July 08

Whilst playing poker with the Pope on Saturday night, he assured me there would be a nice swell on Sunday morning. After catching him with a pair of aces up his sleeve I wondered if he really was the Pope. Still he sounded like Arnold Swhwarzenegger and was wearing a red beanie, so who was I to argue!!!! 4 Royal Flushes in a row only proved to me he must be who he said he was.

Well I’m here to tell you pilgrims, that there are some things even beyond the abilities of his Holiness. It appears Huey won that arm wrestle again and we were only greeted by a meagre 1 foot swell on a rising tide. Still, ever the optimists, we decided to push ahead and run the contest. (the curse of the 3rd Sunday would not dampen our spirit: as a wise man once said “its not always about the waves”…….oh yeah, that was me).

After a lightning fast set up, the first of the 5 heats hit the water with 10 foot Pearson Arrows dominating the landscape as far as one could see. Richard T crept his way to first place in the chilly conditions. The next heat saw even less swell, with wave selection a premium. The VP tried to slice up the Walrus after he saw him get a screamer whilst El Presidente tried a new board he may wish to forget.

Stompsy showed that age and lack of waves couldn’t stop him whilst JJ simply did his thing to score the two highest waves of the day with a 9 and an 8.

The surprise packet of the day was the Wiggle returning a mere 3 months after an horrific injury left him with a terribly fractured elbow. Defying doctors advice he took to the water like a grommet wagging school. Though paddling was a problem, he hadn’t lost any of the magic once to his feet.

To everyones shagrin, Dave was unable to conjure up breakfast, so we rolled straight into the finals whilst Dave hurriedly fired up the barbie for some savoury shasliks. Delicious as ever thanks Dave.

The 5ths final saw Daniel again grab a trophy from the fast finishing Paul Singer and Keith Goss. The 4ths had Tim Pearson out point Vaughn and the Walrus, whilst the 3rds had Karl Timms too strong for Dale Fraser and Steve Joy.

As the surf got smaller, wave selection would be the only thing separating 1st and 5th place, and the 2nds and 1sts were no exception The final results were mostly decided on countback.

The 2nds saw Crammy work some nice moves on this new “weapon” with Clare and Steve having to settle for the minors.

The 1sts was going to be a tough ask for anyone against JJ (who has been on the boil the last few months). Only a  little extra “nose work”  finally clinched it for him as the upset of the century loomed, with the one armed paddler still being a force to reckon with.

Like Greg Norman (later that night), he almost pulled off the comeback of the century. Alas, he had to settle for second. Good on you Wiggle, we raise our hats to you and admire your courage and determination.

And so another short and sweet contest came to an end, yet the Bondi Longboard Spirit seems to be dwindling. It is your scribes observation that the same faces seem to set up and pack up month after month with never a word of complaint whilst others are quite happy to watch and eat before finally racing off home..

There were 5 heats of 5 surfers yesterday, yet less than 10 people remained for the presentation and the final clean up which still managed to culminate before 1pm. Hmmmmmmm………Secondly, we often had to manage with 3 judges instead of 4 in the heats, let alone the finals. If we do not take pride in the running of our our club and give our time unselfishly one Sunday a month, then we will simply perish as a happy family  club  that looks after one another. Come on people, pull your fingers out, you know who you are. All I can say to anyone who ate the food and surfed the contest, yet didn’t help out is; “shame shame shame”, it is a pity you do not share the spirit of sharing the hard times as well as the good times with your fellow competitors and friends. I hope next month I am flooded by volunteers eager to strengthen the spirit and camaraderie in the club by lending a hand. Make me proud. If you can surf you can help.

Until then, wax up your boards, tighten your fins, shimmy into your steamers and keep on frothin for all your worth.



Full Results July 2008

4.Richard T

4.Andrew F

1.Karl T
3.Steve J
4.Chris Q

1.Tim P
3.Chris S

2.Paul s
3.Keith G
5.Tim K