chris  “Walrus” Stonefield managing to hold off the opposition. As an aside here, His 11 foot 2 inch red  AIPA board may be the “winningest” board in the club as both Walrus and Dave won on them this month with Nimbin also getting a trophy on it last month. Come on Stan get your act together and stop letting the team down.

The 3rd’s saw a major shock with new member Lewis Lorizzo sneaking home in his first contest to grab the spoils and trophy. Good on ya “newby”.


The 2nd’s ended up being the biggest count-back in Bondi history with a count-back all the way to the 4th best wave. Greg “Foghorn” Nelson somehow impressed the judges a little more than John “Yoda” Campbell who could only dream of what might have been had he bothered to catch a fourth wave.

And finally the 1st’s where we were trying to stop the domination of Grant “Wiggle” Wignall for yet another month. Well my friends, for anyone who’s interested, I can tell you it took almighty determination, and one magical wave on that sun blessed March morning that finally brought him crashing to earth. Great surfing also from finalists Paul Armstrong and Ross Smith who made it a very tight contest that anyone could have won on the day. In the end, a magic moment arrived for your scribe and a better moment I have not had for a very long time. I thank Huey and “youse” all.



I am most pleased to say that not one person was negligent in their assistance to make this a great day for everyone. We all chipped in and the load was light. The comp ran like clockwork and we managed to wrap up around 2pm when all the raffle prizes and trophies had been dished out.

Special thanks again to head judge Paul Armstrong, our chef Dave Byron, the kitchen bitches and all the committee members who always pull their weight. It brings me great joy to see us all helping each other both in and out of the water and the great spirit  with which our contests are run. As most would agree its not about the trophies but simply sharing great moments with your mates and a laugh or two (always at somebody else’s expense of course).

Aloha and keep on frothin you longboarders.


Full Results for March are:

8 Footers
1st – Grant Wignall
2nd – Tim Pearson
3rd – Henry Brycki
4th – Glen Gilligan
5th – Steve Joy
6th – Wally Beneke

1st – Henry Brycki
2nd – Grant Wignall
3rd – Ross Smith
4th – Paul Armstrong

1st – Greg Nelson
2nd – John Campbell
3rd – Wally Beneke
4th – Tim Pearson

1st – Lewis LoRizzo
2nd – Steve Joy
3rd – Tim Kirby
4th – Bill Kriketos

1st – Chris Stonfield
2nd – Roger Jamieson
3rd – Darren Corner
4th – Vaughan Kirby

1st – Paul Singer
2nd – Trista
3rd – Imke

1st – Dave Byron
2nd – Chau Luong
3rd – John Connolly