February 2008

The sea was angry that day my friends………


Well what a shit of a day to have our first full contest. The new format came into play and was met with as much confusion and bewilderment as a Quentin Tarantino movie.

A swirling southerly, crap waves, churning sand as well as bluebottles all added to the woes of most surfers. Nonetheless, 30 hardcore (foolhardy) competitors lined up on this day hoping for a place in Bondi Longboard folklore. 30 seconds out in the surf soon made them realise they were only “dreamin”.

The heats got underway at 8.30 (via our new air horn – specially purchased for those who can’t pick red from green, let alone day from night). With more than a 2 second ride hard to find, most surfers opted for a takeoff with a face plant as their preferred scoring manoeuvre. Tim Pearson quietly did his thing to progress along, whilst new comer Hank Mauthner surprised a few old campaigners to sneak through as well.

Richard T showed his grit and determination on his new “Sabre” whilst Smitty ‘whacked” a couple to also get through to the 1st final.


2 heats of the 8 footers were also contested in atrocious conditions with Tim Pearson and Smitty getting the money in their respective heats.


On the grass, Dave Byron and his travelling band of gourmet chefs was tantalising us with sausage and egg sandwiches, making us forget what we were really there for, whilst enjoying a glob of barbecue sauce dashing down our chins. It was related to me, that the quality of a good sausage sandwich  is measured by the distance one has to hold it away from one’s body whilst eating . All I can say is that my arms were just not long enough this day. But I digress.


The new format finals finally came into swing, and all surfers were as keen as young schoolboys to get their hands on one of the new prized trophies (yet to be purchased, but sure to be treasured).


The 6ths saw Stan talking himself up the whole 20mins only to be pipped for 1st by your scribe who received the first of the monthly trophies.  The 4ths and 5ths were combined (due to drop outs) and our esteemed  President held on to claim the next trophy. Love the new format eh, El  Presidente.


The 3rds also saw some nasty sand grinds with the Zeeman holding on to  claim another prize.


The 2nds was very hotly contested with Kev Cotter outlasting the fast finishing Mick Lipping and the ever present Wiggle.


Finally the 1sts took to the water and in a fast falling low tide, the master of crap surf conditions (Rob Smith), again showed his versatility and fine surfing prowess in out pointing a classy field of finalists. I’m sure we will agree that the new format has great potential, and I hope that the promise of a trophy for each winning finalist will keep you all keen right till the last wave is surfed and beer is sculled.

See you all in March