February contest

Only a small band of “true believers” arrived this Sunday morn but were greeted with conditions that were a welcome relief after months of “crap” banks and “crapier” swell.

Everyone pitched in with great aplomb and alacrity and soon all was in readiness for another fun filled day .

John Connolly turned up resplendent in matching red top, boardies and ankle strapping, which gave him an air of invincibility (or shark bait depending on whom you listened to)


3 heats of the 9 footers followed by 2 heats of the 8 footers were contested in clean conditions with a nice 3-5 foot NE swell. Heat one was the pick (and the toughest to compete in) as the latecomers and stragglers tested their skills in 2 and 3. Wiggle danced his way through the 1st whilst the Prez was blessed by an abundance of waves in the second, followed by Russell Thomas who managed to outclass his rivals in the third.

The 8 footers was a little deja vu with Wiggle again getting the money in the first heat, and Huey giving the Prez  a late birthday present in the second.

Paul Armstrong kept a tight reign on the judges and Stan soon found himself in the sinbin as his scores did not correlate with the high standard Paul had instilled in his charges

The food was as delightful as ever with Dave and the  new “kitchen bitches” frying and slicing their hearts out all day. Thanks to the new “bitches” JJ and Claire who learnt a new trade today which will make them  good wives to someone one day

Nimbin supplied us with stirring tunes, and followed up his first trophy win last month with another epic first. He becomes the first club member to have his comp rashy clean ripped off his body and sacrificed to Huey. Nice one Nimbin! Bye bye yellow.


On the other side of the grass, ex judge Stan kept his hair dry due to the ever-present bluebottles who seem to like him more than Foghorn likes his cappuccinos. He then hovered around Harley Ingleby like a kid around candy and after 100 attempts finally got a photo of him and Harley exchanging surf stories.

The conditions and weather just kept improving and as the finals hit the water a few waves got the arse ripped out of them by surfers who had been starved of size and inclination for a long time.

The thirds saw Zeeman come out victorious after a disappointing first heat whilst the seconds saw Claire outclass a lot of men who just may have to take a long hard look at themselves and stop eating bacon and egg rolls moments before their finals.

In the firsts, Wiggle was much too smooth and was a very worthy winner on the day

Finally the 8 footers, where “The Specialist”, Al Brown, took to the water with high hopes. He had been saving himself all day for this event and to show his commitment , limited himself to 10 Coopers  on Friday night in preparation for his assault on the title. Alas he fell one place short and The Wiggle did the coveted quinella and held both trophies aloft this fine day. Kudos to you Wiggle.

The raffle came and went, the trophies were safely tucked away and the music fell silent. Another great month in the history of the longboard club had been played out with all agreeing much fun and laughter had been shared .

A great joy for me to spend another fine Sunday with you all my friends and lets hope 2009 brings us all good health, good waves and great mateship.

Aloha, and keep on frothin.


Final Results for February:

1st & 2nd ‘s Final
1st :   Grant Wignall
2nd :   Steve Joy
3rd :    Henry Brycki
4th :    Dave Byron
5th :    Russell Thomas
6th :    Wally Benecke

3rd & 4th ‘s Final
1st:    Claire Norman
2nd :   Greg Nelson
3rd:    Bill Norman
4th:    Tim Pearson
5th:    Richard Townsend

5th & 6th ‘s Final
1st:    Steve Czintos
2nd:    Guy Holden
3rd:    Chris Stonefield

8ft Final
1st:    Grant Wignall
2nd:    Al Brown
3rd:    Henry Brycki
4th:   John Dicks
5th:    Richard Townsend