May 2008

After yet another cancellation due to lack of waves, the May comp got under way 1 week late as seems to be the standard these days (perhaps we should always have it on the 4th Sunday as the 3rd is always crap…who knows)  Many sore heads arrived after a big night at Snoopy’s 60th whilst others were obvious by their absence. The new sound system blasted away and when we sort out the teething problems I’m sure it will prove to be a welcome addition to our Sunday comps.


The 8 footers took to the water first due to the very low tide and many “straighthanders”.  Yours truly was still on the sand when the judges decided to start the heat and I’m sure the old adage “I forgive but I never forget” will haunt the culprits in months to come.


A single competitive heat was fought out with new dad Rob Smith getting the nod over the fast finishing Tim P and your goodhearted VP. Congrats to Smitty on is new son, and hopefully he won’t hog all the trophies like his old man.


Next in the water were the 9 footers, in average yet highly contestable conditions.  Winning thru to the main final were John ‘Yoda’ Campbell, styling away in his own inimitable fashion.  John ‘Paris’ Radcliffe walking the nose like a youngster heading out for ice cream.  Col ‘Lizard’ Sutherland showing that age hasn’t slowed him down one bit.  Henry ‘Branson’ Brycki slashing away like a man on a suicide mission and finally Paul ‘Crammy’ Cram who still managed to perform magnificently albeit on a borrowed board.


Breakfast and lunch were lovingly prepared by our master chefs and with stomachs full we headed for the finals.


Meanwhile club members everywhere were buying lottery tickets as “Foghorn” wasn’t around which meant someone else might have a chance a cracking a good prize kindly donated by SDS and Dripping Wet (how would the club survive without them?).


The 5th’s saw much controversy as Dave Byron was granted a wild card entry (at the discretion of the VP) and surfed himself into Bondi Longboard history by jagging his first longboard trophy after many many years of trying. The fact that all the judges were promised extra large steak sandwiches may have weighed the final in is favour.  A very disappointed Walrus asked for an investigation but the score sheets seemed to mysteriously disappear.


The 4th’s were just as keenly fought out with Paul Singer winning a countback over Wal after the scores were tied.


The 3rd’s saw old man Zee sneak home from Trista who was keen to show some more girl power after Suzie’s impressive victory last month. Next time Trista.


Whilst many thought the 2nd’s was a foregone conclusion it turned out to be a nailbiter as all 4 finalists pushed Rob Smith to the edge before he finally blasted one off the lip to bring it home.


The 1st’s was a grudge match with frienships put on hold whilst some ‘hot’surfing was to be had.  Paris sank in to a bomb on his first ride and with it sank the hearts of nearly all the other competitors.  Lizard ignored this and fought tooth and nail to make up the difference.  Yoda and Branson did their thing but didn’t quite match up to the high standard set. Meanwhile Crammy forgot there was a contest and was running his own surf school in the unforgiving conditions.  He truly epitomises the essence of the Bondi Longboard Club by embracing fatherhood over his own desire to win.  Good on ya Crammy and the trophy for father of the year might still come your way one day.


As always, fun was had by all and we signed off on another successful (though small numbered) contest.


New grommet Liam was stoked to win the juniors trophy and the look on his face when given his prize was the reason we run contests.  Whether 8 or 80 we certainly love a trophy to brag about to our mates.


Next comp will see the start of winter and hopefully the end of Dave in his speedos.

Aloha to all, and keep on frothin for all your worth.




1John Radcliffe
2Col Sutherland
3Henry Brycki
4John Campbell
5Paul Cram

1Rob Smith
2Richard Townsend
3Daniel Foreman
4Steve Joy
5Tim Pearson

1Steve Czintos
2Trista Vallentine
3Jay P
4Guy Holden
5John Wartig

1Paul Singer
2Wally Beneke
3Stan Peters
4Martin Greer
5Suzie Grant

1Dave Byron
2Chris Stonefield
3Tim Kirkby
4Keith Goss
5Liam Wartig  (grommet)

8 footers
1Rob Smith
2Tim Pearson
3Henry Brycki
4John Wartig
5.Steve Joy
6Liam Wartig  (grommet)