2008 Presentation Night

The rain tumbled, the Skeletones strummed and the beer flowed freely as the 2008 presentation night kicked off in honour of our many and varied surfers. Though the numbers were disappointing, those who were there had the special treat of seeing the first screening of The Chloe Byron Memorial Contest of 2008. Many hard hours of work went into its success and we are thankful to the cameramen, cinematographers and workers who made it possible. Special thanks to Snoopy who “busted his balls” to get it in on time.


Cheese, cheese, cheese yelled “Wendy” as we hardly made a dent into the feast of cheeses and delicacies laid before us. “Bingo” reminded us of how many days he had been without a Coopers before making up for every day he has been without, within a matter of hours.

The smokers congregated on the balcony and sent out a plume that could be seen all the way  to Cronulla. At times there were more puffers than dancers.


JJ brought along the “olds” to witness his triumph  but soon needed their help in removing his foot from his mouth when he mistook “The Prez’s” girlfriend for his daughter. Hmmmmm… I wonder if he’ll ever win another contest after that performance…………

Finally the awards, and a few upsets were in the offing but all in all, the awards were received in great spirit and all were happy to covet the lovely cedar trophies that will soon grace their mantelpieces, backsheds or garbo bins depending on what the wife says.

The girls all looked great, the view was delightful and the guys…. well the guys just drank, ate and talked 15 different types of bullshit whilst believing every word they said.


And so 2008 has come and gone, some good days and some cancelled contests. Whilst Huey is fickle and Bondi everchanging, we are still thankful for the great times we have shared together (mostly your waves and not mine) and I look forward to a bigger and better season with you all in 2009. Merry Christmas to all and I hope Santa hasn’t lost your address.

Aloha and keep on frothin



Results for 2008  

20 – 39 years :
1st :   J J Starr
2nd :   Daniel Foreman
3rd :   Vaughan Kirkby
4th :   Michael Weeding
Adam Baker
5th :   Tyrone Robertson

40 – 49 years :
1st :   Rob Smith
2nd :   Richard Townsend
3rd :   Henry Brycki
4th :   Dale Fraser
Grant Wignall

50 years & over :
1st :   Steve Czintos
2nd :   Wally Beneke
3rd :   Paul Singer
4th :   Chris Stonefield
5th :   Stan Peters
6th :   Tim Pearson

Women :
1st :   Trista Vallentine
2nd :   Suzie Grant
3rd :   Claire Norman

8 Foot :
1st :   Rob Smmith
2nd :   Tim Pearson
3rd :   Grant Wignall
4th :   Henry Brycki
Al Brown
5th :   Steve Joy

SoundWaves 2008

Ocean, Art & Music will take place on December 11th 2008 at Sahnia Restaurant & Bar (106 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach). Art exhibition opens at 6pm sharp, with music to follow. Tickets are available at the door for $15 or presale for $10. All Soundwaves profits are donated to SurfAid.

For further information,

contact Christian (0424 810 619).

Soundwaves is bringing the laid back beats of King Tide, The Sniffer Dogs and Dubbly to Bondi on December 11th 2008.


This years event will also include a one-night only exhibition of art and photography from talented artists and surf art staples such as Ben Waters, Chris Prestidge, Dan Mashman, Eugene Tan, Luke Taaffe, Ozzie Wright, Stephen Evans, Trent Edward, Trent Mitchell and more.


Soundwaves benefits SurfAid and fifty percent of every ocean-inspired artwork sold will be donated to the not-for-profit. So get down, go bananas on art and enjoy the sounds of a rockin’ beach party, Bondi style.