March 2008

After another genius management decision by the President and VP, the March contest was postponed till the following week due to lack of waves.


And then it happened. After many hapless months of contests with bad waves and poor weather, Huey delivered us an Easter present of both waves and weather. A slight breeze combined with contestable 2-3 foot waves had all abuzz with the anticipation of testing themselves under the new format rules again.


Meantime Dave Byron had been sitting waiting patiently outside Coles at Westfield (since 7am) hoping to score some choice cuts of meat. The clock was nearing 8am and Dave suspected something was wrong, as the doors still remained firmly shut. A quick call to the VP and another crucial decision was made. Abandon Coles and head to IGA.


By now the heats were ready to hit the water and the intensity of what lay ahead filled everyone’s minds. Would Dave be able to secure enough bacon to make his world class BLT’s with avocado, or would some miss out and be forced to do the Christian thing and go “meatless” on this very holy day. You could cut the anticipation with a steak knife.


The first round saw a lot of jockeying for position with many friendships thrown out the window as everyone scrambled to win a place in their respective heats. Richard T was smooth as silk in wrapping up his heat with some stylish cutbacks and re-entries, all be it with one of them off a struggling shortboarders head.


Squashy quietly did his thing and never put a foot wrong winning through in his heat.


That old sea dog Yoda (John Campbell) stole the show in his heat and showed there were plenty of tricks left in this old pair of boardies.

The ultimate competitor Rob Smith shouted and snaked his way through friends and foes to progress, whilst new dad Dale Fraser proved that a lack of sleep (and sex) had not affected his ability to win a heat.


The juniors was a ding dong battle between Chyna and Bec and what they lacked in longboard etiquette they more than made up for in guts and determination.


The heats of the 8 footers followed with confusion and mayhem being the order of the day. The Easter shark arrived on schedule (The Bondi Rescue schedule that is) and the masses were herded out of the water so Channel 10 could get a great shot……. I mean for their safety. Meanwhile out in the water, JJ quietly kept racking up points on his Tolhurst wondering why no one was dropping in on him anymore. The crisis passed and the two heats were wrapped up with Wiggle stealing JJ’s Tolhurst and JJ letting us all know what he thought of the McCoy slugget, I mean nugget.

With the tide running out and lots of “kooks” running in, the Finals got under way in sunny conditions.


A shock result in the 5ths saw Suzie outpointing Darren to score one for the new mum’s. Amazingly she only had her bub just a few months ago and has only had a few surfs since. Way to go Suzie.


The 4ths saw Zeeman leading all the way with 2 very nice early waves only to see his dreams shattered in the dying minutes by El Presidente snatching a last minute ‘pearler’ all the way to the beach. After catching 9 scoring waves in his final, Zeeman was shattered and exhausted.


The 4ths was also filled with controversy when Kim Lipping only finished in 3rd place after receiving 4 perfect 10’s for her waves from one of the judges. Further investigation showed she had been sleeping with the unnamed judge and his scores were thrown out and disciplinary action may be considered (nice one Mick). In another twist, it was revealed that Mick had handed the other judges $10 notes and said there was a $1 in it for each point they gave her. One cunning judge was seen handing back $7 after consistently giving her 3’s.


An old grudge match was developing in the 3rds with Claire Norman trying to out sledge ‘yours truly’ before the start of this final. Trying to pull the old “I’m too sick to surf” routine she raced out into the line up hoping to get the sympathy vote. Mike Lipping, Weeds, Chris and I didn’t fall for this routine and I quietly let my new Robert August Sabre do the talking for me and happily took the trophy in the 3rds.


The 2nds saw the ever improving Stan take on Paul Armstrong, Steve Joy and the ever dangerous Wiggles and JJ.  Wiggles outfoxed them all snuck passed JJ in a nailbiting contest.


Finally the 1sts took to the water with everyone keen to knock last months winner Smitty off his perch. Dale, John and Richard just couldn’t get their groove on with the real battle shaping up between Squashy and Smitty. A massive late reo that stuck was enough to get Squashy home and a new champion was crowned.


The final of the 8 footers saw a mixture of styles emerge with the young gun JJ stealing back the Tolhurst and outshining Smitty, Deano and Al whilst turning the tables on Wiggles.


Huey had been kind to us this day, and all was right in the world again……….

But there was one more twist to come. The luckiest man on the planet (Foghorn) again terrorised the raffle and took home the sweetest fin (from FCS) you have ever seen. He is widely recognised as the ‘winningest’ raffle man in the club, so much so, that I have invested a dollar and bought a lottery ticket with him. Giddyup Foghorn.


As the shadows lengthened and the familiar shouts of “You goin mate” echoed through the carpark we looked towards April and the end of daylight savings. Winter and steamers would soon be upon us, yet the last throws of summer have not quite left our faces.


Thanks to all those that turned up, competed, cooked, cleaned, took photos, scored and generally helped out. Thanks especially to Dripping Wet and our other sponsers for the prizes, and thanks to Huey for letting us remember why we love surfing so much.




1stTyrone Robertson
2ndRob Smith
3rdDale Fraser
4thJohn Campbell

1stGrant Wignall
3rdPaul Armstrong
4thSteve Joy
5thStan Peters

1stHenry Brycki
2ndClaire Norman
3rdMick Lipping
4thMike Weeding
5thChris Stonefield

1stDaniel Foreman
2ndSteve Czintos
3rdKim Lipping
4thWally Beneke

1stSuzie Grant
2ndDarren Ryan
3rdSally Charles

2ndRob Smith
3rdDean Dunstone
4thAl Brown
5thGrant Wignall

Tie:Chyna Charles / Bec Salisbury